Being Gods and Godesses

Achieve Ascended Master or Cosmic Status



Saint Germain 7Saint Germain

“Lovely ones, the Violet Flame is real—more real, by far, than externalized form on chart or picture. That flame is your freedom, as it blazes in, through and around you. LET GO, LET GO and let go of emotional, mental, etheric and physical chaos and then accept, from my Lady Portia, the divine justice which is the heritage of your being, to be a God and Goddess on this Earth and then achieve Ascended Master or Cosmic status, at the close of this earth life.”

(from The Bridge to Freedom Journal, Book 5)


We are being told to release and let go of all of our 3rd dimensional ways. Through the release of all that does not serve into the Violet Flame, and letting go. Notice He says “let go” three times. We are the ones that will not let go of and forgive our past “issues”.  Our etheric and our emotional bodies, will bring these back to our mental body and we seem to bring it all back into our reality.

Any part of us that says “I’m not worthy,” or “I can’t,” or “I can’t be loved, because…,”; these are all 3rd dimensional limitations that we impose on ourselves. When in reality we are unlimited Beings of Divine Light. We have no limitations.


We are to accept the divine justice, which is the heritage of our being, to be God and Goddess on this Earth and achieve Ascended Master or Cosmic status. This from Saint Germain and Lady Portia. This then really comes from the whole of the Ascended Host. As at that level, all function in Oneness.


When we listen to Kryon, he says that we will bring back our luminous bodies that will be visible to all once more. This is for those that choose to be the pioneers for Divinity manifest, here and now. This glowing Divine Light will be a living visible witness to all, that we are functioning in Oneness with the Ascended Host and the whole of Divine Hierarchy.

Interestingly, while we work with the Divine Hierarchy we will be bringing down the 3rd dimensional human hierarchy that has been established all throughout our society. This is just the natural course of events as we become more and more transparent in all that we do. Our consciousness no longer supports the deceptive ways that many in the world use as ways of controlling others. This will be brought out and transcended through new ways of working together in Oneness. Through Unity of Oneness in Consciousness, all will desire to be treated fairly and peacefully. So, the hierarchical structures will be replaced with all working together with no need for “managers”. All will operate through the higher-mind and not get caught in 3D manipulative machinations, or schemes.


We are to step up to being fully responsible unascended Beings, (Gods and Goddesses in training), that are aware of how to Create as harmonious and peaceful and loving ones in Unity. Through the momentum we build, as we practice being (Gods and Goddesses), we eventually attain our fully Ascended State. Then we are no longer practicing, we are Divinity Manifest. When several Divine Beings get together in meditations, visualizations, prayers, intents, and decrees; the power is as Gods and Goddesses manifesting. Let us ever expand this practice, now.


Do realize that when we make an intent, or decree, this goes throughout the entire globe in less than a minute. Our intents, visualizations, decrees and all of our Sacred practices always attract more of their kind, or more of the same energy, as they go throughout Creation. This is “cause and effect” in Creation happening.


Be in the power of the now! Intend Divinity throughout the Globe. Let the veil be removed between the Divine Above and the Divine Below.

Our cosmic brothers and sisters are intending to assist us by stepping up the knowledge of their reality. More and more are seeing and being aware of “others” in the skies. There are several terms that we use to define them. Some, rather impersonal. The Ascended Host refer to them as our Cosmic family.

These loving Divine Cosmic Beings are assisting us greatly in raising the frequency of our planet and our own individual beings. Be ever grateful, that our cosmic family have never abandoned us through this whole evolution/school we have been going through. And they are very excited to see us graduate. This is a depiction of our “metamorphosis” from their perspective.

human butterfly


Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

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