The Process is the Journey and the Journey is the Destination

We have been increasing in frequency and ascending from 3rd dimensional reality into 4th and peering more-so into 5th. And throughout the process, we have been speeding up in time, as well.

What was once accomplished in a 24-hour day, is seemingly happening in 8 hours. And this gives us the impression that as we increase in speed, we will “shorten” the process of returning to Source. And in a greater sense, we really are accomplishing this at a very quick pace. As we have been behind this cosmic day in our return through the in-breath.


Since what is known as “man’s fall” created an experience we didn’t “plan” for this cosmic day. We had no intentions of having an experience of being “trapped” within the 3rd dimensional realm, for as long as we were.

Thus, we had an extended period of the “out breath” of this cosmic day. And much like when one takes an extended period of an out-breath, the in-breath comes back rather quickly, as it tries to catch-up. And this is what is occurring within our now.

And yet, when we look at time on a cosmic level. We find out that many of these “growths” take place at a pace of hundreds to thousands of years.

Our major time of growth within this recent time-frame seems to have occurred when we partook of the Harmonic Convergence, on August of 1987. This was when we choose a different path from the one that had been prophesied about for some time. We choose to grow and expand, rather than contract further and collapse; as a world.

As this process occurred all participated in the “vote” concerning Earth’s future reality. Anyone who has lived on Gaia in the past, as well as those of us on Gaia now and those that are scheduled to have expression and experience on Gaia in our perceived future; were all involved in the “vote,” as to what would occur on Earth at that time. And we all choose to go the route of expansion and ascension. And as such, we have begun ascending at great pace.

Although we had quite an extended out-breathe, we are quickly gaining pace on the returning in-breath. And this has really altered our perception of time.

And this brings about a really exciting opportunity for those that choose to awaken and progress at this time. For the progress that we can make as an individual and as a collective at this time is tremendous. And the pace at which this can occur, is quickened. This is why there have been so many “in line”, so to speak, to come into an Earth expression at this time. And this is also why the population has “boomed”, so to speak. As many are ever desirous of having this type of unique expression at this time of accelerated growth and experience.

And since what is occurring here at this time is being observed by the whole of Creation and there is much interest from all throughout the universe, the attention and observation has really been intense. All of our extended family from All That Is are desirous of seeing this succeed in the most glorious of ways. As this particular planet, solar system and part of the galaxy has significant meaning and location to the Whole, at this time.

And yet, the entire process that is occurring, that all are observing is one that begins from within, firstly. In order for us to successfully join with Gaia’s ascending planetary body, we must transmute and transcend our miscreation’s and self-imposed limitations. In order to have room for the expansion that is occurring, while we ascend, we must leave our “excess baggage”, if you will.

This clears our expressions for the ever-expansive Divine Light that is coming in, in droves throughout our reality at this time.

Divine flow

We must lessen or be without resistance to these energies as they come forth. For these energies are what is bringing about the transmutation/transcendence. And the only hindrance to the process is our resistance to change. As we all know, sometimes hard habits, die hard. And much that we choose to experience in our day, is merely habits from the 3rd density. Even though, we are no longer there. As we are well into 4th density and dimension.

However, when we recognize the time we are in, we can truly take advantage of the “times” and process much that no longer serves. And this can be done rather easily, as compared to other times. For we have many, ever at the door, awaiting our invitation to assist. And yet, due to free will, we must be the ones to make the call. We must ask, and we shall receive. And the first person to ask, is our Higher Self. Our Divine I Am Presence.

Our Higher Self will put before our path, all that we are to work with and through. In order to gain the conscious experience, we sought out for this life. Our return to Christ Consciousness. Our return to operating from the Higher Mind. And our return to this all flowing and occurring through and from our Sacred-Heart.

The abilities that we are ever desirous of bringing back that are of our higher expressions, come forth as we process that which does not serve. As we give-up the “illusion” and return to the truth of who we are. As we choose to tune-in more to the Divine, we find less time for that which does not serve, and is in limitation.

As the lie cannot stand before the truth, we cannot live in limitation when we are truly unlimited Divine Expressive Beings. As we realize the “illusion” is not our truth, it must fall. And truer expressions will be replacing our limited views. And this is when we are well on our way back to Oneness. To unity-consciousness.

The more we do this, the more we recognize what true love feels like. For those that have chosen to come forth and assist us at this time are so full of Divine Love. That we find, we crave their company so much. And we begin resonating synchronistically with their frequencies. And then we spread these to others.

We are ever delving into an ever-deepening journey of Divine Love. As we process all that is not of Divine Love and expression, we ascend. As we bring forth the compassion for all that are here, we expand the Divine Love. And as we recognize that we need all that are here within our now, we begin to hold the Divine Plan ourselves and express it throughout the whole of Creation.

For through the whole of this process this cosmic day, we recognize that All That Is, needs All That Is to be complete. And it is the vast differences within All That Is that brings about the richness and diverse expressions that further our expansion in a completely perfect manner. Diversity and Oneness in perfect balance. Vast expressions of All That Is, exploring throughout Creation.

We needed to see “differences” in order to know what we “like” and “dislike”. Without the darkness, one cannot appreciate the light. For there is no difference. The “difference” is what brings about the experience of learning/knowing.


Let us bring illumination to All That Is, ever-more. Let our lights of progress and process shine through, once more. Let our knowing return to the reality that the journey is the destination. For it is through this journey that we gain ever greater and greater expressions of knowing and expansions throughout All That Is.

Realize that from what appears to be the complete other end of the expression of All That Is, is Source. Unseparated and undifferentiated. And yet, those that are at those levels have spoken of the vast expansion that has taken place from “their” point within, due to physical expressions and expansions occurring in physicality. From “our” here and now moments. In other words, All That Is expands greatly through physical expressions.

Even though, from our point of view. We are ever desirous of returning back to Source/All That Is.

Recognize the importance to All That Is, each of us is. Ever at the perfect place at the perfect time, fulfilling the Divine Plan. The more we become more of who we truly are, the more the Whole expands. And the more we integrate and process, the more we become the Divine expressions, which is truly who we are. Divine expressions, growing and expanding, individually and in Oneness.

Realize that those reading this are bringing back the Goddess and God, for further expression. Hu-man = God in man. Bringing back the “Hu” or God in man. The next level of evolving back to Source. Through grander and grander expressions of perfection and knowing. From our ever eternal here and now moments.

Remember that time is circular/spiral. Therefore, if we work on healing the “now” we heal the past and the future. For our point of power is this never-ending, now moment. When we focus on healing, although we bring back “past” items we feel are needing to be healed; it is from the “now” that the healing occurs. Focus on the feeling of the now, while healing/transmuting and transcending.


Never be so influenced by our past that we continue to bring our past into our present. We need to release and let go of those past “issues”. And forgiveness of oneself is necessary, for us to move on. From within then to the without.

Although we bring deeper-levels of an “issue” to heal, in what seems like a repeat of healing the same “issue”, yet again. Be patient and compassionate with ourselves. As these are truly “deeper-levels” of what may be the same or a similar expression, coming forth. These are not, merely, a perceived failure to heal something we thought we already processed. We are healing at a deeper level either the same or a similar issue.

Sanat Kumara

As an example, Sanat Kumara was processing “issues” that still remained hidden deep within; when he was training for his role as planetary logos. He was told that even after ascending from planetary physicality of learning that 3 to 5% of deeply hidden “issues” still remained.

So, be ever compassionate with ourselves, firstly. And this will bring about compassion for all others. Be ever in Divine Love and mercy towards oneself. As then we will be able to express Divine Love and mercy towards all others. Be ever forgiving of our “perceived” shortcomings. And we will be as willing and able to forgive others that express “shortcomings” that we perceive as affecting us.

Remember, always…

The process is the journey. And the journey is the destination.

journey is destination

This is why, All That Is, is here. And All That Is, needs you here and now.


Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran

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