Surrender to Divine Flow

We are being filled with the energetic frequency of Divine Flow of progress and forward momentum, through our Higher Self. And this Divine energy is being magnified as we are ever increasing in frequency and density. For we as a people and Gaia are ascending at great pace.

When we recognize that we are the only resistance to these Divine energies, we can make the intent with our own Higher Self; to surrender to the Divine flow that is being given to us through our own Higher Self, in unconditional love. And our Higher Self and our guides will assist us in letting go of the need to “manage” this flow. As we surrender to this process and make the intent to ever maintain the harmonious Divine flow; our progress will be greatly accelerated. And we will progress gracefully rather than learning through harsher lessons.

When we interfere with this process of flow, through our own mental constructs; we create resistance. And the energy then comes from us, through a filter or tainted from this resistance. And many times, these filters are from our ego “inner critic”. This is when we bring about “doubt” or question the validity of our Higher Self working with us. All of this hinders our reception of everything we are being given from our Higher Self. As we end up requalifying the pure energy.

This occurs when we are living through the mind, or ego consciousness, rather than the heart.

And these ego consciousness “thoughts” bring about energetic states of being that we do not desire. For we are to process these energies through our Sacred Heart Center, not our mind. Until, we transmute and transcend all limiting beliefs; our ego consciousness will bring these forward as resistances to these energies. And we will alter the purity of these Divine energies, in ways that are less than desirable.

When we resist these energies that are flowing to us from our Divine Presence, we create the state of being that we recognize as depression.

When we are flowing in Divine energy at an accelerated pace, and yet we lack trust and faith; we create the state of being that we recognize as anxiety.

Theses aspects of trust and faith are key to this flow of Divine energy. When we emanate trust, we keep the frequency flowing to us, in its pure state. We don’t requalify the energy through our ego consciousness filters. This keeps the energy as the Higher Self has sent it.

Faith in the process is a “heart-felt” energy. Trust is a “heart-felt” energy. These are virtues from the Divine. And these virtues help to keep this energetic process flowing from and through the heart center, in its true pure state; then flowing throughout to the whole of our being. All without the filters of the mind, through the ego consciousness, once more.

And this process of surrendering is, paradoxically, the most empowering action we can take. We increase our power through this Divine flow. As we demonstrate trust and faith in All That Is, our Higher Self, our guides and the entire Divine plan we came to fulfill.

When we live through our Sacred Heart center, we live through “feeling” rather than “thinking”. We use our thoughts to manifest the desired state of being we intend to feel. And then we begin to truly recognize and learn how this state of being feels. As the feeling is what is important. Why?

If we can recognize the state that we are in when we “feel” a certain way, we can more readily embody this state of being. And when we choose to arrive at this state of being through embodiment, rather than “logically” through the mind; we bypass allot of the “work”. In other words, it is much easier for us to embody the state of being we desire. This is why we are always told to recognize our energetic states of being.

Living with our presence being directed through the heart, rather than the mind; changes our state of being. As we live through the heart, much that the mind would “criticize” is easily brought into proper perspective. For the heart handles these issues in a clear and graceful manner. We bypass the minds desire to “judge” and “control” everything.

When we are focused on living through our Sacred Heart Center, we embody harmony, peace, trust, faith and love. And we emit these pure energies within, throughout and around our entire being. We live this state of being, through embodiment. And we become beacons of light for others by embodying these pure energies. And through our efforts as we help ourselves, we help others. For we demonstrate our truth, as we embody this. And others may then choose to resonate with this, seeing our example.

When we surrender to this Divine flow, we learn through a graceful and merciful path. We lessen the harder lessons, as we return to Oneness. As our guides and angels recognize that we are remaining in the flow, we transmute and transcend all that we need to; in the most benevolent and harmonious of ways.

We create through the power of our emotions. The more we have zeal, passion and love for our Creations; the more power these creations have and the more quickly they will manifest.

Our thoughts, visions and desires coupled with our emotions of passion, zeal and love are the alchemy that seeds our desired creations. And this seed then grows into the embodiment of our creation. And our ongoing zeal, love and passion feeds these seeds, as they ever grow into greater embodiments. And this is our process of manifestation.

So, surrendering to the Divine flow is truly our point of power. And when we are in our point of power, our creations manifest quickly.

heart flow

Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran

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