Compassionate as Source

We are compassionate. And we are individuated aspects of Source. And as such, we are truly as compassionate as Source. As we see, Source chose to view the Creation through each individuated I Am Presence, and since we are Source we too view Creation through each other’s eyes. As we are all One. Thus, all that we see before us, is a reflection of some aspect of ourselves. And we are, in truth, an aspect of ALL that we see before us.

All that is before me is my Creation, as I Am an individuated aspect of Source viewing All That I Am, before me.

Many times, we hear those identifying themselves with their star family, which is another aspect of our individuated multidimensional expression/experience.  But realize first and foremost, we are aspects of Source having a physical experience.

And the order of “yester-year” was to go into descension throughout Creation. And through this physical experience, of descending into the depths of Creation, we may eventually recall that we have had many existences and experiences throughout the cosmos. Not just from a particular star family, but as a derivative of many star families strewn throughout all “time-lines.”

This realization gives us recognition as to our status as being one of beyond the “galactic” and direct to the Oneness of Source. We must recognize that we are more than even our recent star family. And when we take in more of who we are, we enrich All That Is. And we are All That Is, experiencing itself through All That Is.

We have DNA that stems from several galactic species that live throughout our part of the galaxy. And when we grow into our remembrance of our connection to more of who we are, we expand ourselves and the whole of All That Is. And as this expansion occurs we integrate the remembrance that we have been around for a long, long, long time.

And then we, once more, appreciate our unique position of being able to realize this in our current “elongated” approach to time, while we are in the 4th dimension. This “stretching-out” of time, gives us the ability to savor every morsel of this experience. For in future now moments, we will be teaching this form of accomplishment to others.

As we are at the cusp of being able to straddle the 4th and 5th dimensional realms. We can actually “slow-down” our reality somewhat while in the 4th dimension/density and relish our “new-found” appreciation of all that we are.

And at our choosing, we may “heighten” our frequency to the 5th dimensional realm of here and now, to gather, feel and live more of our truth, in our eternal now moments of time. Through our heart-centered consciousness, we live in the now. And from this now, we experience the 5th dimensional realm of frequency.

Recognize that the function of our brain/mind was to “limit” our perceptions to that of “separation” from Source. We purposely chose bodies that would be able to focus to an “extreme-level,” our consciousness, as perceiving the reality as one of separation and limitation. So that we may see what it was/is like to feel that we were “alone,” and outside of Source. This was the purpose of our ego consciousness, construct. To give us a perception that is, in all reality, impossible to experience. For we can never be “outside” of Source. And we truly have never left our “true” home. Thus, being “alone” is an illusion. And it is only our “faith” in limitation that can give us an experience of limitation. For in truth, we are unlimited Beings of the Divine.

We devised a reality in which we could have the “dream” of all that we have been experiencing. We “projected” ourselves into a reality that is truly perfect, even as maya. And as we are truly unlimited Beings, we brought about a marvelous Creational experience.

And yet, the truth is that we have always, inherently, functioned from our Sacred-Heart Center. This is the essence of our true being. This aspect of us that is Divine and Holy and “untainted” from our experiences and expressions.

As we exist as a multidimensional Being, we must realize that we have multidimensionality even, within. We know, or recognize that we have bodies that are functioning as one and yet they may be viewed as separate bodies. We have our emotional body, our mental body, our spiritual/etheric body and our physical body. And at the very core of our being, we have our Light body.

And when we truly “align” all aspects of who we are, firstly from within and then from without; we begin the process of returning to Oneness. We are then on our journey of ascension, back to Source. After our sojourn into descension, limitation and separation. We gracefully and harmoniously bring back together all of our multidimensionality into Oneness. With our experiences being our gift to Source and Ourselves. For we are Source. Thus, integration. As we integrate, we expand. As we expand we perceive the reality from “greater” and “greater” perspectives. And then we truly marvel at All That We Are.

As such, we must truly love all aspects of who we are, Divinely. And this means viewing all that we have done, through “Christ-eyes.” As we forgive, transmute and transcend that which no longer serves. That which we “partook-of” while we were learning who we were, once more.

The whole process of ascension is the bringing back of compassion to the whole of Creation. As we truly can “live” compassionately, when we have seen what we have done; in the process of learning/remembering who we truly are. Only those of us that have gone down the mire of the illusions of limitation and separation, can truly call forth the compassion necessary to transmute and transcend these “illusions.” And this is our “gift” both to Ourselves and All That Is, for allowing us these experiences.

As we are truly beyond these “illusions.” And yet these “illusions” of limitation and separation have helped us to gain a new and more appreciative points-of-view, concerning the truth of who we truly are.

Much like when we “awaken” from a “bad” dream, and have the “refreshing” appreciation that we were just “dreaming.” We gain a brilliance at the Soul-level as we go through these experiences that makes us the “golden ones” of this cosmic day. As we transmute, transcend and integrate all that we can; we are able to “dawn” our bright and golden light bodies. Once more bringing All That Is, the glory and brilliance of 5th dimensional unconditional love, power, wisdom and compassion; while here on Gaia. From our ever-present, eternal, here and now moments.

What a joy to be one of those that has “awakened” and is in the process of recall/remembrance. To have gone into the depths of “mire” in illusion, and to have come full-circle into the realization of our Divinity. Our cosmic record, or akash, will be of assistance to many throughout the whole of Creation. As All That Is comes to appreciate the power, wisdom and love that All That Is, is capable of expressing.

All of our multidimensional aspects are always working in tandem with us. For though the “game” was an experience of separation and limitation, we have always been our own saviors. As our other multidimensional aspects have ever came to our side, in times of need. Giving us much that we are not even aware of. As the vast majority of our multidimensional aspects did not “dawn” the “band of forgetfulness.”

Recognize, you are who you have been waiting for. You are the one that realizes that you have the power of All That Is, behind you. Know this! Live this! Love this! As there can be no other means of salvation. For the Light of God, never fails.

Any and all who chose to let this “windows of opportunity” pass them by, is absolutely fine. Here is where Our compassion as Source comes in. As an infinite eternal being, there is no hurry. Though there are “time-constraints” throughout the cosmos, there are always “schools of learning” that any and all can partake in.

Until one feels the “call” and is truly ready, no amount of teaching/learning will alter their course. As All That Is, is in an infinite and ever continual course of self-study and self-reflection. Gaining in higher and more expansive insights and reflections.

Source is compassion. All That Is, is the reflection of that compassion. And we are in “alignment” with our own individuated aspect of Source/All That Is; our beloved I Am Presence.

So, let us always be the reflection of Source compassion. As we realize that any/all before us, truly are us. For we are all reflections of the One. Reflecting the brilliance to All That Is. Through love, Divine. Through compassion. Through wisdom and understanding. Let these ”reflections” ever reflect these truths. Here and Now. For we have Divinity in us.

embody divine

As we change our focus to that of ascension, we know that we must be this ascension from within to see this expressed in the without. At the “core” we must bring about this change. As we embody our inherent Divinity, the universe must give us this back, in reflection. This is when we know we have succeeded. When the reflection of the without demonstrates our Divine truth from our within.

Rest assured that as we are doing this, Gaia is doing the same, as well. Since the reality is one of “fractals,” what works for humanity works for Gaia’s bodily forms. She too is changing from Her “core” of within to the without. And as we “ground” our energies, we assist Her in Her ascension.

bridge to source

For we are building the bridge between our already ascended aspects of our multidimensional selves, and our current now moments of self. And when we ground these energetic frequential states of ascension energy into Gaia’s core. This establishes the bridge that we build, that Gaia uses to embody Her ascended state. This is the symbiotic relationship we have. We work together in tandem. Ascending as a planetary body as well as a people. Together in Oneness.

And those that are not resonating with Gaia’s harmonious 4th and 5th dimensional bodies and beyond, are being given several options for their own “unique” progress. With us providing unconditional love to them and assuring them no “judgement” concerning their choice.

path of ascension

We are being given the “path” to ascension. If it is your calling, don’t miss this “window of opportunity.” As ascension has never before been as easily attained, according to the Ascended Host. We ascend, now. Through the momentum of all that are desirous of this, we can easily accomplish this. With those that are desirous of and choose to accompany us, on the “path” of ascension.

Just remaining heart-centered and in the now, we naturally will embody this ascension at our own “unique” and perfect pace. From the vast diversity of All That Is, we individuated expressions of the Divine are ever at the perfect place. From within to the without. Let this all come about. That we may take our place, in God’s loving grace. As the “pioneers” of this ascension. We bring about a massive comprehension. That All That Is, may reflect on All That Is power, love, wisdom and compassion.

galactic stairway animated

Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran

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