Anxiety Transcends into Flow

We are told that anxiety is really progressing at a “rapid” or accelerated pace, with no faith, hope or trust in the process/unfoldment. And many of us are anxious to get through these transformative times, in a rather rapid fashion. So, we “induce” the increase in what we feel as anxiety. As we seek to progress quickly, we must “match” our chosen creations. In what sense?

Many times, we feel like we go through periods of “losing hope, faith or trust” in our chosen experience. And yet, the truth is we are always given the purest of energy from our Divine Presence. Complete and pure in its essence of Divine qualities/virtues.

In other words, we are always receiving the fullness of these qualities of “faith, hope and trust.” In their “pure” state. The question then becomes, what are we putting our complete “faith, hope and trust” into? As we are always receiving these qualities from our Divine Presence in their purest of forms. However, we then tend to “requalify” or “filter” these pure states into a “faith, hope and trust” that brings us something we actually don’t desire. And then we feel the state of anxiety.

So, we must realize that we always have these states coming to us in their pureness. And as we have chosen a “fast track” for ascension, we must then take responsibility to keep these virtues pure. When we put our “faith, hope and trust” on our desired “goal” we then bring about the flow that is necessary to manifest these desired outcomes in our reality. Unfiltered nor requalified, by any “negative” expression. We bring about our Creations in harmony and in Divine flow. Choosing to experience/express the positive aspects of our Creations.

And rather than go through the experience feeling “anxiety.” We become harmonious with the complete flow we are already receiving in its purity. And we experience a “fast track” ascension, as we are then truly mastering our emotions/feelings; as well as our thoughts/creations.

Another key aspect that we tend to neglect, is the “grounding” of these energies into the “core” of Gaia. This really does assist us greatly. And this brings the completion of the Creation or Circle from the higher dimensional realms to our current here and now, moment. This is the “trek” we have chosen in order to bring about the ascension of Gaia and Ourselves.


And this is living in the 5th dimension. When we “purposefully” manifest the reality we choose to experience, and live in love and harmony with that expression/experience; we are then already living 5th dimensionally. And as our experience/expressions progresses along the knowing and living of these “truths” we gain practical experience that allows us to create even “quicker” manifestations. In other words, we ascend to a higher level of the 4th/5th dimensional realms.

These progresses of experience/expression are what brings about the “entire” reality, in which we are only experiencing the ascended realm of Gaia. As we choose to live in full “faith, hope and trust” with our chosen course, we keep the pace accelerated and we “bridge” the two realities. In a symbiotic flow, from 4th to 5th and back and forth.

As many of us have chosen to be the “bridge builders” that transcend to the 5th dimensional realms and beyond, and then bring these vibrational frequencies back into our current 4th dimensional experience/expressions. And in order to accomplish this, we must maintain the flow of the momentum we’ve already gathered. Completely in alignment with our Divine Expression’s purity of “faith, hope and trust.”

These momentums will continue to build into easier and easier paths for others to transcend. Just like following a “path” in the wilderness is easier than “making” the path. And yet, those that have chosen to be the “bridge builders” gain a “power” and a momentum through their “making the path” that will assist many.

Soon, the memory of these experiences will become clearer. As we are already accomplishing this transition and “bridge building.” And this is when we will truly, “come into our own,” so to speak. As this will only increase our “faith, hope and trust” in the entire process/experience. Many are already experiencing memories and expressions that they are having from these “higher” dimensional realms.

By this time, all perceived “anxiety” will be changed into the true pure Divine flow. None of it will be “requalified” or “filtered” through any negative expressions/experiences. As our Creations will manifest rather quickly. We will be masters of our thoughts and our emotions. The Ascended Host will be ever ready to interact with us in our “true” level of expression. For in truth, that is all they recognize. Our already Ascended Master Being expressing only Divine Creations.

Our “already ascended” expression is already working with the Ascended Host. As we are truly “multidimensional beings.” And as such, we have expressions that are already existing in the realm we perceive ourselves going to, from our current here and now moments. Any who have the desire to ascend/transcend this reality are having these feelings/knowings coming into their Being, as a result of their “tuning-into” the call from their expression that is already there.

For the 3D sojourn was merely an experience in which we could truly learn compassion and experience courage. As so much is experienced in such a “drawn-out” linear experience. We are/were those that can “truly” show Creation the true “heart-felt” compassion. As most that are in the “higher” dimensions never stay in an inharmonious state long enough to develop compassion. As one easily transcends any Creation into harmony, very quickly. In the here and now of the 5th dimension.

And yet, the expression of our true “compassion” is much needed for the whole of Creation. This is our “gift” of Creation to All That Is. The ability to be the embodiment of compassion and unconditional love. And as we gain mastery of these virtues we bring back the “wisdom” of the 5th dimension.

  • 3D to 4D = Mastery of Courage / (Faith, Hope and Trust)
  • 4D to 5D = Mastery of Unconditional Love and Compassion
  • 5D and Beyond = Mastery of Wisdom through Unconditional Love and Compassion

Although there are many more “lessons,” experiences/expressions we gain as we transcend into higher dimensionalities. These are the overall themes that are chosen to gain Mastery in; as we all ascend.

Remember, when we feel anxiety come up. We are to realize that we are functioning at an accelerated pace. And “know” in that moment, that we may “align” with our Divine Presence and transcend the anxiety into “faith, hope and trust” in our chosen “accelerated” path as it is ever-unfolding in our here and now moments. As we are always receiving full “faith, hope and trust,” we must choose to align with these “pure” expressions within our chosen path/truth and Creations. And then “ground” these “pure” energies. Without the negative “taints” of “lack” in faith, hope and trust. As these “perceived” lacks are truly impossible. It is merely what we are putting our “faith, hope and trust” into.

So, Create the ascended reality we truly desire to experience/express. The more we perceive our reality as one of perpetual Creation through our Consciousness, the more we will live that state of being. And when we choose this state of being, we are in the Divine flow. And what was once anxiety, transcends into the “bliss” and harmony of Creating Divinely form our ever-eternal here and now, moments. And this my beloved Sisters and Brothers is 5th dimensional living.

divine flow 33

Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran

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