BEing is the Doing


When we are brought up in society, we are taught that everything we attain comes to us through our external efforts. We are “big” on getting educated at some institution and “specializing” in a chosen career. And in our society, we mainly spend the vast majority of our energies in attaining these “goals.”

And yet, eventually we realize that there is nothing “out there” that can bring us our “total” realization of peace and unconditional, love much less compassion. We spend a lot of time, “buying” into the reality that “competition” is they way. And the folly continues on and on. Why?

Everything we could ever realize, discover and become strives firstly from within. When we can embody “all” of our desires and our unconditional love and our compassion that we ourselves desire to see in our “outer reality,” we will see this reflected back to us. As this holographic reality is designed to mirror our Creations back to us; through people, pets, places and things that we interact with. We must realize that these are reflections of our own Creations/Beliefs.

And yet, we don’t need to concern ourselves with “changing” the outer reflections.

Rather when we realize that we are living 5th dimensionally, we are living through Intentional Consciously Creating. In other words, when we realize the external is merely a reflection of our state of being, we realize we are the ones that must change our Creations/Beliefs from our within, firstly. And the outer reality will/must reflect these “true” changes in our own consciousness.

This process may bring about an entirely different change of friends, careers and even strain/parting within our family relations. And we must be “open” enough to live our own truth, and allow these changes in our lives to occur. As each have their own path to walk, which we have no responsibility and/or “right” to change. All have free will, firstly.

However, all are deciding now if they are interested in 5th dimensional living. And 5th dimensional living is one of delving into Creating Intentionally and Consciously. This is why the Ascended Host teach us that we are to be Masters of our emotions, thoughts and actions. As in the 5th dimension, our thoughts, emotions and actions manifest our Creations very quickly.

So, how is being doing, then?

If we are to consciously Create our reality, how can this happen if we are “just” being?

When we are “taught” to seek in the without, we are “taught” that we don’t have all that we need or desire, already. And this is false. We already have everything that we are “seeking” and “desiring” to “know” from our Higher Heart, or Sacred Heart. This is what is meant by turning within. Returning to listening to the “silent whispers” of our Higher Heart.

And the only way we seem to “allow” ourselves to go inward is to “stop” the outer reality and go within and achieve the state of BEing, period. This must take place for our “outer reality” to reflect the changes. When we go within and call to our Higher Heart and Higher Self to give us what we need to know, understand and accomplish this day. We will begin to see that the outer reality “suddenly” brings us into a deeper knowing of our experiences throughout the day.

Our goal to change our Creations into “higher reflections” is to remember/rebuild our communing and with our own Higher Self through our Higher Heart. Our Higher Self and Higher Heart are more than willing to give us these gifts that we are seeking in our reality. And the gifts they impart are wisdom, unconditional love and acceptance of Oneness and compassion. Knowing that all is being accomplished in Divine timing.

When we take the time to go within and listen in/through whatever our favorite form of meditation works, we begin communing with our own Divinity. And our own Divinity brings about communing with our extended family from the stars. And our own Divinity brings about communing with inter and extra-dimensional beings. In other words, we expand. And as we expand we are given much more to integrate and appreciate. This too is Creating through Intentional Consciousness. And many of these beings are from the higher 4th through 12th dimensional realms. And so, where are attention is, there we are. Thus, what we dwell upon, we become.

As all is truly consciousness and vibrational frequential energies. When we chose to go within, we are striving to bring back the “remembrances” of what these energies are. And the only “time” we can accomplish this is when we are focusing on the here and now, which is 5th dimensional. We are bringing back a wisdom we have all held before. These accomplishments are acquired more quickly through turning within and “tuning-in” to the aspects of ourselves that are already living our desires.

We accomplish much more through the “embodiment” of these states of being, rather than through “learning” and “studying” of these states of being. For in the “true” reality, we experience firstly and then reflect on the experience to understand and integrate the whole of the experience. And this takes place from a state of being, in the here and now. This is growth through Soul learning/integrating.

human being.jpg

Intentionally embodying the state of being we are desirous of achieving/reflecting is in fact, doing.

And when the reality brings us reflections that seem contrary to our desires, we are to delve into the reason for this; from our ever-present now moments. And when we can honestly assess why these may be reflected to us in our reality, we realize that we ourselves can consciously and intentionally change ourselves from within so these reflections appear; no more. This is transmuting/transcending that which is not our truth.

As all of this occurs from reflecting within, firstly. We are thus being conscious co-creators of our reality. And we can call forth to our Higher Self through our Higher Heart to increase the synchronicities that reflect our progresses so we may receive “markers” that our ego can recognize. And this builds our confidence in the process. As we migrate/integrate to 5th dimensional living.

Rest assured, through our state of Being, we must let go of all that does not serve. We are in the process of Ascension. And Ascension is the “shedding” of all that is not our truth. Of all that we “bought into” that taught us that we must go without to achieve. We are ridding ourselves of beliefs/creations that no longer serve. And 3D drama that many spew forth, is a complete waste of our here and now, moments. Let us let go of and leave behind all that is not our truth, here and now.

Our point of power is the ever-present here and now. Our ability to focus in on the here and now, and not go down “memory lane” or shoot-off into a potential “timeline” in the future will be the deciding factor in our ability to express our true potential/power. As we receive “everything” from our here and now, moments. As we realize our “past” and “future” are changed completely and wholly from our here and now.

As we embody the reflections we are so desirous of seeing in the outer world, our entire reality will change. And we will begin to recognize the reality changing before us in a rather quick way. And our Higher Self will bring us the knowledge of our progress, very clearly. And as we have been taught to see the “bad” first. Realize that the first thing to progressively come into our awareness more and more, is the times when we are “not” living in accord with our truth. Realize this is truly showing us the progress we are making. Not that we are to “judge” ourselves and our perceived “progress.” For we are not to go backwards into these 3D states of consciousness.

Instead, realize that the more we “progress” into the “light” the more the “dark” becomes evident. In both ourselves and others. So, don’t fall into the “trap” of thinking things are getting worse. When in fact the truth is our awareness has attained such a “higher state of being” that we recognize incongruence very readily. In ourselves and others. This is “truly” a blessing. As this shows our expansion is truly happening. For as we grow, our ability to focus deeply into seeing either the “good” or “bad” is magnified. This is expansion, folks.

Evermore we are being admonished to get together in groups and bring about the Unity Consciousness through meditation in groups and exchanges and sharing of experiences of 5th dimensional living. We do much more, energetically, when we share amongst each other. And our combined “powers” are “magnified” in each other and in our “intentions,” as a group mind. This is the power of our chosen path of Ascension. Both as a people and as a planetary body.


Make the call through our Higher Heart to our Higher Self to bring us into contact with those of similar/like vibration. And then hang on for the ride. As we see how we are truly reflecting our beliefs/creations through others. As external relationships reflect our internal beliefs/creations. And then we can “change” all that we see before us that does not serve. (Repeat process for even further depth and/or clarity)

Be the State of Being we are desirous of seeing reflected back to us. Be the Harmony, Love, Compassion, Understanding, Feeling/Emotion of Peace. Embody all of these virtues, in our eternal here and now moments. Call forth more communing/support that we are desirous of experiencing with those of like-mind/frequency.

Our reality has many family that are awaiting our communications, from within to the without. Remember, if we have the desire to communicate, it is because others are awaiting our communications. And we came here to be of service. So, increase in the sharing of these energies, consciousness and truths with those that are resonating with these knowings/remembrances.

Recall that Being is actually the Doing. Embody truth. Bring forth as much light as we can handle. Ever from here and now. Ascending as a people and a planet.

We are bringing back the Divine Feminine. And the feminine is the within. The masculine is the without. We must heal/embody within, firstly. Thus we are all healing our Divine Feminine. And the masculine, “without” will reflect our healing/bringing forth the Divine Feminine. Ascension, here and now.


Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran

2 thoughts on “BEing is the Doing

  1. Boa tarde, sempre atenta neste aprendizado proporcionado pelos textos/canalizações e aqui após a leitura desta maravilha que é aos poucos, retirar o véu, para saber QUEM realmente somos.
    Minha imaginação leva a avaliar o trabalho interior para inicialmente assimilarmos , o que culturalmente por séculos, fomos CONDUZIDOS a refletir em sociedade o que não somos …. não é fácil´, é realmente como a criança aprendendo QUE É DE DENTRO PARA FORA, não o contrário e como sabiamente você diz ; é preciso a gente – vomitar – como a criança que rego gita, quando ingere/come, o que não lhe faz bem !
    E ainda tem que estar no aqui /agora, SENDO VOCÊ DE DENTRO, PARA ENFRENTAR O PRECONCEITO COM AQUELE QUE NÃO ACEITA SER MANIPULADO E ESBRAVEJA – COMO QUE REGO GITA/VOMITA e fala/diz, alertando aos demais o que não esteja correto para a comunidade, é considerado louco….
    Sabe qual CENA me vem a mente ? a do Cristo, Expulsando os VENDILHÕES no templo- sim, sequer o direito de manifestar o que esteja errado coletivamente, quem o faz é maluco/louco…. ELE APENAS ESTÁ SENDO COERENTE/ DE DENTRO, COM O QUE CRÊ E MANIFESTA SUA DIVINDADE !

    SABERÃO /IRÃO RECORDAR/RECONHECER QUEM SÃO , com a Ascensão para 5ª D ? Mesmo aqueles que não escolherem – livre arbítrio- irão saber, cairá o véu de saber quem são ? está clara minha indagação prá voce, ou confundi ao registrar /escrever este refletir / pensar ?
    Beijo em seu coração
    Mariselma – Brasil

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  2. I believe that those that choose to go to 5D will naturally gather with those of “like-mind.” So they will recognize each other and also recognize those that are primarily in a 3D consciousness. Those that are requiring more of 3D will not necessarily realize the transition and/or recognize a person is living a 5D life. As their version of parallel reality will call forth a different experience. As the “timelines” are diverging once more. Thanks for your comment. I hope this helped, somewhat.

    Eu acredito que aqueles que optarem por ir para 5D se reunirão naturalmente com aqueles de “like-mind”. Então eles se reconhecerão e também reconhecerão aqueles que são principalmente em uma consciência 3D. Aqueles que exigem mais de 3D não compreenderão necessariamente a transição e / ou reconhecerão que uma pessoa está vivendo uma vida 5D. Como a sua versão da realidade paralela irá gerar uma experiência diferente. Como as “linhas de tempo” estão divergindo uma vez mais. Obrigado por seu comentário. Espero que isso tenha ajudado, um pouco.


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