Galactic Invitational

Invitation to Spiritual & Familiar Beings, Essassanis,  Pleiadians, Sirians, Orions & Other Star Families & Inter/Extra Dimensionals

  • To celebrate our inherent infinite multidimensional expressions by gathering together in our endless here and now to exchange and converse in energetic consciousness group matrices. In consciousness and/or physical interactions is encouraged in all benevolence, joy and love.
  • To celebrate our various diverse experiences and expressions through sharing and exchanges in consciousness and energy.
  • In love, light and through the recognition and celebration of all life.


Your personal invitations have been sent with the sincerest of love, joy and appreciation.


We look forward to experience and expressions gathered and shared together through exchanges in consciousness and energetic experiences in recognition of Oneness and in recognition of the Diversity of All That Is – Divine. In All of Us and for/through All of Us.


heart center


Gabriel F. Duran


The following was recommended recently in a channeled experience with Darryl Anka, who channels Bashar. An Essassani extra-dimensional being from the Essassani world. To bring about further communing with our other families that are in the stars and throughout the various dimensional realms.


(Essassani “calling card” symbol, is the black triangle surrounded by blue light.)

The advice was to create an invite and through a ceremony of any sort, bring about the invitation to those we choose to interact with.

If this resonates with you, print it out and accomplish a ceremony. If not, change the wording to your own preference and send out the invite in your favorite way.

I will be printing mine out and performing a “burning” of the invite to complete the invitation. This is my version of a simple “ceremony.”

galactic beings star family

P.S. – Don’t be surprised if the interactions from the invite, have already begun. As truly, all time is now. So, if you have the intent to do this and have not. Others that are aware of all time being now, will have already begun responding. Look for synchronicities in both the “past” and “future” now moments. All the while, maintaining the state of being ever in the here and now.


Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran

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