Giving the “Clear” Gift this Holiday Season

Tis the season to be jolly! And this is the joy that we are in throughout the holidays. The season of feasting, giving and resolving to bring about some form of change for our “new year.” And the truth is that our society has much to do with “diminishing” the season of giving by perpetuating “commercialism.”

As we are ever aware through “holiday shopping” and “commercialism” we are bombarded with several different ways of bringing about some form of gift. Be it a gift of food or of material gifts. And we all get “caught-up” in seeking out the “best” gift to give each and every one of our friends/family. Although, the best gift we can give is the “open truth” of who we are; at our “clear” best.

If we can go within and “truly” feel and get into the emotion of Divine Love, we begin a process that reverberates. When we enter meditation, whatever form of meditation we choose, we can “clear” our minds of all that is distracting and really focus on our intent of embodying the expression of Divine Love. And when we bring about the grandest expression of Divine Love for ourselves, without any “judgements” and any “doubts” about our “worthiness.” Our Higher Heart sings in adulation. And our Higher Heart reverberates the quality that we are intending. This process “magnifies” the love we are sending/feeling to/within ourselves.

divine light being.gif

This process of sending love to all of our multidimensional expressions within, is the purity that we see that actually brings about the loving that we are desirous of seeing reflected back to us. Or, in other words, the more successfully we can embody the love we are fully desirous of BEing, the more the reality will reflect this same quality of love, back to us. When we send love and honor to our Higher Self/Soul, our elementals that make up our body, our entire bodily structure from the cellular/DNA level up to/through our visible appearance. The whole of who we are reverberates this love in a magnified multidimensional Oneness.

We integrate our fragmented aspects into more of who we are, as a whole or in Oneness. And this is what brings about the increase in frequency that we are desirous of seeing and expressing. This is an aspect of the manifestation of the ascension. We consciously intend the purest highest form of Love that we are ever deserving of.

And all that is not our “truth” comes to the forefront to be released or let go of. As we embody more of our Higher Self through the purity of this Love Divine, we must clear or release all that is not serving. And this is the “clearing” that we accomplish as we transcend/transmute that which does not serve. And these “releases” are not always easy to go through.

As when we release that which does not serve, we often cry. Sometimes we let go through anger. And if/when we are in a “light-hearted” expression/experience, we sometimes laugh these “releases” out. As they seem at times to be so comical when we realize what we are trying to “hold on to.”

Recognize that this is showing that we are progressing. We are “releasing” our 3D programming that is not our truth. And we must recognize as we go through this that we are only responsible for our own state of being. If we find others that are family/friends that are not “supportive” of this process, we must be confident enough in our Higher Heart to realize that this is not our “issue.” We are not here to please “others.”

We are here in the now to be the best BEing we can be. For this is “living” our “truth.” And this is the greatest “gift” we can give others this holiday season. All that seek wisdom and feel aligned with truth in love and compassion realize that the best gift we can give is to embody all that we are desirous of seeing reflected back to us. Gifting others with an example they may chose to resonate with. And this requires no “commercialism” or “shopping.”

Granted, we will each go through the “commercial” giving this holiday season. However, while this occurs, we may choose to be the embodiment of all the love and truth that we are. And yet be compassionate enough to not “impose” our views on others this holiday season. Just BEing the living example of our truth is our “best” gift to others.

BEing the “clear” and “purity” of our Divine Expression. Ever being the “beacon” of Divine Light. Realizing that our Divine purity and light overrides any and all attempts of 3D consciousness to “engulf” us in the typical 3D drama, that seems to be “magnified” throughout these holiday seasons. As there will be those that will gather this holiday season, merely to “press our buttons,” so to speak.

And yet, our strength and purity of Divine Love and Light easily extinguishes these attempts to “lower” our frequencies to that of the “unconscious” 3D dramas that some seem to perpetuate. Remember the saying, “misery loves company,” and rather than succumb to lower frequencies. Bring about the “change” we are desirous of seeing in others by BEing the embodiment of the “higher frequencies.” Love, compassion, empathy (not sympathy), joy, appreciation and abundance of all of these virtuous qualities. From within to the without. From our micro to the macro.

When we sympathize with others, we lower our frequency to where they are. And this does not serve them nor ourselves. Rather we should have empathy, which recognizes the state they are in from a state of compassion. All the while staying in a harmonious state of being, so as to “offer” this higher state of being; that these ones may then “align” to if they are desirous of healing/transcending their current state. This is the way of BEing the example they may resonate with. This “heals.”

Our BEing the “clear” expression of our truth. Our BEing love, empathy, compassion, joy and understanding; gives rise to wisdom in our expressions. Our BEing willing to release all “judgements” and “criticisms” that we easily notice in others. Our BEing the “clearest,” “purest” Divine BEing to all this holiday season.

In celebration of our Oneness. In celebration of the diversity of this Divine Oneness. In celebration of All That Is. In celebration of the Divine “clear” and “pure” you. Happy Holidays!



Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran


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