Dark Night of the Soul

Some go through this period when they first “awaken,” and others go through this after “much time” and “knowledge” has been gained, while growing spiritually. And both of these are valid experiences that we go through as we grow spiritually. The latter being more of a “higher” expression of release. So, what is this “dark night of the soul”?


The following is a “self-reflection” experience. As I have recently entered this expression, known as the “dark night of the soul.” And when I looked up articles surrounding this, I was pleased to see that many refer to this as an “initiation.” A process of releasing the “ego” and embodying more of the Soul/Higher Self. I was very happy to come across this article from Tathina at in5d.com… http://in5d.com/getting-through-the-dark-night-of-the-soul/

I always receive “important” messages from my guides in 3’s. And as the term “dark night of the soul” kept coming up, I was not too pleased. As I knew this process was inevitable. And since this initially came up, I’ve received this same term an additional 3 more times. All the while, things began “getting worse.” And my “faith, trust and hope” began to dissipate. And then…

It seems like I became “bi-polar” as I would hear the reflections from my ego dismissing and diminishing all that I’d come to trust and believe in. All of my spiritual knowledge and faith seemed to be flung forth in my mind, with full denial and doubt. And I was wondering why this was coming forth now. And where was I going to turn, if these are not my “truths?”

And the “truth” is that we are brought to these points at the precise point and time, in which our Soul/Higher Self knows that we can truly transmute and transcend these “untruths” the ego has harbored for long times within us. So, although this feels like a “living nightmare” we are only brought to these points when we can successfully process, integrate and transcend these ego influences through the purity of our Divine Light from our Higher Self/Soul and Higher Heart. Thus, it is truly a blessing to know that this is occurring and that it too shall pass.

I’ve found that rather than “argue” with my ego over these obviously false beliefs it brings forward, instead, I find myself sending love, light and forgiveness for my ego for having “lived” these false aspects throughout a lot of time. As the ego merely did what it believed was necessary. And for me, that was the belief of having to “fight” for everything. I have a very strong will and a tenacity that is very powerful. And yet, the greatest power and strength is demonstrated in the gentlest of ways. As the Creator is with the whole of Creation.

So, rather than view this as the “death” of the ego. I view this as the transcendence of the ego’s perceived role, back to the Higher Self. With the ego integrating back to its intended purpose of focusing us in this reality. As the ego has always been intended to keep our consciousness focus in this “highly focused” linear 3D/4D reality.

And the Higher Self was always designed to be in the “drivers seat,” so to speak, from a consciousness point of view. However, when man went through the “fall” otherwise known as the “fall of man.” This is when we “fragmented” further than was necessary for this expression/experience. This is when we became “stuck” in the 3D reality. And this is when we put the “ego” in the “driver’s seat”, consciously speaking.

The process of ascension is a process of integration and aligning all of our bodies in Oneness. With the Higher Self being embodied in physicality as much as possible. And the ego must subside from its past role as being the main “focal-point” of our consciousness. And in order for the Higher Self to embody us wholly, we must make room and relinquish these aspects of consciousness the ego always felt where necessary for it to control for/through us.

All that has been brought forth for my attention/integration of this experience, has said that this process will bring about the “brightest day” after the “darkest night.” That in the end, we shine our truth ever more brilliantly.

As we return to our truth, we return to operating from our Higher Heart/Mind. We bring about the Divine through the Higher Heart. And we shine our purity of Divine Light through this clarity/peace that returns when we return to perceiving through the Higher Heart/Mind.

And the “dark night of the soul” only lasts for as long as we feel the need to be in resistance of the process. As we release the need to be resistant and replace this with the intent and feeling of surrender, acceptance, forgiveness, trust and faith; we begin to go with the flow. And this “speeds-up” the process of transcendence.

So, in honor of my own I Am Presence, my Christed-self and all of my angels and guides and teachers that are assisting in the process. I send the purity of Love Divine to all of them. In all gratitude and acceptance of the process that I am flowing through. As I know that neither of these would bring about anything that I am not ready for. And as my faith increases, I look forward to communing in a clearer way with all of them. For as I release all that is not my truth, I shine the purity of the truth of who I am. In the purity of Divine Light. And my cognitive senses return “heightened.” With the true clarity and purity that I Am.

The paradox of having to go through this after much increase in spiritual knowledge and wisdom, is that we get to truly embody more of who we are. Through the releasing/embracing of as much darkness as possible, through this “dark night” I will be increasing in vibrational frequency and light. I will successfully come about as more of my Divine Presence, here and now.

And this is the process of ascension, in action, into 5D and beyond. Releasing the need to rely on the ego, and placing the Higher Heart and Higher Mind; in its stead. Releasing all that does not serve. Releasing and letting go of the need to “fight” for all that I need/have. As in truth the universe is full of abundance.

For Love is All. Love transcends all. And love fills us all. From the within through the without. From the above to the below.

Now, I know why I was sent to the “void.” As I was beginning a-new. I am embodying more of my Divinity. I am “making room” for more of who I truly am.

In many ways, I see the same reflection/process occurring as when I first “awoke” in this lifetime. Except, when I first awoke; I didn’t handle the process as I am now. I had no faith/knowledge in what was occurring. So, I took the long and hard path of “painfully” releasing all that is not my truth. And now, I can see so many similarities and reflections. Only now, I do have the knowledge/faith and trust. As I eagerly await the successful outcome, I release all that is “illusion” that the ego brings forth. For now, I have experience and knowing that I didn’t back then.

The spiral of evolution comes back after ten years of study/reflection and integration. And now, I am accomplishing this transition/transcendence in full confidence, love, compassion and forgiveness. Knowing this time around, that I have never been alone throughout any of these processes. That my guides and numerous energetic Beings are lovingly working with me throughout the whole process. In the gentlest of ways.

For I Know Who I Am, in Truth.

For I Know What I Am, in Truth.

And I Know How I Serve, in truth.

I Am Here Now!

I Am Here Now!

I Am Here Now!


Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran



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