Ever Harmonious

Since we are now in a period of accelerated manifestation, we would be wise to adhere to the state of being, harmonious. When we maintain harmony throughout our feeling world, our ability to remain in our desired state of a higher frequency is easily steadfast. And it is this harmonious state of being that allows us to keep the frequency open to realizing our desired manifestations.

When we allow our emotion body to rule over our reality, we have no control over our emotions. It is much like the emotional body “seizing” our Divine Prana, before our Higher Heart/Mind can establish an “untarnished” flow of this Divine, pure and pristine light-energy. However, being the Divine Spirit that is having a physical experience. We are to be the “driver” behind this Divine Energy.

This Divine Prana is the purity given us from our I AM Presence. It is this prana that beats our very heart, and allows us to breathe this substance in. When we have contradictory belief’s and discordant emotional “attachments” we requalify this pristine energy with these discords. And then we seem to manifest them in our reality, in some fashion. And most view this as discord in their reality.

Yet, when we maintain harmony and envision being fully aligned with all of our bodies being directed with this purity of Divine Prana, without being “requalified”; we maintain the state of being that is conducive to bringing about the reality that we are desirous of experiencing. This is another aspect of living 5th dimensionally.

When we study those that have brought about successful changes/inventions/realizations to our reality. We find that they were so motivated and enthralled with realizing their dreams, that they maintained the state of passion that kept their frequency in the higher 4th and 5th dimensional realms. And these are the realms we go to in order to bring about inventions/realizations that are so powerful and meaningful in our lives.

There is a focus while in that state that allows us to “tap” into the gamma brain-wave state. And from this state of being/mind, we can easily gain access to the information/state of “knowing” that brings about our realizations and creations.

These realms are where we “imagine” our dreams into being. When we operate from these higher states of frequency, we bring about more of our higher expressions into being rather easily. Please realize that the realms of imagination and/or dream sates are REAL realms. Just as real as the reality we operate in throughout our “awakened” state all day long. Yes, we are accountable for all of our “imaginings” and “dreams.”

When we go into meditation to focus our intents on our desires, and envision the state of reality we are wanting to manifest into being. We must not get “caught-up” on the intent or desire manifesting as specifically as we envision it. For our imagination is to give our Higher Self the expression we are desirous of experiencing. And it is the Higher Self that brings this about in the most harmonious and benevolent of ways. Mostly in ways in which we ourselves cannot envision. And should we “insist” on our envisioned outcome being the only manifestation of our desire, we would hinder this process in a severe way. Remember, the Higher Mind conceives whereas the lower mind perceives.

We “release” our intent/desire in our state of mediation with the love and harmony we are feeling while envisioning the manifestation occurring. Letting our Higher Self know that this is our intent. And giving blessing for all that our I AM Presence/Higher Self does on our behalf.

And when we are ready to close the meditative session, we envision the purity of this Divine Prana coming from a chakra directly above our crown chakra. Down through our Prana tube directly to the Higher Heart chakra. From the Higher Heart chakra, envision this Divine Energy being distributed to all of our four lower bodies. As this is the way we were designed to operate from. Our Higher Heart gives this energy without “requalifying” it with human discord. And should we have any conflicting beliefs and/or energetic anomalies, our Higher Heart/Mind will bring these forward to heal/change.

Our Higher Heart only brings forth truth. So, anything that we may be “harboring” that is not our truth, will easily be brought forth. And transmuting/transcending these is relatively easy and harmonious when we do so from our hearts. For our Higher Hearts accomplish this for/through us in the most benevolent and harmonious of ways. And through gracefulness the Higher Self doesn’t stipulate that we “relive” these scenarios to heal them.

Whereas, when we go through the ego/mind. We must “learn” why/what/how/when we are doing something that is in conflict. Then we must “develop” a way to transcend/transmute these conflicting beliefs. And then we go to the next step and the next. This slows the process down, greatly. This may be fine for “reflection” and understanding of what is truly occurring. However, the most harmonious and benevolent of ways to transmute/transcend all that is in discord is to leave the “mind” out of it and return to the “heart.”

When our lives are “led” by our Higher Heart. We easily transition into truth. We give up the “need” to be “right.” We develop a compassion for all those that we realize are going through the “reality”, sometimes totally blind to their own creations. We recognize that most operate from the victim/victimizer point of view. With most operating from a “power of others” mode of being. And this becomes “blaringly” obvious when we interact with others.

Remember, when we “gain” more Divine light and truth, we see more that is not in congruence with Divine light and truth. Our abilities to recognize all that is disharmonious and of a discordant nature gets increased and magnified. We easily see “more” light and darkness all throughout.

And yet, we “know” from our Higher Heart that there is no place for “judging” others in the 5th dimensional realms. For “judging” merely brings us into the same state of frequency, which is vastly lower, and actually merits more of this same state of being coming our way. Rather we’d be better to recognize the paradox and offer compassion and envision these ones Being as harmonious as we are. And then the whole situation changes.

We then become the empowered Christed Consciousness Creator whose energy is the prevailing order. As Divine Love, compassion, mercy and hope are very higher frequencies that always prevail. These frequencies “lead” the way and take precedence, in our ascended state. For this ascended energy is a benevolent energy, inherently. Remember, as above, so below.

We are told by the Ascended Host that our highest service we can offer our fellow being, is to envision their highest self being embodied, here and now. Rather than notice their “issues” if we would see them in the “best of light.” We would bring about a change in our reality that would be an “order of magnitude,” so to speak.

The Ascended Host, the Angelic Host and all those within the higher 5th and beyond dimensional realms assure us that they only see the Divine Being that we each are. They may easily read our “auras” as we read a book. They know where we are in need of “change” and “enlightenment.” And yet, they only focus on seeing our pure Divine state, even while sending us Divine energy to assist us in transitioning these impure states into the purity of Divinity that is ours, inherently.

Without our “requalification” we would be so full of our inherent purity of Divine Prana that we would “glow” from this Divine light. Much like we see with images of Saints and other Divine Beings. We too, inherently are Light Beings. Extremely luminous from the within throughout and around our entire Beings.

So, the more we are able to be in this harmonious state of being, the more we are “flowing” this Divine Prana/Light that we all inherently have. And the more our luminosity shines forth, the more we attract this energy. For like energy attracts like energy. Remember, what we put in, is what we get out.

divine light being.gif

Glow with Divine Prana. Be the harmony that we are ever desirous of seeing being expressed/reflected back to ourselves. Make the intent and state to our Higher Self that we are ever desirous of it taking its dominion in our every day, here and now moments. And to bring forth as much of this “pure” prana with no human “requalification” of this Divine purity. Make certain that we align with our I AM Presence always. And to ever bring about what we are to “learn” and “accomplish” this day. That we may be “living” our Divine plan. That we may be the living example of the Divinity that is In Us.

Make the intent that all that is not our truth, be washed away through the mercy of the violet flame. And the transmuting of these elementals from their “requalified state” into their “true” purity and that they be brought forth for our Causal bodies use. So that we may further our Divine manifestations. This is harmoniously transmuting/transcending our discordant energies back to the purity they are, inherently. And this is 5th dimensional living.

Being consciously responsible and living harmoniously in love and light from the within to the without. Being ever surrounded in this Divine Prana tube of light from within, throughout and around our entire Being. Covering us from our Higher Heart all the way throughout and around our aura. Emitting such a brilliance of Divine Light that anything that is in discord with this state, never can manifest within our reality. As our Divine purity will make our frequency so high that we will be both invisible and invincible from any discordant energy entering this Divine Prana Tube of Light that we emit. Being the state of being we are ever desirous of seeing reflected back to us. Ever from our point of power, here and now. For the Light of God, never fails!

I Am Animated

Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran

2 thoughts on “Ever Harmonious”

  1. “We then become the empowered Christed Consciousness Creator whose energy is the prevailing order. As Divine Love, compassion, mercy and hope are very higher frequencies that always prevail. These frequencies “lead” the way and take precedence, in our ascended state. For this ascended energy is a benevolent energy, inherently. Remember, as above, so below.”
    Beautiful, yes. 😊 I just wrote something very resonant with this.

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