Galactic & Cosmic Insights


Our cosmic brothers and sisters are as anxious as us to begin interacting on a more personal level. And we are seeing this “first-hand” as our governments/military leaders are beginning to disclose what was denied merely a year ago. And yet, the truth behind this “soft-disclosure” is that they have been pressured into proceeding.

As our cosmic family has imposed a deadline that has come and gone. And now, their direct interaction with us has only increased and will continue to increase continually from now on. Irrespective of our “officialdom’s” concerns/participation.

And many of us have had or are having interactions with our cosmic family for quite some time, now. So, this “revealing” from “officialdom” is really not that exciting. And is more of a reluctance in “allowing” others in what they perceive of as “their” territory. For much that is sought-after from our governments/corporations is “self-serving” for whom? Do/have we benefitted?

Those of us that have been involved for some time now, know that our cosmic family has assisted us in MANY ways and they continue to assist us in ways that “officialdom” would never ever acknowledge or admit to. Much like their stopping governments from the reckless destruction of our planet with nuclear weaponry.

As we are being told from these ones that we are in a new era. And in this era, we have entered the realms of acknowledging and interacting with our galactic society. Thus, we have responsibility, not only for our planet/world, we have responsibility to be harmonious galactic citizens. As we have yet to be told from “officialdom” our galactic society is very mature. The vast majority being beyond the need to harm another, through physical violence.

The need for today, concerning humanity, is to develop our consciousness and “heal” from our fragmented conscious, subconscious and unconscious. For our galactic neighborhood is very advanced in the realm of the mental capacity. And they have advised our “leaders” that rather than “deceive” the populace, we need to “strengthen and unite” all of humanity and quickly develop our Oneness through Unity Consciousness as a people as well as recognition of our multidimensional individuality.

When we focus on healing our fragmented state of consciousness, we will master our four lower bodies. We will align with our mental, emotional, physical and etheric/spiritual; in a united Oneness. And this “clears” the channel to our Higher Self. And then our “true” power is accessible. For we are then able to hear and align with our Higher Self. And rest assured, our cosmic family has already accomplished this for their societies. And this is what changes the society as a whole for our planet.

For when we “unite” in Oneness all that is within us, the without starts to reflect this same disposition. When we “heal” the fragments of our conscious, subconscious and unconscious; we bring about all of our bodies into total alignment. And our Higher Mind’s mental abilities return to their proper full capacity. And we realize that we must operate from our Higher Heart Center. And this brings forth the Divine in us, as was always intended.

Unfortunately, those that are “opposed” to “empowering” the people, have been reluctant to truly bring forth the proper knowledge concerning consciousness and living in harmony while increasing everyone’s frequency. Though this should be taught from childhood on, it is not. For those that are desirous of having 3D prevail, “stay on top” by “hiding” truth, not expanding it. And promoting falsehood and deception rather than establishing and expanding truth. Keeping others “down” rather than raising everyone through “empowerment.”

Whereas, those planetary bodies that have successfully integrated into the 4D/5D realms of a galactic society, have done so through empowering their planetary people as a whole. For the truth is that All That Is, needs All That Is. Hence, we need to work together through our Unity Consciousness.

We each received the “calling” and have been authorized to come here, because we are each integral to this change occurring. We came here at this time, within this here and now moment, to establish ourselves as the creators and establishers of our current galactic society. And our cosmic and galactic neighbors know why we are here, and are already working in tandem with us. Unlike, “officialdom.”

Knowing that our galactic and cosmic neighbors are more developed in their consciousness, they have been assisting us to “catch-up.” So, we are in very exciting times. Since we haven’t been assisted by those that are supposedly “in charge” we have had to establish rapport and relationships and proceed on our own, interacting with our galactic and cosmic neighbors, as a people. And suffice it to say, we have done fairly well. As our efforts have been more harmonious and our relationships have been accepted and are growing.

Keep in mind that we as a populace are the “true” power. And we are all working towards and in Unity Consciousness. Knowing that we are to return to operating from our Sacred Heart Center or Higher Heart. And our cosmic and galactic neighbors are in congruence with our efforts. Yet, somehow, many still look to MSM for confirmation/disclosure?

Recognize that we are already operating as a galactic society. And we always have been and always will have “visitors.” For our origins stem from our stellar family. And never would they “abandon” their family.

Every 25,000 + years, our stellar family comes to assist our efforts and move us through the next phase of our chosen experience/expression in Creation. And we evolve and expand in the most joyous of ways. For we have already passed the point of “duality.” We are no longer in the realm of “opposing” states for growth. Instead we are a “trinity.” We are the “balanced” point of power. Ascending and expanding while integrating all that we have experienced in balance and through grace.

All the while, our galactic and cosmic family are assisting us. When we “invite” their “insights” and their experiences, we receive a straight-forward response that is loving and full of wisdom. For many of these have already been through our level of evolution/transition. And their greatest admonishment is for us to share our experiences with each other. So that others may feel less “intimidation” concerning their reality. Since many are “new” to the reality, as it has been denied and hidden from us.

Those that feel themselves to be in charge, have been portraying our galactic family as being “alien” and having an agenda of dominance and warlike. And this is the furthest from the truth. In fact, it is merely their own reflections of their own means of dealing with others that they are bring about in these fictitious stories. Certainly, there are those that are of a malevolent nature out there in the galaxy, but they are by far in the minority. And our galactic, “neck of the woods” is filled with enlightened and free Beings that are benevolent.

The energies that are being given to us from those that are more highly evolved than us, from a galactic point of view, are increasing all of our frequencies. And there is no malevolence in this assistance. More Divine Light is not “bad.” How can higher frequencies that contain the purity of the Divine contain any ill-intent? That would be a conflict, by definition. More light is more pure-consciousness. And this is good.

However, there are those that are “spraying” our skies with heavy metals that diminish the light being given. And the ones doing this are not “aliens.” They are our fellow humans. Why would these be working to diminish the increase of our Divine Light?

Needless to say, concerning ourselves with the machinations of those that are working in opposition to the great “awakening” process is not necessary. As the light shines brighter, the dark scurries away. As never does the light get consumed by the dark. Rather the dark must always scurry away when light enters the room.

When we reach a “critical mass” of Unity Consciousness, in congruence with our efforts to increase in vibrational frequency and ascension. The “opposition” merely fades away. For the higher frequency is always the brightest. And the dark must scurry when the light is brought before darkness.

So, let us work in accord with our galactic and cosmic family. We each have roots that stem from the stars. And even further than that, we each have our primary roots as individuated aspects of the Divine. From a purely Divine Spiritual Being, all the way through our physicality in which we choose embodiment of flesh. We are aspects of the Divine bringing about Divinity within, throughout and around Gaia. In tandem and in partnership with our ancestors from the stars. Our galactic and cosmic family. Establishing rapport and relations with all benevolent beings throughout all dimensional realms, here and now.

Establishing the magnificence of the beauty and perfection of our reality. Bringing in the intent for “pure” and “harmonious” relations/reflections being established ever from our here and now, moments. Bringing about the ascension of the ages. And being humble enough to work with, not against, our fellow galactic neighbors. Never approaching these interactions from a place of fear, but rather, knowing the power we are as individuated aspects of Source. Thus, meeting on equal footing, with all concerned. Either from space or from “officialdom,” from extradimensional to interdimensional.  From within to the without. From above to below. All here and now.

galactic beings star family

Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran

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