The Heart Chosen Path

When we live from our heart, we go from an ego/consciousness perception that is “critical” and steeped in duality and “good” and “bad”, to that of “truth” expressed in purity, light and Divinity direct from Source. And this too is the Higher Consciousness of the Divine that is inherent in all of us. This gives us access to more of who we are, here and now.

For when our Heart’s “feel” the sincerity of our intent, even from a state of ego consciousness, the Sacred Higher Heart begins a transcendence within our bodily form. This process begins the “activation” of more of our DNA, crystalline and light bodies. And our “pineal gland” begins to transform into an active state so our perception of the “higher dimensional” realms comes clearly into being.

And each of us then begins the process of becoming our own “channel” directly to our own Divinity. When we “tune-into” these perceptions from our Higher Heart, our pineal gland actives access to these higher frequencies. And our communing with our own Higher Self, the I AM Presence, begins to “intensify.” For it is our own Higher Self that determines whom we may commune with, from this realm. And many begin gaining access to their own “star family” by means of this.

And yet, first and foremost in our mind should be “solidifying” communing with our own Higher Self. As this gives us access to the “truth” of who we are. And our objective at this time is to transition and transcend operating from the ego consciousness, back to living from and through our Higher Heart and Mind.

When we return to operating in Oneness within all of our bodily forms, being directed and served through our Higher Heart, we maintain a state of harmony. And through this harmonious state, we easily maintain the “flow” that our own Divine Presence is bringing forth. And being within this flow allows for our Creations to manifest more quickly.

For the Higher Heart is very different from the ego consciousness. The Higher Heart requires harmony and consistency of peace, while working towards manifesting our desires. Whereas the ego consciousness requires a certain determined stamina, intellect/understanding and “pushes” for something to come into being.

These really are two different ends of the scale, so to speak. As one is “forced” into being. And the other is “flowed” into being. And it is the harmonious “flow” that seems to trip us up. As we are so used to having to go “out there” and get things done. This is what happens when we are steeped in 3D illusions. Everything becomes a process of “struggle” or having to go “externally” to attain ones’ objectives.

All the while, we as a planetary body are going into these higher frequencies; here and now. And it is from these higher frequencies that we transition into accomplishing from the within to the without. Not that we haven’t been doing this all along. It is just that “now,” this particular means of doing things has more of an effect.

When we work with our Higher Self to bring about our desires, and we keep harmonious and Heart Centered. Our Divine flow keeps us “on track.” So that we manifest our desires. As we maintain the frequency that is necessary which allows this to occur. And we maintain this frequency through harmony within our feeling world. We purposefully stay out of 3D drama, so this has no influence on us.

As when we bring about participation in these 3D games, we invite more of this kind of “effluvia” into our reality. And this automatically drops our frequency to a lower state, where our intents of manifestation aren’t a match for occurring. This is the “incentive” we need to give up on these old habits.

All the while, since the Heart is the seat of truth, we come into more of our truth. As the process continues we begin “realizing” more when we are experiencing and/or participating in realities that are not our truth. And as long as we follow the Heart, rest assured that our own Higher Self will change anything and everything, if necessary, for us to continue on to our path of truth.

Many experience a whole change in their reality as this process unfolds. And this many times includes family and friends as well as employment and/or business changes. The Higher Self will change us, even completely if necessary, when it is time for us to transition into a “higher” reality. Although, from our perspective these seem relatively traumatic, as our whole world seems to have been put upside down. From the purview of the Higher Self, all is in order to bring about the “needed” change. To place us in a place of renewed growth. To bring about our ascension. And to integrate in us the need to remove our attention of the reliance on the outer reality. And to rather go within to seek guidance, confirmation and solace.

And through this all, we come out anew. Having experiences, we wouldn’t have believed were possible. And realizing that we are much more than we ever thought we were or would become. For our realization of our Divinity becomes magnified and our trust greatly increases when we live in accord with our Higher Heart/Mind.

When we can keep the flow going and “share” with others our experiences and our realizations, we can be the beacon of light that helps any and all. Not that we are to “flaunt” our way of life, but rather that we be the living example. And should others inquire, then our opportunity to share is there.

Since there is no “one path” to Source, we shouldn’t be insistent that others “follow” our example. Or take our “lead.” For this path is one of inter-dimensional expression and realization. From the within to the without. And each one must achieve “Mastery” of their own accord. Thus, we are all merely a living example of a given choice of expression in Creation. Should others choose of their own accord to join us, then we graciously accept their addition to our Group Unity Consciousness.

However, this is a Master’s path. And each must attain mastery of their own accord. So, unless we ourselves are already an Ascended Master, we are brothers and sisters trekking the same course. And our assistance and/or guidance is secondary to their own Higher Self. And each of us does have spirit guides and guardian angels that are already working with, and assigned to, us. Thus, let us honor the system already established on our behalf. For this too is living harmoniously.

Be ever mindful to always be in listening grace for our Higher Heart/Mind’s guidance and direction. Although the term “silent whispers” is given to these expressions we hear from our Higher Heart, these “whispers” change our lives in the greatest and grandest of ways. For truth is brought about through us and into our lives from the Higher Heart/Mind. And our path is easily trotted when we are in harmonious accord with our Higher Heart/Mind.

Remember, 5th dimensional living is manifesting all that we “live” consciously. Being beyond the victim/victimizer state of being. We bring about our chosen reality conscientiously. We manifest our desires through merging ourselves with our Higher Self. We “channel” all that our Higher Self brings forth on our behalf. And we’ll notice that as we grow in confidence in the process, and as we clear our own “effluvia” via the mercy of the Violet Flame; our manifestations will occur on a quicker scale. We realize our desires more quickly when we work within the universal law.

And all of this increases our frequency and in turn we increase the frequency of Gaia. And as we expand this process among others and we keep to the process relentlessly, we bring about the ascension of our world/reality.

And based on our determined follow through, the Ascended Host the Angelic Host and all of our guides; gift us with assistance we have yet to have realized. For they know our efforts and take their full allotment of Cosmic Law to the fullest to make our paths easily attainable. And to that end, they state that ascension has never been so easily attained as it is now.

So, be the ascension we are desirous of seeing manifest throughout our reality. Keep the faith, trust, hope and compassion that all may attain this path. And be ever mindful that anything we do on our own behalf, we may request that it also be done to the WHOLE of humanity. As working with the I AM Presence is working at the level of Oneness. All of the Ascended Master material confirms that this is “doable” and is not a breach of anyone’s free will.

The path of the Divine Heart is the chosen path of ascension. We bring about this through collaboration/merging with our Higher Self. An aspect of which is referred to as our Planetary Self. This is the aspect of us that works directly with Sanat Kumara and the Ascended Host to bring about planetary ascension. When we work in accord with this aspect, we bring about the ascension of our planetary body and ourselves. Living 5th dimensionally ever from our here and now, moments. Being beyond time. Being eternally present, now. Ascended Masters in training. Clearing the path to ascension that others may find/experience it easily. As always, from here and now; and through our Higher Heart/Mind.

heart center

Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran

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