What is Human Effluvia?

Humanity fails to realize that at ALL times we are Creating. As we chose to be co-Creators in physicality. And when we “fell” from the 5th dimensional realms, we “lost sight” that allowed us to see our Creations. This is the “All Seeing Eye”, that we each have known as the 3rd eye. The Ajna chakra.

The Ascended Host tell us that it is really to our advantage that we don’t have this fully activated at this time. For if we did, we would be very “disgusted” at times with the “effluvia” that we see surrounding ourselves and others. For many that are unable to “control” their emotions and/or thoughts are having a difficult time, as a result of this accumulated elemental substance that has been “wrongly” qualified.

When we create mental constructs that are wholly unhealthy, such as greed, covetousness, jealousy, resentment, anger and on and on; we actually “energize” and “feed” these elementals that have taken on the “impurity” of our creations. Remember, these elementals where given the mandate to “manifest” our creations. And these are “living” elementals that are ever seeking to exist. And our reality is “filled” with these. As most of humanity doesn’t realize that they are always creating. And we are “taught” that “imagination” and “dreams” are of an “unreal” nature and have no consequences. We tend to create these discords without seemingly considering the consequences.

And yet, no one seems to realize that simultaneously, we are always told to “follow” our dreams. So, if we may make one “dream” a reality, why are we presuming that our “other” dreams that are not so “pure” are any different? The truth is we are always creating. And when these “impure” thoughts are “allowed” to foment and then we increase this fomenting even further through “feeding” these by dwelling and thinking about them; we are creating in a “negative” sense.

This is why the Ascended Host tell us that we are better-off having NO opinion of anyone. As when we “allow” these opinions to be expressed, we are then on a very short “track” towards going into expressing “judgement”. And we bring about even more “effluvia” into our reality by bringing these attitudes/emotions into our life. And for what?

I watched an episode on Gaia TV with Regina Meredith speaking to her guest, John St. Augustine. And this guy experienced periods of being “out of the body” while being conscious. And he described “effluvia” being removed from his Being, without knowing it.

For the Ascended Host tell us that when they “work” to remove this from our corporeal Being, it “appears” to be much like seeing a “tar-like” substance that is being removed from our bodies. It is very “gooey” and “sticky” substance that we ourselves allowed to “grow” and “accumulate” by our discordant thoughts, feelings and our discordant creations/manifestations.

This gentleman, John St. Augustine, was going to be the only one in a position to assist his daughter through a transplant of an organ that he was donating. And so, an Ascended Being came, and he was “out of body” when this occurred. And the Ascended Being grabbed his physical body and “shook” this substance out of this organ. Since he was “out of body” he was watching this from beside his physical body. And the Ascended Being was addressing him, from his “out of body” state.

His daughter did not need his “accumulated effluvia” since it was his own “karma” not hers. So, this substance was removed from this organ so she would receive a completely healthy organ. And the Ascended Master showed him the “effluvia” that was removed. And he described it just like they state. A gooey tar-like substance was taken out. The Ascended Being said I don’t think you need this anymore. And then the Being left, having “gifted” his daughter with a healthy organ.

We must use the violet flame to remove all of the effluvia that we have accumulated from our many lives. This is the only substance that will rid this for us. As we are on a course of “learning” we have been given this gift of mercy from Creation. And this is our way of making recompense for our energy that we have “requalified” in a disharmonious way; through our creations.

So, as we ascend, and we continue to use the violet flame we remove more and more of this. Until at some point, which is said to be at around 51% to 53% of this being removed, our Higher Self and the Ascended Host “chip-in” and remove the remainder. And this is the ascension. As we must be responsible for ALL energy we use in Creation. As Ascension allows us access to creating at an even “grander” scale. Thus, we must be cognizant and willing to do “right” with our energies.

Remember, the 5th dimensional realm is one of being a conscious co-creator. And our willingness to work with what has already been given us, is the “marker” for our ability to be an active co-creator within the higher realms, once more. If we are “diligent” with making recompense for our energies we used while learning; this shows we will be cognizant and willing to create harmoniously. And thus, we qualify for participation in ascension  to the higher realms of the 5th dimension and beyond.

So, we must show that we are working harmoniously now. By taking these “gifts” that Creation has given us. By using the Violet Flame. Having our Higher Self bathe our four “lower-bodies” from within, throughout and around our bodies; with the fullness of this violet flame. Thus, we show that we are working in accord with this glorious and merciful dispensation given on our behalf.

And there is not one of us that doesn’t need this. For if this were the case, we wouldn’t be in “limitation.” We would be fully “free” Beings. Traversing all of the dimensional realms, from our here and now moments. With full conscious recognition of our sojourns to these realms.

In the “higher” dimensional realms there are no “shadows.” Both within and without. We wouldn’t see shadows of our forms when we walk. As these “shadows” are indicative of our state of being. Our level of consciousness we are in.

As these “shadows” are representative of our “shadows” we have accumulated in our subconscious and unconscious mental reality constructs. When we have successfully removed these shadow aspects of our mental Being, we will no longer see these shadows in our external reality. We will have successfully transcended these into the purity of our Divine light. As our creations will be as transparent.

Recognize that our creations are always manifesting. All of our thoughts, feelings, emotions, what we speak and listen to, what we allow our eyes to see and our individual actions. All of these bring about either Divine light or human “effluvia.” There is no time that we aren’t creating. We are always creating. Even when we are “dreaming” at night. Or even when we are “imagining” or “fantasizing” throughout the day.

So, Create physically in the light Divine. Speak nothing but truth. Listen to “truth” and teachings that are of the Divine. See nothing but the perfection that is all about us. Have no opinion concerning others. As we know they have a Higher Self that is working with them, as well. Without our “needing” to reflect on the human discord that still exists. Lest we bring this into our reality. Be Heart-Centered through all that we do. Ever in “listening grace” for our Higher Heart/Minds direction. All the while, living in the ever-eternal here and now. The only moment that is our true point of power and balance. And the only moment that we can successfully integrate and expand from.

When we create through the purity of our own individuated Divinity, we bring about Divine Light. And this is what is depicted in many portraits of Jesus, Mary and other Ascended Beings. A “glow” of Divine Light grows more and more brilliant all about us, as we “clear” our “effluvia” and replace this with our purity of Divine light.

Without “requalifying” this Divine energy by discordant thoughts, emotions, spoken words and actions. Our Divine Light causes us to “glow” with a golden/white hue all within, throughout and around us.

And this “prana” is always being given to us, by our Higher Self. For this pure prana that is given to us from our Higher Self is what beats our hearts and allows us to have thoughts. So, we must work to keep this Divine Light “untainted” and “untarnished” through discordant acts, thoughts and so forth. And should we “error” we should ask forgiveness from our Higher Self. As this is our direct link to Source. For this is our own individuated aspect of Source, here and now.

When we have released enough of this, our days will be lived in harmony and light. We will be in a state of joy and brilliance that “few” experience, in our reality. For our Higher Heart/Mind will be expressed without the “effluvia” requalifying it. And this brings about our Creations very quickly.

This is why those that have travelled to see Holy Men/Women always see them smiling. As they are “free” from the effluvia of discord. And our natural state is one of bliss and harmony. Where “miracles” are the norm.

Just keep in mind, that when we go into “knowing” this and then we choose not to change our ways. And we “allow” ourselves to be in discordant energy. Either by association or through our own actions, we will bring about the manifestations of these effects rather quickly. In other words, our karma takes effect very quickly. As we are coming from a state of knowing, not ignorance. Thus we are held accountable for “purposefully” allowing ourselves to be “knowingly” discordant.

Our deceptions don’t work with our Higher Self. As our Higher Self knows us better than we know ourselves. And our Higher Self is the Divine aspect of us that administers and clears our “effluvia” through the use of the Violet Flame. For ours is a partnership with the Divine, here and now.

And let it be known that when we live and act in accord with our Higher Self’s direction, our course becomes the path that is “easily” trodden. As our Higher Self is the “gentlest” and “greatest” power there is. Source working directly on and for our behalf. For we are our Higher Self, here and now. Bringing about ascension through peace, harmony and the brilliance of our individuated Divine Light.


Kuan-Yin 2a


Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran

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