“System Busters” Reflections/Insights

Our bodies are bringing about the changes we are experiencing, as the “higher” aspects of our bodies are coming online more and more. And as we increase in frequency we also increase in our ability to manipulate our bodily constructs as we desire. By bringing about love to our own within, we begin this process.

As we realize this process is occurring, we may begin to enhance this process through our conscious efforts. By speaking to our bodies and recognizing that from the molecular/cellular level on up, all within, throughout and around our bodies are conscious elementals that are working in conjunction with our efforts to bring about the experience.

And we’ve been told by Kryon and others that we may now instruct our “cells” to bring about the pristine version as they replicate. Rather than recreating a “cancerous cell” we may instruct them to bring about the “default” version of the cell that is already perfect.

We’re told we may begin to work with our DNA to “activate” more of our inherent abilities through consciously instructing our DNA to begin to activate more of who we are. And we are told that our crystalline/light bodies are also “activating” and bringing forth more of who we are.

This is naturally occurring for the whole of humanity. As this is the cosmic season for these changes to come about. And we on Earth aren’t the only ones going through these transitions. As this is a “galactic” event that is affecting many more throughout Creation.

Since we are “returning” to being conscious co-creators, we are advised to start this process by consciously instructing our bodies what we are in need of and desirous of living within our structures. We’ve been told by our stellar families that when we bring about the changes we are desirous of seeing within our own bodies, through our conscious efforts, we will be well on our way towards living in the 4th/5th dimensional realms.

As all that are on the path, know that we must heal ourselves firstly. And then we are in a position to assist others with their efforts. As we will know how this is done through “living” through it, ourselves.

And all through the entire experience of “awakening” to co-creating, once more; we bring forward wonderful “gifts” that we have/had long forgotten. These are our own inherent “gifts” that we haven’t used in some time. Although, in these newer “higher” frequency energies these “gifts” return once more to us.

And the ones that are assisting us with these “gifts” returning, once more, are the children. As we have those that are incarnated now that are from much higher dimensional realms than previous generations. Many more from various higher dimensional/density realms have chosen to embody at this time to assist their “adult” contemporaries.

Many that are embodying now, are coming in with a “knowing” and “wisdom” that previous generations where unable to bring through; under the “older” energies. As many of us that came, arrived when the “veil” was still rather impenetrable. We are seeing those coming into an incarnational experience with a full “knowing” of their “mission” or “life plan,” even at the relatively young age of five. Without “forgetting” after this age. As many of us did.

As many have confirmed, those that are coming forth now are stipulating how our current “educational” system is complacent at “diminishing” our inherent “knowing” and “light” we inherently come in with. The “formal” educational system, basically breaks-down the Soul growth and focuses on increasing in ego consciousness.

When the truth is that “competition” which is taught in school, is not the way of nature. Anyone who “truly” studies nature, knows that there is an inherent symmetry and grace that is expressed in the world of nature.

Why we teach competition and “scarcity” is beyond me. For in truth, Creation is full of abundance. All throughout Creation abundance abounds. And these children that are coming forth with memory of their place of “origin” are expressing “disgust” at the need to “pay” for water, food and shelter.

Knowing full well that those in “nature” as well as higher life forms from other planets live full lives filled with abundance without “paying” for what the Divine has given us, inherently. What is up with that? Did the Creator demand an economic “tribute” for the right to exist?

Yet the animal/nature kingdom goes about without the perceived “need” to pay taxes for their “privilege” to exist. And they live full lives in what is “truly” freedom. Not us!

To have to pay “tribute/tax” to someone that is only interested in “controlling” us, is not “freedom.” And the more we “fund” these ones, the more we see them “needing” more money from us. And the more we find them “limiting” our lives, unless we pay more “tribute/tax.” Why? Why fund them?

Even those “institutions” that believe themselves invincible would disappear very quickly without their “funding.” So, why are we giving up our “freedoms” to this? Who in the entire history of humanity can say that their “economy” saved them, and was necessary? When disaster strikes, where is the “economy?”

As we have seen every “scheme” of economy tried and tried and tried. And none of them lasted. None. Never have we ever “used” the same money and the same “economy.” And yet, we are told, our freedoms are “limited” because of the “economy.” Wake up people!

Meanwhile, those worlds/planets that aren’t using a “monetary/economic” system have left the 3rd dimension, gained great Soul growth and experiences in the 4th and have returned to the 5th and higher dimensional realms. All the while, there are certain ones in our world that insist that we would “collapse” as a world, without their “economic” assistance, advice and direction. How has that turned out, people?

Perhaps humanity’s plan to Creation is to “teach” them how well economies are. As we demonstrate to the cosmos, all of our successes and accomplishments through “economic” success, right? Perhaps the cosmos could benefit from the perceived knowledge of “inflation” and “depressions.” That must be what the Creator/Creation needs, right? As it’s worked so well with us?

Meanwhile, our solar, galactic and cosmic family have begun their various efforts to assist those of us here on Earth to realize what “true” freedom is. As we are always promoting and proclaiming that our Country, (USA) is the worlds “true” source of freedom. What do we think, citizens of the “free” world? Are we free from “officialdom?” Are we free through/from our economy? Are we “truly” free? Or is it that we are free to pay for the right for someone to govern us whether we believe we need it, or not?

When we see these other worlds operate that have a governing body that usually consists of anywhere from four to twelve individuals, that “govern” their whole planet. And these that “govern” do so in a very “limited” fashion. They don’t dictate the reality to those that they “govern” over, they merely advise and consult, only when asked.

The truth is that we are being “told” what the “proper” perspective of “freedom” is. And it is far removed from the truth of what freedom truly is. And we must be courageous enough to recognize the “damage” of man-made hierarchies. They never last, and have “always” failed. To be replaced by yet another version of the same.

We must go beyond these “tried and failed” forms of whatever they think they are. For they are not governing. They seem to be “pillaging” the people and the planet. All for someone’s “notion” of the word “economy.” Which none, have ever been able to successfully define and defend. Within their own structures, much less to the world or the universe, none “agree” on what this “economy” accomplishes. As many worlds have surpassed us, all without any “economy.”

Ever wonder why, the “truth” has been denied us? Perhaps, certain ones already “know” better. Or has the secret space program convinced the galaxy that they need “petro-dollars?” Or do they merely “trade” as all in Creation do?

Let us be grateful that our stellar family and our “inner-Earth” family have given up on these failed approaches and are dealing with us, directly. For our own government failed to give us any “inkling” of truth. Welcome this! Manifest the expansion of this communing and sharing. For we have much to learn/remember.

Change is inevitable. As all are in the process of seeing. We are bound for change. From our youth, who know better. From our elderly who “suffered” through attempting to conform to this way of being. From all of us now, who sometimes feel “lost” as to how to change these “truths” we have been forced to live.

Those that have been at this longer and live within the “higher” dimensions of 4th and beyond assure us that the galaxy/universe is not one of expression that is reliant and in use of “economies” and “monetary” prowess. So, why be “old-fashion.” Who does it serve?

The Pleiadean’s refer to us as “system busters.” We have gone to numerous worlds and “busted the systems” that others said could not be done. We choose to see otherwise. As the 4th law dictates, change is a constant. And we have no problem bringing/being the change that is necessary. And all throughout this change, Divine Light will be “shined” on all. Dark and Light. Here and Now. Nothing will be “left” in darkness. All is being brought into Divine Light. That all may know. The Light of God, Never Fails!

system busters

Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran



Gabriel F. Duran


  1. Our language has gotten so corrupted. “Compete”, the word origin, the True Vibration of the word compete / competition is “Aim Together”. Doesn’t sound so bad to me. It would serve folks to pay attention to word origin to get to (or at least closer to) the True Vibration of words. Really important since we create through our Thoughts, Words and Deeds.

    One of my favorite lines from William Henry is “Christs don’t pay their taxes.” And yeah, he means Christs are not very controllable. I haven’t paid taxes through the “ascension hell” years, since 2010 when I was finally allowed to move forward into my ascension process, as opposed to what I call “general healing”. I haven’t had any money to call my own per se, didn’t earn any and hence don’t pay taxes, but by the grace of God and a good friend I’ve been looked out for. And considering the high level of service I have performed for this planetary and collective ascension, my friend, who was looking out for me, who had to stay more grounded into 3D in order to do so, has done more for this ascension effort that many that consider themselves “lightworkers”. But my friend is most definitely a true lightwkrker, but yeah, had to stay “back” a ways to support me… so we could bust this system. 🙂

    Although… didn’t “Jesus” also say that one could follow all the manmade laws of the world and still return to Heaven (or some such). To me that means that we can do whatever we need to do to get by, to keep our vital signs going and yet our inner work is ours. No one can keep us from it. People who are sitting in prison could be doing their inner work. Freedom comes from within. Someone could be literally torturing or assaulting you and you can still be Free. Sure, most folks who are more healed won’t draw such to them, but nevertheless, no one can truly take authority over your life, but you sure can give it away.

    In one’s own personal life, I would also caution not to vilify money though. In this world, it does indeed have power… and yep, ya kinda need it. But if you Trust and Flow along with Divine Guidance and the movement of spirit behind the scenes then you will draw to you all you need. I myself have experienced and heard others talk of how we get just what we need, sometimes down to the penny, get just exactly the amount that we need. “If you need it, it will be there. If it’s not there, you must not need it.” And if getting the exact amount for something, nothing more nothing less, isn’t confirmation that you are indeed to have the money and spend it on what you wanted, don’t know what would be confirmation.

    Yep, the money thing is not ideal but it is reality here… until it isn’t… and it’s just an experience. Abundance doesn’t really care if you have to use money or not. It’ll be there for ya anyway… if ya let it. If you think that having Abundance is hard to come by then that is what you are creating. If you KNOW it’s flows to you, then it will.

    I’d read a Baptist minister’s / pastor’s article years ago about the parable of two talents (right name?) that “Jesus” spoke of. This pastor said that many clergy will tell this tale in an effort to get money from the congregation, but he said that they were totally missing the point of the story.

    So briefly, 3 men were given an equal sum of money that they could do whatever they wanted with but it had to be returned in full in one year. One man invested in a business, worked moderately hard and made a decent profit. The next man also invested in a business, worked really hard and made even more profit. The third man just took his money and buried it in the ground and went about his life. They all were able to return the money in one year.

    This pastor said that “Jesus” was attempting to get people to understand the enslavement of an economic system. The third man was the the one who was free and remained free. And yet most clergy will use it as a way of saying “If you give to the church you’ll be rewarded.” With what, I don’t know. Perhaps a free pass past the Pearly Gates or something. lol

    Will humanity experience a world without money on Earth? Idk. They will most assuredly experience that on Gaia. Just heal and ascend and ya don’t have to deal with money.

    “The Pleiadean’s refer to us as “system busters.” ” Sounds specifically like Barbara Marciniak’s Ps. Yes, the systems buster thing resonated with me so much that years ago I had business cards made up that just had my name and email. The background was a sci-fi-ish scene of a planet’s surface with another huge planet and a moon in the distance. I had on it:
    “Renegade member of the Family of Light. Systems Buster. Available for altering systems of consciousness within the Free Will Universe. On call.”


  2. Cool! Yes I got that from Barbara Marciniak and the P’s. Thanks for sharing!

    I think so many words have changed from their original meaning/definition. I don’t know how that will “correct” itself, though. Since I believe in the future our telepathy and intuition will “clear” much of the misidentified meanings of words. As they do seem to “change”. Would that not mean the energy would, as well?


  3. Well, we can have a clue as to what others are meaning, with today’s conventional meaning of words… but I always caution folks to not assume that just because two people are using the same terms that they define them the same and hence, well, are they really even communicating when their minds are taking the words in completely different directions.
    So, with that in mind, I always make an effort to try to understand what the other means with certain words and if a specific word is key in a conversation, then I REALLY make sure that others understand what I mean by the word… and what I choose to use for the definition, if I know it or can easily look it up, is the word origin / True Vibration of a word. I am having to bother to define words anyway, just to even make conversations worth a darn, so why not use the True Vibration definition. It’s been quite doable for me, it can be for everyone else.
    We are essentially “correcting” pretty much everything else. Why not clean up our language? ESPECIALLY since we actually create through our Thoughts, Words and Deeds. Yep, it may take some effort. So what doesn’t? What hasn’t? And yet we’ve done it anyway.
    We work with energy. Words are symbols with a certain frequency. They ARE energy. Are we just kidding ourselves when we think we can “force” the words to mean what we want? “If it doesn’t fit, force it.” sort of energy. That’s been a problem.
    Furthermore, when researching historical stuff especially, it may very well be almost necessary to know the true meaning of the words to get anywhere’s near understanding what any texts might be really saying.
    Many say we are evolving. Yeah, we always are. But, I feel that the best way to express what we are going about here is a “return”. Return to yourself, return to God. We aren’t really “changing” either ourselves or God, perhaps our perception changes. We’re stepping out of the illusion.
    We want to return to the Divine Essence in everything.
    I think it was Stan Deyo (sp?) that said years ago that if you took a wire version of a Merkaba symbol, the double tetrahedron shape, made of wire, so basically just the shape outlined by the wire and you shine light on it from all different angles, the shadows cast… are the Hebrew alphabet. There’s a clue to the Divine Essence in language.
    Can we not acknowledge the Divine Essence in words and strive to “return” to the Truth of their TRUE meaning?
    Yes, telepathy will be great. Crawl before you walk, walk before you run… clean up your language BEFORE you can actually perfect telepathic connections also. I’ve had telepathic connections with a couple different people and hey, I’m human, so whatever is being communicated through telepathy is eventually getting converted to words in my mind.
    We have to master things at different levels, THEN move up. Let’s master our words before we take all the corruption of our language and it’s frequency / energy over to telepathy.


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