Individuated Fractal Expressions

At the level of Source, the luminescence is “undifferentiated.” So, to “reflect” on “self” there needs to be the “perception” of “other than.” This was the bringing about of the individuation of aspects of the Divine. The “spark of the Divine” that we ALL are is ALWAYS there. For there is our home.

However, we experience all manner of Creation through experiences within our expressions throughout the whole of Creation. Extensions of ourselves, strewn throughout Creation. And if we recall, Source wanted to experience ALL there was to experience and express. And this is what we are doing throughout the various dimensional experiences and expressions we all live. For we ALL are individuated aspects of Source, having an “infinite” number of experiences.

And ALL of these are occurring within this now, moment. Our level of focus within the experience gives us the perception of that which we are living through right here and now. And so, our point of power is always from our here and now.

Now, more than ever, we are bringing about more of the truth of who we are. And the truth is that we are multidimensional Beings, “awakening” to more of our multidimensional aspects.

And when we view the world, with this in mind, we recognize that this is why we are told from the Angelic and Ascended Host that we are never “judged” for our experiences and expressions. Even when they are disharmonious. Instead it is us, ourselves that bring about this expression of “judgement.” And we are always the “harshest” on ourselves, when it comes to this.

And we’ve been instructed to release judgement and the need to express ourselves in this way. As this merely brings about more judgement. If we attempt to “resist” judgement, it will “persist.” As this is a natural law. What we resist, persists. Whereas, what we choose to release, we “let go” of. Release judgement and all other discord and let go of these attributes.

As Source wanted all of these various experiences and expressions. Although, there are more harmonious and effortless ways of experience. And we are “returning” to these ways, as we transmute and transcend our energetic expressions that we brought about through disharmony. And as we integrate these experiences and expressions, for Soul growth. And as we do this, we bring about more love and light. From our within to the without. For our energies are purified once more. And this brings forth more of who we are. And this returns us to our inherent, balanced nature. Which brings about harmony and peace, from within to the throughout or without.

This is not to say that “cause and effect” don’t’ come into play. However, this law was brought about for us to experience the “reflections” of our Creations. To give us a perception of other than. And as such, we all agreed to have this brought forth as a means to “teach” us to be balanced in our Creations. And this plays out throughout the whole of Creation. As the universe is always in the process of balancing itself. Vertically, horizontally, above and below and within and throughout; balance must be achieved.

And this is the “beauty” of the perfection of Creation. For everything is as above, so below. And as below, so above. Thus, we are experiencing an ascension within humanity. And Gaia is experiencing her ascension. And Sol, our Sun, known by several names is ascending, as well. And all of Her planetary bodies are going with Her as well as all within Her auric field. And even those throughout this area of the glaxy.

This shows the nature of “fractals” of expression throughout the universe and cosmos. This is the above as below and below as above, in action. And this is why we are “assured” that we are all ascending. For it could not be otherwise. And many are not “taught” that the nature of expansion is not just horizontally, but there is a vertical evolution, as well. Just as what takes place, within fractals.

Just like we are “activating” more of our “higher” chakras. Those chakras above our 7th chakra are coming “online.” Or being activated and experienced, more within our current now moments. And these are helping us to gain access to the vertical process of ascending. And as below, so above. Sol, is “activating” her “higher” chakras. Patricia Cori, speaks of this very well in the book “The New Sirian Revelations.”

We are having “peek” moments in the 4th and 5th dimensional realms, while going back into the 3rd dimensional realm. And this will eventually stabilize into the 4th dimensional/density realm. This is humanities ascension. With each choosing of their own volition, the “timing” for this process, individually. Although there is a “bigger” schedule that is coming into play, that we all agreed to partake in. This is why we are, here and now.

As this is not only occurring with humanity. As Sol, is doing this as well. This is why we are seeing these Solar changes that are being reflected on all of Her planetary bodies, not just Gaia. This is why the climate changes are so different from the past. This is not “global warming.” As it is much bigger than that. And as Sol, teeters between the 3th and 4th dimensional realms, she will eventually stabilize in the 4th. And this is when the “solar” flash occurs that takes Sol, and all of Her planetary bodies and Her entire auric area with Her, through Her ascension. Thus, we “change” our realm, vertically.

Throughout this process, we ALL are clearing our Creations. The vast majority, at this point are doing this whole process, with no conscious awareness. Whereas, we have been given the “insights” and the “tools” for what is occurring. And we are “strongly” advised to share these truths with others that are “willing” to listen.

As this is truly an incarnational experience and expression that “rarely” has so many “positive” changes occurring, at such a rapid pace. This is why, Creation has sought out those that have truly been able to “influence” this change in the most benevolent and beneficial ways to come into Being, at this now moment. Let us Honor this chosen path and bring about the Glory that All That Is deserves, in bringing about the highest possible expression of our love and manifestations for Creation.  As this influences the whole of Creation in a vast way.

Recognize that we are seeing the “culmination” of expressions of dark and light. Those that have chosen the path of darkness, are insolvent. As the Light always causes the darkness to scurry. And that is what is occurring within our now. We are seeing all manner of darkness, scurry as the Light is shown on their versions of “truths” which are actually false. All is coming to light. And the darkness doesn’t fare well before the light.

Our beloved sisters and brothers from “higher” dimensional realms are arriving in many numbers. And this increases the light of Gaia. As are we continuing to do, always.

Recognize that this journey is also one of within to the without. So, we must all be willing to go within and seek to recall the interdimensional realms. As this is where our point of power is on the “vertical” plane. Thus, as we seek to bring forth the Divine in us, through Being guided and living through our Heart Centered Consciousness, this clears the path to bringing about more of the truth of who we are.

This journey is to be Honored for the experience we gain brings about our crystalline light bodies, in the quickest of ways. And through the law of balance that is exhibited throughout Creation, we bring about experiences with these “higher dimensional Beings” that are ever desirous of interacting, once more, with us on the physical plane. As we bring about more Divine light, we increase our interactions with Higher forms of Beings that bring about even more light. As we accelerate the pace of returning to the higher dimensional realms.

Remember, we are the ones that bring this change about through consciously resonating with our chosen reality. If we are desirous of leaving limitation, we must then choose to consciously Create the reality of our liking. As we go into these higher frequencies we will see more and more of us living through synchronicity. Attracting those of similar vibration. So, be ever mindful of our interactions. As they reveal/reflect our vibrations we are emanating. They show us our Creations.

Be mindful that Being harmonious, in the now. And, not living from our past experiences and/or influences. But, rather, Creating from our here and now. This is our point of power. This is where change occurs. And the change is merely to bring about more of who we are. To increase the light of Divinity that we ALL have. And this “increase” comes to us in purity. Thus, let us do our part to keep this Divine light, pure. Never to be used for human discord. Ever to enlighten.

When we choose to align with our Higher Heart/Mind and we bring our attention to our Higher Self, through meditation; we may call forth as much of this Divine energy and light to permeate our entire Being. Visualize this Universal Light Substance permeating our entire Beings. As our I AM Presence reflects the power of Source into our reality, we become the beacons of Divine Light. We emanate this energy from our Being to all that we interact with. And we attract those of like energy.

Let us shine this Divine light that we are, deep into the core of beloved Gaia. For ours is a symbiotic relationship. We assist each other to increase in frequency and light. Through a growth that reflects the fractal nature of our universe. Moving precisely and gracefully in Divine timing. Increasing the light of All That Is. Establishing an eternal bond, through Divine expressions of growth together. As a people, planetary body, solar system and galactic expression within the multiverse of Creation.


Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran

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