Purity – Consciously Brought Forth

When we are operating from our heart-center we bring forth a purity that “all” feel. And, in fact, we begin “attracting” others to us. As they recognize the purity that we emit, when we maintain this state of being. A comforting presence to others is what we then become. As long as we maintain this in a state of harmony.

And much like all of our other “muscles” when we build a momentum through ever aspiring to maintain this state of heart-center, we increase our magnetism of expression even further. As to many, this state of “feeling” that they sense is much like that of a “nurturing” parental figure. The state of comfort, trust, and security that one feels within a nurturing parental figure, when they are a child.

holy spirit

This brings forth a comfort that all “intuitively” recognize as the Holy Spirit. As in truth, our Divine Light Flame is an aspect of the Holy Spirit. This is why others see/seek comfort from those that are ever in this state of being. This is why we are “attracted” to Holy Men/Women, as well as Holy “sites”. They naturally bring this state out in us, when we are in their presence.

And in truth, everyone can be this state of being. As we all have this, inherently.

However, when we “allow” our ego-consciousness to “intervene” we lose this state of being. For our ego-consciousness will find and bring all-manner of “judgements” and “criticisms” to the forefront. All within the split second of passing someone on the street. Our ego-consciousness will bring forth all that it deems “different” from ourselves, in the presence of others. All in the name of finding differentiation and separation.

And when we “allow” this state of “separation” to permeate our reality, we have allowed ourselves to go into “judgement” ourselves. And this “separates” us even further. And soon, we only “identify” with a very select group. And on and on and on. For the ego-consciousness will always find a need to be “fearful” of anything that is “other than.”

This is not so much, inherent within us. Even with having an ego-consciousness in the “driver’s seat”, so to speak, this is not “normal” behavior.

balance of light and dark

Because we are in a time of transition, we are feeling the effects of dark and light building in momentum; for the culmination of leaving 3D. And the dark has always been about “negating” the freedom of others, through control. And to that end, they have “deployed” all manner of devices that are disharmonious to our natural state of harmony.

As it is hoped from their perspective that if enough of humanity, nature and even Gaia, herself, are kept disharmonious, their ends would be achieved and we wouldn’t progress as intended into the 4th density/dimension and beyond. As disharmony keeps us in the lower frequencies.

Numerous frequencies where chosen in much of our “communications” equipment that emit these disharmonious waves. This is why we are advised to spend as much time in nature as we can. To spend some time, “outside” of these frequencies that are ever present in most all cities. Time outside of the presence of our TV’s, computers and even the “much needed” cell phone. As all of these have these signals emitting to some extent. And to that end, much more than we would like to realize.

And from the polar opposite, the “light”, we are lovingly given advise from those of the higher frequencies to go within. For we have given so much of our power over to the “without.” Many can’t live without their technological “devices.”

And yet, when we go within, we give up the “artificial” reality of external devices and we gain access to the “true” internet. We gain access to the crystalline grid. We access the Gossamer web that accesses “all” throughout the universe. We gain access to our akasha. We go into our “true” power. For our power is not from the external, without. Our power is from our within, inherently.

Thus, when we operate from our Higher “heart-centers” we bring forth a harmony and peace that naturally increases our frequency. We merely flow into our new reality of 4th density/dimension and above. For the Higher Heart brings forth more of the Higher Mind. And this brings forth “clarity” in speaking and feeling our Higher Self’s directions and gifts, we came to share. All in the most elegant and harmonious of manners. Without the “struggle” that we have been “conditioned” to think we need, which in all-reality retards the process.

tube of light

This is why it is so important to follow the guidance of the Ascended Host. They have always taught us that we need to maintain our “tube of light” so as to be invincible from all that is desirous of harming us. Through a call to our Higher Self, we may request that we ever have a “tube of light” that surrounds us. And that it be invincible and invisible to those that would seek to bring any discord or disharmony to us. And our I AM Presence/Higher Self, will establish this “tube of light” all about us. And this tube is filled with the purity of Divine Light.

And they assure us that through the momentum built by calling this forth daily, we would become impervious to any “attack” that would be directed at us. Be it a psychic attack or a physical one. And this has been proven to be the case, time and time again.

When the US unleashed nuclear weapons on Japan, there was/is a Holy Man that is/has been a very prominent figure to the Japanese, from this whole experience. He is a national hero in and for Japan. For when the bomb dropped, this Holy Man called forth the protection from his “tube of light” and insisted that this weapon would have no effect on him and his reality. And this was, indeed, the case.

He was in the midst of the epicenter of destruction and it had NO effect on him. All manner of life was negatively effected all about and around him, however his momentum of practice, faith-in and power of strength through consciously “creating” this Divine Light gave him full protection from such devastation. He was “untouched” by any means of destructive power brought forth.

This is the power that each of us has, inherently. Right here and right now.

This practice needs to be brought forth today more than ever. As doing this shields us and protects us from much “effluvia” that is out there. For we are “attacked” mentally and emotionally, as well as physically. Many do not realize that we are “influenced” by disharmonious feelings of others, all the time.

This is the “feeling” we get, when we enter a room where a fight has just occurred. The air feels thick and we get an eerie feeling when we enter an area in which much discord has occurred. Ask a policeman. They have direct experience of this when entering a crime scene that has recently had allot of dark energy.

What most don’t realize is that even when we are around the energy of “gossip” or “judgement” we can get influenced by these energies. This is why we need this “tube of light” ever surrounding us.

And the Ascended Host assure us that before we experienced the “fall of man” our tube of light was always present and impervious. Extending to slightly beyond our extended-arm’s length of our bodies. However, in our time, we must call this forth. For this tube of light has “shrunk” in all of us.

This is the same “tube” that all can feel at the top of a baby’s head, before the “soft spot” hardens. Before our “fall” this tube extended all the way out to beyond extended-arm’s length on each of us.

Since ours is an experience of free will. We must exercise our free will to bring this “tube of light” back to its previous state, consciously. And through our calls to our Higher Self to bring this “tube of light” back, we “reactivate” this expansion and protection. And this is living 5D. For we are consciously bringing back that which we consciously allowed to “atrophy” to such a state.

When we do this, we will begin to notice how much; that what “used to” aggravate us, no longer has the same effect. And this is because we are within our own strength, through our own Divine Purity of Light. When we call this protection forth, and we consciously choose the state of being in harmony and peace; we notice not what is being “projected” at us. Our frequency overrides the discord. We become “impervious” to these various machinations. Without the influence of “mental/emotional” and “mechanical” frequencies that are disharmonious, we return to our natural state of peace, love and harmony. And this brings forth wisdom.

When we successfully maintain the state of harmony and peace, the Ascended and Angelic Host begin to use us to help others. Without our “direct” knowing and participation of effort, they use our harmonious “flow” of energy and direct these higher frequency waves to others within our presence that are in need.

And these are the “true” gifts we give each other, as we ascend. For they are so “pure” of intent. These are our contributions that increase our Causal Body. As these are such Divine acts, we each, inherently bring forth in purity.

For we are ALL one. We are all returning to recognizing that Unity Consciousness is our power. The One for the All. And the All for the One. Even in the “midst” of much directed energetic “effluvia” from both mechanical and mental/emotional discord. As we call forth this Divine Light, ALL benefit. All from our point of power, here and now. Be the Lightworker in action. Consciously calling forth Divine Light, from the within to the without. Changing the world, is easier than we think.

Call forth our Divine, inherent power. Bring forth the Divine “tube of light.” Don’t give our power up to the without. Rather from the within, change the ENTIRE without. All from here and now. Through our conscious calls of bringing forth the Divine Within Us. For we have Divinity in us.

divine light being

Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran

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