The Knowing We Have

When we turn inward, with our attention and sincerity heart-centered, we bring ourselves into a resonant state of “knowing.” This is something we each, inherently have. This is our “birthright.” And when we bring this state of being into our reality we bring about more confidence. And this, in turn, brings forth more “knowing”.

Many refer to this state as calling forth “intuition.” Or going into a “zone.” And these are aspects of what is actually an entire state, or realm, of realization. A realm in which we “tap into” the knowing that is already in existence.

This access may be attained when we enter the higher mental states of the gamma brain wave frequencies (38 to 42 Hz). In this range of frequency, we reach into the plane of “knowing” where we receive answers to our questions, via All That Is. This is where we receive our “inspirations”. When we are in the “zone” of doing and living our joy, we easily reach this state.

Most of us can readily achieve various other states of brain waves like theta and delta as well as gamma through meditation, as well as through living our joy. Through focusing our attention on the within, we attain states of bliss that rival anything we do in the without. When we go within our heart-center we bring this state about harmoniously. As we focus on our breathing, we “attune” to our inherent vibration. And from this calm state, we can “pose” questions that we are desirous of learning/remembering. And the answers will come about in various ways. Not necessarily within the meditation, yet, rather quickly this knowing/remembering does come forth.

Most of the time, we receive these answers through the “path of least resistance.” Which means that we will come about material, within the day that will begin to answer these questions. And for the most part, there is no “having to seek” that much. As the material will present itself rather easily. And as long as we keep our focus on that topic, more and more material will easily come about.

As such, we must work to truly “focus” on what we are truly desirous of learning/remembering. Since we are truly at a time when we are “inundated” with so much information available. And as long as we work with the information we’ve been given, more comes forth.

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As we work within this state, we notice that we, in fact, are building momentum of “muscle” for the state of claircognizance. We begin to receive “knowing” of more and more information/feelings of what we seek. All through working with what we’ve been given.

Many a time we are advised to ask for the “realization” of all that we are already being given. For really, we tend to miss noticing synchronistic occurrences that are already occurring. And many of these contain answers to what we have already asked, or what we are seeking.

However, we may ask our Higher Self to make us more “aware” of these, as they occur. And it is then that our realization comes about, noticing that we are truly being given answers to all that we seek.

As we use this state of “knowing” in confidence that all is brought to us that we seek, we will notice this increase. And this is when we begin to realize that we must bring about a “focus” of what we are truly desirous of knowing. And through this focus, we notice that we are receiving things either “intuitively” or through the process of simply coming into “knowing” as in claircognizance.

This state of being is one of the first, inherent gifts, that our educational institutions tend to diminish and/or forbid. For our system of education instills the need to have “learned” something, not “intuited” it. If ones come to the “answer” without a “proof” of how they received this answer, they are automatically “unacceptable.” As if this makes the answer wrong.

Yet, if the “teacher” would not hinder their spirits, they would always give the correct answer. All without the “need” to prove how they know this. They would merely, know.

And if this was “instilled” firstly, and deemed “praiseworthy” there would be “confidence” instilled in others that this could be done. And through the law of resonance, others would “feel” the energy of how to do this. Or “pick-up” on the same frequency. This would be “teaching” through retrieval of information from the gamma state of “knowing.”

As we are the Creators of our reality, we would be wise to bring about this state of “knowing.” For this makes our efforts easily attained. And our focus of maintaining this state of/on our “true” desirous Creations, we will then manifest this chosen reality in harmony, peace and love.

Recognize that this state of being, or “knowing” comes about best when we are in a harmonious state. Although there are some that “thrive” on the energy brought forth in “stressful” situations, the “true” power comes forth while we are in a benevolent and calm state. As this state is our inherent nature.

uriel and knowing

Archangel Uriel is the one that is known as the giver of the “gift” of claircognizance. So, if this resonates with us, we may call on Archangel Uriel to allow/make us aware of this “gift” we each, inherently have. And Archangel Uriel will assist us in recognizing and learning/remembering to use this quality.

In order to keep this state of “knowing” clear, we must be totally honest with ourselves. For sometimes our ego consciousness has an idea of how this should come about, or unfold. And in truth, the Higher Mind, is the only aspect of ourselves that “knows” how to bring this about.

And so, we would be wise to not be “insistent” on how and/or what the process is that brings this about a “knowing” that we are desirous of experiencing. For our Higher Self will bring this unfolding about in a manner that is beyond our ego conscious “knowing.” We may know how the process works, however the Higher Self knows how to bring this about, literally.

This is what is meant by being in the “flow.” As we “allow” our Higher Self and our guides to assist us in bringing forth an awareness of this “flow” that is already coming to us. For it is our Higher Self that brings about our “knowing” and “experiences” in a way that we would’ve never conceived of. Interesting “paradox” isn’t it? To come into “knowing” we must trust the “unknown” to our Higher Self, to bring about this “knowing.”

And our Higher Self brings about this through our Higher Heart. Anything we must “integrate” into our Being is brought forth from the Higher Self, through the Higher Heart. So, when we are willing to “attune” our presence to the Higher Heart with purity and in Divinity, we bring forth the information/knowing in a pure and clear manner. Through our “allowance” of this flow, without our filters, all will come forth in an instant knowing, or through a quick coming into knowledge.

Know that this attribute, claircognizance, within us all, is expanding right now. For the energies within our year of 2018 are bringing about immense light to all four of our lower bodies. The emotional, mental, etheric/spiritual and physical bodies are going to be bathed in tremendous amounts of light. Ever increasing throughout the year, as quickly as we integrate these “higher” energies.

Those who choose to bring a “focus” as to how to use these increased energies, will benefit much in bringing about various “gifts” that they are desirous of learning/remembering. And having the gift of claircognizance as the primary goal, will bring about learning/remembering all the other “clair” abilities through means of this one gift.

The energies are “flowing” as we speak. Ever from the hear and now. And as such, we will be “clearing” much that is not our truth. For in order for the “higher” energies to be anchored, we must clear and let go of the “denser” energies that have been resident within us.

The ability to “let go” is the key. For what we tend to discover, is that we are in the “habit” of holding onto certain frequencies that are not our “truth.” And we draw a resonance that feels like something is “missing” when we attempt to release these. They become, familiar.

This is why we are always told to be in our joy. And to live what brings us our highest zeal. To live in joy, abundance and appreciation of our current blessings that we have, here and now; brings about a “true” state of “release” that is permanent. When we choose to “let go” of all that is not our truth and not our joy, we clear the way for more of our own Divine brilliance and light.

When we are living our highest joy, we are “filled” with so much of our Divine Light that brings about more of who we are. And this brings about a pure and clear flow from our Higher Self and our various guides. Which brings forth more knowing, in wisdom.

More and more, each and every day, more and more in every way; we are bringing forth more of who we are; through knowing/remembering. For we are Divinity manifest in Creation. Returning to remembering/knowing the brilliance and light that we are, inherently. Ever attuning to the Gossamer Web of knowing. Peering into the crystalline grid to retrieve knowledge. And sharing this state of knowing with all that request.

For each and every one of us is so necessary for All That Is. And when we recognize this “knowing” of who we are, we bring back our power. For the Divine in us is so powerful, here and now. This aspect of us knows no resistance, as it is “pure” Divine Light/Love and love/light knows no resistance. This aspect of us knows that love is the strength of All That Is. And this begins with loving ones’ self. From the within to the without.

The measure of love we are capable of giving/gifting others, is the exact same measure of love we are capable of giving ourselves. No more love can we give others than the amount we give ourselves. Think on this! As we are desirous of the highest and purest of love coming to us, we ourselves must demonstrate this same highest and purest of love towards our own selves. Then, and only then, are we going to see the “without” reflect this similarly back to us.

Those of us who have experienced “others” take advantage of our love, have given off this same energy towards ourselves. And when we disallow this being done to/from ourselves, others will not bring this about in our interactions/reflections. As the energy will not “need” to be reflected back to us, concerning our Creations. We will have transmuted and transcended these energies, by being in our power.

And our point of power is the here and now, in the state of knowing. Ever in harmony, love and peace. Bringing about the continual increase of momentum through the use of claircognizance, so that we may bring forth all that we are desirous of knowing. And having the focus to bring forth all knowing from within, throughout and around us in the benevolence and light of the Divinity, I AM.


Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran

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