Mystics of the Oneness

To be a mystic is one who has recognized their Oneness with Source. The mystic recognizes that this Oneness is their “true” self, which resides within. For within the Sacred Heart-Center is the life essence that is our own individuated Divine expression of Source. And this Oneness may be accessed, felt and gives expressions from deep within our Sacred Heart, our place of BEing.

For clarity of what is said below, I perceive the “densities” as being conscious states from the within. Whereas, “dimensions” are realms or planes in the without, or external reality.

When we begin our sojourn into 3D reality, both density and dimension, we delve into the depths of “fragmented” consciousness. This is when we live from our ego consciousness, without any acknowledgement of the Divine within, or our greater truth/Being. We enter into the forgetfulness of who and what we are. This is known very well as the realm of duality. The realm of good and bad, right and wrong.

Eventually we integrate more of our “fragmented” consciousness. We become more Whole. And we transition to the experience/expressions of 4th density consciousness. We get beyond the “old” 3rd density paradigms of “duality”. We go into recognizing that we are Divine, within. We recognize that we are a part of the whole. We still perceive in much “separation” but we begin to recognize that we are Oneness. Then we either take the route of service to others (STO) or service to self (STS). We move from duality to perceiving from the realm of “polarity”.

This is when we transition from the state of being a victim, within Creation. To that of Being a co-Creator of our realities. We leave the victim/perpetrator/rescuer paradigm. And we go back to our inherent powers of Creation. We take responsibility for our Creations and we being the road to Mastery of Creating. Some do so in the STS fashion, while others take the STO route.

We begin to realize that “time” is not as we perceive. And that in truth, all that we perceive as past, present and future; is occurring simultaneously, now. We start resonating with those of “like mind” and we go into service for “others” or “self”. Depending on our chosen “polar” view. We thus perceive the reality through a view of polarity. We leave a more “dualistic” view behind, as this includes the “victim” paradigm, and we view the world as a “polar” view. With the choice of Creating reality through either the perception of STO or STS.

Eventually we recognize that we must “embrace” our own shadow self. As we now experience reality from the realms of the 5th density of consciousness. We “know” that we exist in many dimensional planes and realities simultaneously, as all perceptions of “time” are accessible, here and now. We recognize that as we have gained experiences in the 3rd and 4th dimensional realms, we have been both aspects of duality and perhaps polarity. And we begin to re-member these experiences of expressions that we have had, in these realms. We thus, integrate the “polar” and any remaining “dual” consciousness experiences. We transition from merely viewing the reality as a reality of STO or STS, as we view the reality anew as an expression of Unity Consciousness.

We recognize that as Source wanted ALL possible experiences, we have the ability to perceive any of these various “parallel realities”. As all options truly do, play out, in an “infinite” number of parallel realities. This concerning each and every one of our lives. We thus integrate the “fact” that both duality and polarity where experiences we chose to have expressions in. And we bring both aspects back, through integration, as we return to Unity Consciousness. As well as “higher” aspects of ourselves that are also within our Unity Consciousness.

As the reality is one composed of fractals, we realize that as we are doing this for our own selves, individually; we truly bring about a tremendous change for the Whole. For we realize that we truly are Source, at an individuated aspect, experiencing ALL possibilities through an “infinite” number of parallel realities. As above, so below. As below, so above. This is the “fractal” nature of our Universe. All That Is, is greatly increased by our attaining this level of expression.


And so, we transition to “living” completely for/through the Whole. We become totally selfless in expressing our highest joy, and yet, we are simultaneously totally abundant and living in harmony and peace. For by this time, we have “truly” mastered emotions, thoughts and deeds. We “completely” embody our Higher Selves. We are the living/walking Ascended Masters. Easily and purposefully, always Creating our highest desires and expressions that we came to “gift” Gaia, and All That Is. We joyously, harmoniously and ever-effectively bring forth our highest expressions of Divinity that we came to embody.

We next begin the process of leaving “physicality”. For our next level of experience and expression is within the 6th density of consciousness. And at this level, “form” or “embodiment” is no longer necessary. As from this level, we return to having the experience of omnipresence and omnipotence. So, we need to be “unlimited” to be everywhere, simultaneously. And having a “physical” form would exclude us from this experience. As, by its very nature, it is beyond the “limitations” of “form” and “physicality”.

We recognize that we are the Oneness that is “truly” all of those expressions that are Being experienced throughout the “lower” densities. We have transitioned our “individuality” into an expression that has the purview of the Whole. All accessible at once. Any point, anywhere throughout any “times” in all expressions. For by now, we “see” and truly “know” we are ALL of these expressions.

So, we integrate our “shadow” aspects throughout our expressions of duality and polarity, at even further “deeper” levels. We recognize the perfection of the design of these conscious constructs, in the Whole of these experiences, and we Create at these levels of consciousness.

We have since, long learned/remembered that we never “negate” any aspects of the Whole. Everything belongs. And all that was once perceived as “bad” or, “shadow” is truly a wonderous and illuminating “mirror” for our growth/experience. And we recognize that All That Is, Created this for our enlightenment. And we partook in many of these “shadow” adventures.

Many “channel” aspects of ourselves, that are already existing at these “higher” levels of consciousness. And they are, many times, group souls. The Council of Light, the Ra consciousness and many others. Formless and working/fulfilling at levels of consciousness that are beyond individual expressions.

And yet we go on to ever more depths of realizing and Being further expressions of the Oneness, until we have gone “home”. Back to the Oneness, gifting the Oneness with the whole of our expressions and experiences. While merging once more into The All That Is.

There are several “steps”, if you will, that are beyond the 6th density of consciousness. These “steps” are experiences that we have on our way back to Source.

And this article was not to be one that is “all-inclusive” of our complete sojourn. However, this does help us to appreciate some of the consciousness changes that occur as we go back to Source.

The only “constant” in Creation is “change”. Thus, it is nice to see where we are as conscious Beings. And we are each at varying degrees of consciousness that don’t easily “adhere” to the “numerical” linear version of breaking them down.

In other words, many of us have “peeks” of conscious experiences in the 6th and higher densities of consciousness. All while still learning to “integrate” aspects of our 3rd density consciousness. So, we don’t transition through these in such a “linear” way. We tend to grow great in certain areas of consciousness, while still contending with integrating some of our “lower” states of Being.

For free will abounds throughout the whole of our experiences. And so, we develop our “favorite” attributes, while prolonging the experience of transitioning/integrating other aspects; such as the “shadow” self. And yet, all occurs within Divine timing. Even from the realms of “no time”.

When we reach the “higher” states of 4th density and dimension, we eventually find the “need” to “transition” to another body, unnecessary. And so, we do stop the process we now view as death. Which I refer to as “transitioning”. As that is more appropriate to what occurs. As we cannot ever truly die.

And when we truly understand that there is only the One, and we are a part of that Oneness, we will truly leave “death” behind. For, if the One that Is, would “die” the Whole of the reality/structure would cease. For any aspect of this Oneness to truly “die” would bring the Whole thing down, in other words. And this cannot be. Thus, we are infinite and eternal. Without beginning and end. On an eternal journey to “know thyself” in greater and greater ways. We are in the process of expanding infinitely throughout the Oneness and its Creations.

The true joy is in the journey. And, hence forth, the journey magnifies in its intensity, as we give up the old energy. As we “truly” leave duality and polarity as our primary realizations and recognize the Unity Consciousness of the Whole. As we bring forth more of who we are, we bring back the “knowing” that we are increasing our “freedoms” more through expanding our consciousness. And by being centered in our Higher Hearts. For it is our Higher Heart that is the portal to ALL Knowing.

And our ego “transitions” to greater expressions that are more and more harmonious. As the ego recognizes its strength as “interpreter” of all that we express/experience. While the ego, simultaneously is acquiescing to the Heart as its wisdom. All through love. All in peace. All in recognition of the beauty of Creation. For the experiences of transitioning to greater realms, all from our here and now.

With ALL that we need to accomplish this, coming directly from the true center of our Beings, our Heart. We bring back our Divine Light. And this resonates throughout the whole of Creation. Bringing forth the brilliance and perfection of the Divine through myriad expressions throughout infinity. Through the strength and diversity of All That Is, that I AM, All Here and Now!

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Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran

3 thoughts on “Mystics of the Oneness

  1. “For clarity of what is said below, I perceive the “densities” as being conscious states from the within. Whereas, “dimensions” are realms or planes in the without, or external reality.”
    Love that.
    “With the choice of Creating reality through either the perception of STO or STS.”
    I have to call b.s. on the STS / STO bidness.
    First, this whole either / or thing is very dualistic, limiting and not reality. “We leave a more “dualistic” view behind…” Actually not. The whole STS / STO nonsense IS dualistic. Others are “good”, self is “bad” nonsense. You even speak of them as being “polarities.” *shaking head* Purdy darned dualistic.
    The truth of the matter is, the goal you are shooting for is TO SERVE, period, whether self or other. But PRIORITIES matter.
    I told someone else this the other day:
    “The whole concept that Service to Self is bad in some way is some of the most disempowering programming running on this planet, even before Ra (and a whole host of other ETs started talking this STS / STO nonsense) and above the veil also as ETs didn’t get it right either.
    ETs needed to learn some things about these things. They have. Unfortunately, many of the “Ra Material” RELIGION followers cling very dogmatically to their religion and belief system… and that OLD, outdated (ya know, since ETs have learned some since then) Ra Material… and they have their priorities screwed up because of their Ra Material / STS-STO be-lie-fs.
    In this regard, the flight attendant has much better info than Ra does as the flight attendant wisely advises to… put on your own oxygen mask before assisting others with theirs… because that’s the proper order of things.”
    See more here:
    “In reality, TRULY serving self is actually what best enables one TO serve others.”
    I’ve understood AND LIVED this prioritization, putting self first, for many years and it is what has ENABLED me TO serve at the high level that I have. I had and still have my priorities straight.
    Gabriel, from what else you’ve written, here and elsewhere, I know you get what I’m saying. But we create through our Thoughts, Words, and Deeds and anything that even implies, even if just initially or whatever, that serving self is bad is the kind of thing that would make me say a line that people often say to children who cuss – “Language!” It’s kinda along the same lines as Christians saying “God-fearing”. Again, “Language!”
    Don’t take my word on this, just let me provide you with the next question you can take to the Divine… over this STS / STO nonsense.
    “The only “constant” in Creation is “change”.” Perhaps it’s high time to change up your language and drop this whole STS / STO thing.
    And… 5D, as in the actual dwelling realm (dimension, as you say), IS physical. We WILL be physical, in a crystalline body. But we always have the ability, even while in 3D, to travel anywhere in our minds and hearts and soul. We don’t need to even be consciously “accessing” 6D or beyond, per se. Even the most “sleepy” have their dimensional-travel moments.
    As always, appreciate your messages.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well said. When we, or I, viewed reality from that perspective, I felt I resonated with one aspect. And I went to the extreme of what I perceived as STO. As we, I, matured beyond this view; and integrated the fact that the balanced view of both being necessary and, once more, integrated; I felt I matured in consciousness, beyond this. And I refer to this as Unity Consciousness. Honoring the balance of both perspectives.

      No one need “take on this view”, this is my reflecting on what I’ve experienced. As ALL paths and views are valid.

      Many of the expressions given in certain “verbage” are taken from language in books I’ve read; i.e. STS STO.

      Thanks! It is great to hear how the message came across. I don’t believe in fearing God. However, I guess my language isn’t as accurate as the inherent energy, behind the message.

      Love & Light


      1. Thanks for receiving that well Gabriel. I know you understand the concepts and have no doubt you live them, but yes, language matters.
        Also, just to say… my focus right now is on those who are new or yet to awaken to the whole ascension thing and first impressions mean a lot. I have been familiar with this whole STS / STO mentality (if you will) for many years and yet at first glance, first impression it’s just reinforcing Joe Average’s disempowering program of putting Other above Self. They really don’t need help with that.
        So, that’s something to think of – how is Joe Average receiving this, from their view, which you would have a better understanding of their perspective than they of yours at this point.
        And yes, key words, first impressions. One example I like to use to explain this is – I like to use the term “cabal” or “global cabal” rather than maybe “globalist” or whatever. First, most of those folks who are not awakened to the global cabal don’t even know that word “cabal”. With just that word, you’ve introduced them to a whole new paradigm. You could almost count on them looking it up first chance they get. You got their attention at a different level. Other “less informative” and perhaps more everyday terms might not jolt them from the “argue level” they may be on.


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