Unity Consciousness Purview

When we purposefully intend to be co-creators, once more, we change our purview of consciousness from that of separation and ego-consciousness to that of Unity Consciousness through our Heart-center. And this truly increases our purview of consciousness. We really expand to viewing and accessing much more information and wisdom, of/from who we are.

When we choose this path, we change our perception of consciousness back to being Heart-centered. We bring about inclusivity, not exclusivity. As, once more, we access much more of who we are. And when we do this, we naturally bring forth these energies from these other realms, in which we reside. All from and within our here and now.

As any who are “interacting” with these other aspects of us that reside in other dimensional realms knows, we get their/our energy from these existences that we reside in and we have communication with these other aspects of ourselves. Either through reading, listening, visualizing, as well as, other means of “channeling” these soul family expressions.

We recognize that we are truly all One and that we ALL stem from this Oneness. And as such, we recognize the energies that we draw in. As our Heart-center brings forth more remembrance of who we are. And this is the process that brings forth more of our Akash.

We lose the “need” to be “right” as we recognize that everyone is on their own unique path. And we once more give honor to all that are working their own awakening and inner-knowing. As unless we ourselves have lived that life, we know not what their own Higher Self is orchestrating on their behalf. And so, we bring forth more compassion, knowing that we are “beyond” having to “rescue” others from their own Divine plan.

And our focus changes to that of intermingling and working with these other “realms” that we commune with. As this is where the “fun” begins. As from this level of consciousness, we may choose to “drop” much of the “drama” that exists in the 3rd and 4th dimensions.

And then, we notice that our reality has “shifted” to that of partaking in much more that is to our “liking” and is harmonious. In other words, our reality will bring forth experiences to be had that are more in line with our “true” expression. For where our thoughts are, there we are. So, we begin to see that the “outer” reality is mirroring the harmony we’ve come to from our within.

Conversely, anything that is disharmonious that comes forth from our “outer” reality, is merely an expression of what we are “harboring” from our within. For it could not be otherwise. And this is the crux of where many of us are. We are “discovering” all that we have held onto, that is not our truth. And we are going through a process of “letting go” of all that does not serve.

And this process is being greatly enhanced by the Unity Consciousness. As we bring forth more claircognizant, we work more easily with our “intuition”. We use much less “logic” as we have gone directly into “knowing”. And this brings forth a confidence and trust and faith in the process. As we see our realities blossom from this expansion of our interacting within our Unity Consciousness.

And those that choose to go forth on this path, and yet don’t realize faith and trust in the process; will experience that which we know of as anxiety. For the path of ascension is one of an accelerated path. And when we “resist” the process, i.e. when we lack faith and trust in the process, we bring forth the disharmonious experiences. The resistance we harbor gets expressed in our outer reality.

The growing that takes place greatly at this time, is to begin to recognize and learn/remember what these energies are that are coming forth into our reality. Many of us have not been “taught” to recognize subtle energies. And yet, many of our “guides” have stressed the importance of having this knowledge. As we open to more of our galactic community, we naturally interact with these others through this same, Unity Consciousness.

And throughout our galaxy, many are very adept at working with and recognizing energies and their various signatures. So, most are ahead of us, with respect to knowing and recognizing energies. Although the process to “learn” is not that arduous, it does take some time. And this never stops gaining in refinement.

Those that do “channel” can recognize that there are certain energies that are given as “downloads” to those that are bringing these messages into our awareness for us all. And we can truly see a “theme” that all are “channeling” on a given week. With each having their various expressions of bringing about “similar” messages. This is all brought about through Unity Consciousness.

And although we are “assured” that even as this solar/planetary/human ascension occurs, not all that ascend will be “spiritually” inclined. As this is not a “requirement” to be in the higher 4th and 5th dimensional realms. Those that go through the natural process of ascension and can maintain the higher frequencies, will be embodied as well on Gaia.

Although some of us have been “driven” through our spiritual gains, through study, meditation and inner-work. Being on the “spiritual” path is not a requirement or necessity. As there are many paths leading back to Source. So, to be insisting that we be “surrounded” by those of “like mind” is not living in Unity Consciousness. For in truth, the beauty is really in the diversity of All That Is. Remember, Source wanted to experience ALL possibilities. This is why there are an infinite number of “parallel” realities.

When we begin to become enlightened with the construct of reality and the entire process we go through, many can not help but to be “swept into” the spirituality of it all. And yet, even if this didn’t occur, we would be ascending. As long as we could process that which doesn’t serve, out of us, we will inherently be raised in frequency. Albeit, much slower.

Many are choosing to “complete” 3D schooling from the inner realms. Before embodying once more on Gaia, when She is already in the 5th dimensional realm. And yes, there are even those that “know” they are not “complete” with 3D expressions/experiences and are choosing to embody on another planetary body. And these planetary bodies have already been selected and are being populated by these ones.

And for ALL participants of ascension or not, there is no judgement.

It is interesting, in that, many children have come with their multidimensional DNA already activated and functioning. And so, these ones have much more memory intact concerning their “past” lives and realms that they’ve come from. And yet, even within some of these ones, I’ve heard of those that are aware that they are not participating with the ascension that Gaia and humanity are going through. And yet their energies where necessary to assist us with the process. However, some of these ones know that they will not be participating. As they will be heading home, before this transition. Or their “unique” experience merits more 3D expressions.

These young ones already partake in Unity Consciousness in a manner that is comparable to those of us that have been developing this for many years. They are aware of more of who they are. And their inherent energies being more “awakened”, if you will, are establishing the energetic pattern on the crystalline grid. So those of us that choose to may “tap into” that energetic pattern to assist our processes.

As the new root race establishes itself for the Golden Age that is being birthed. We will either choose to embody in this “new” form, or we will choose to “retard” the aging process and extend our current embodiment to allow for time to “transition” our current body into the “new” template. And this process has been ongoing for some time, and will continue for some time. As these are cosmic/galactic periods of time, where all is expressed over a significant period.

Although, we are assured that this process is occurring at a rather quick pace, in and of itself.

There are many aspects of “growth” that we may choose to partake in as our awareness expands concerning our inherent interaction within our Unity Consciousness. And as these expand, we will see that the 3D “dramas” and disharmonious experiences will fall by the way side. As these expanded realms of consciousness are, by far, more fulfilling.

And we’ll recognize that we really do “let go” of these aspects of consciousness that do not serve. For the “old ways” of 3D “drama” merely perpetuate more of these experiences, and “tether” us to 3D. And our desires are to move beyond these.

And not all will choose this as their path. For there are those that “revel” in being “right” and living from their ego consciousness. Just recognize that the “karmic” experiences will be “magnified” in all chosen paths, as our energies ascend in frequency. For what we put our, is what we get back. And if we are insistent that we are “right” and others are not, we are creating a reality in which at some point, the reality will bring about the “balanced” energy. And we would/will have to experience the balance of “right”, which is having to be “wrong”.  3D games and drama, once more.

Whereas, those that operate in Unity Consciousness, recognize that all is as it should be. And this creates a “flow” that keeps us accelerating at a quick pace. And as long as we have faith and trust this process, we will expand with the minimal amount of “balanced” energy coming forth. For we are operating through inclusivity of ALL and not exclusivity. And this merits a harmonious expression of, what we put out is what we get back.

All kinds of choices exist in our expression of ascension. And by turning within, we begin the process of “growing” into our multidimensional aspects of expression. And we “tap into” the realm of Unity Consciousness, in which we may commune with any and all throughout Creation. And our Divinity is, once more, brought to our conscious awareness. And we expand into more of who we are, through integration and expansion in balance. With the glorious experiences and expressions that are ever pouring forth, from our within to our without. On our return to Source. All from our eternal, here and now, moments.

see as we are

Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran

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