Extended Family


We have transitioned from living within a “linear” 3D reality to one in which we recognize that ALL time is, in fact, now. And as such we are expanding into learning/remembering our extended family that are already interacting with us. And many of them have been interacting with us, since our “inception” as a species, while others we have been recently “brought forth/magnetized” into our experience through synchronicity and similar frequency.

We are told that an aspect of those that are known as the “greys” are from our future. And that they were in fact us “humans” in a “parallel” reality. And they went through a bad warlike period and destroyed their planet. They went underground in order to survive, as the surface of the planet was in ruins. And they began “removing” genetics that have to do with emotions, fearing this is what caused their “demise”.

They advanced as “time” went on and went as far as Beings can go in this Octave of Creation, and chose not to proceed further until they “reconciled” what they had done. Thus, they were “attracted” to our “parallel” reality to stop us from heading down the same path. This gave them a way to “return” to their original form of emotions, as well as “assist” us so that we don’t repeat their chosen path.

Along the way/process, they began a genetic program of creating “hybrids” that had ours and theirs DNA as “seeds” for new beings. Thus, was born the Essassani. And these, the Essassani, have come “back” to our time to assist us.

galactic beings

On another “branch” of the tree of ALL time being now, and parallel realities, we have the Apuna. These beings have both “history” and “future” interactions with us, “formally”. As well as their current interactions with us that take place, here on Earth, now. Though these have been rather limited until our “awakening” began in earnest.

In this particular parallel reality, we sent our “children”, in the near future, to go seek and colonize a planet in the Alpha Centauri system. And an unforeseen encounter caused their memories to be “wiped”. The Apuna ended up “hosting” and taking in these unfortunate ones. An intermingling of the species occurred, as usual. And these “future” children, eventually came “back” to our parallel reality to assist us so that we wouldn’t have to make this mistake, with them.

However, the point is that we are no longer in “linearity”. We are beyond “one” timeline and course of action. We have been and already are interacting with aspects of ourselves from our “future” as well as various other interactions with ourselves from “similar” parallel realities. This is the nature of the “true” reality. One in which Both of these stories go on much more, in depth and “time”. And they are only two in a myriad of interactions with Beings that we have been involved with, for what may be millennia. Some, “newer” relationships, while others are “old” and well established. Many that are extended family, if you will.

there is no, easily discernable course of action and/or direction.

As we expand and develop in our “knowing” / “memory” our Akash will bring forth our “unique” role within all of this. While we “grow” into expanding our awareness to the fact that we are always attracting with those of similar frequency and/or relations. Our family is, by far, more “extended” than initially thought. And they are “anxious” to reunite.

We can recognize these as family as both the Apuna and the Essassani, as examples, have brought forth much “wisdom” and understanding as to our level of consciousness and our interactions with them. We are treated with respect and at a level of equality, while we interact with these. And their assistance to those that have interacted in both direct and non-direct ways with them has been of a benevolent and healing, nature. Thus, we know we are interacting with family, through love and wisdom.

As we interact with these ones, we gain access to more of our own multidimensional aspects. When we start contemplating the “true” nature of ALL time being now, we begin a process of expansion that increases our wisdom. Expanding our DNA and bringing forth, more of who we truly are. This is a natural process of “awakening” to the truth that we are already having interactions with all manner of various family, even the extended families. We bring onboard more of our crystalline/light body, as we expand into more of who we are.

And when we acknowledge that much of this interaction occurs while we “sleep” we activate more of who we are, once more. For this is the “beginning” to acknowledging our multidimensionality, we already inherently express. And our extended families have assured us that we will develop this ability as we are “awake”. In other words, what we do when we “sleep”, we will be able to do as we are “awake” throughout the day. Many refer to this as “out of body” travel.

We activate our multidimensionality and we “leave” our body in meditation, as we travel in another astral/etheric body with our consciousness “tethered” to the one that is “traveling” in the “higher” planes. And some have mastered this, so as to be able to bi-locate. Fully maintaining two bodies at this level of density/dimension. Whereas, the former occurs through a “different” vibrational body.

We are interacting more with those that are assisting us to make “wiser” decisions than we have been making in “similar” parallel realities. And this is of tremendous assistance to us/them. For in truth, we are they, and they are us. Remember, we are “returning” to Oneness. Thus, we cannot help but expand into “more” of who we are. What we have done, in times past, present and future.

We “magnetize” those of similar frequency into our reality. If/when we acclimate to “higher” dimensional frequencies and densities, we will magnetize expressions of ourselves that are beyond our current “knowing”. And when we do this, we change both our past and our future. For some of these Beings and extended family that are interacting with us, our relations will “deepen”. For others the relationship will “cease” in our parallel reality.

And those that are involved, already are aware of, and work with this, in mind. For throughout the cosmos, this is how we “attract” those of similar frequency. It always has been, and always will be. The universe, itself, is “seeking” balance and performing through law of attraction. What we embody, as a person, people and planet, brings us “similar” expressions throughout the galaxy/cosmos.

And the beauty is, our own extended “children” are interacting with us, here and now. We are bringing forth, more of who we are. We are remembering and returning to interacting at a multidimensional level. For we are expanding and integrating more of who we are. And on and on this will continue. As we ascend, we bring forth more of our extended family. And we realize that our “seed” truly does expand, fractally throughout Creation.

As the level gets more complex, so does the “knowledge” and “wisdom” that returns. For we are returning to Oneness. And as we do so, our “definition” of who we are will change continuously. It will expand and expand. Until in a dimension, not to far away, our perception will be from the view of ALL That Is. For in the higher dimensional realms, omnipresence and omnipotence and so forth are the level of expressions for these consciousnesses, we will dawn, then.

This is when we have integrated all concepts in Creation. We have achieved a balance and integration with both “dark” and “light” aspects. For both are necessary for the “mirror” to truly reflect our Creations.

As we proceed, “in time”, we begin working with, not only our “timeline” we begin altering and working with “similar” parallel timeframes and/or realities. This is the nature of reality, as it is truly impossible to alter the specific “past” reality that has already gone by. We go to “similar” “past” realities and alter them to our liking. And through these experiences and expressions, we transition through our perceived timeline.

Yet knowing, that our “biggest” effect we have in our reality is from our ever eternal here and now, moments. Here and now, is where we bring about these “notions” of change that we see are for the better. Our power is in our thoughts, words and deeds from our ever-present, here and now.

Through envisioning the desired parallel reality that we choose to focus on. With the emotion brought forth in loving this into Being. And the drive/focus to manifest this through interacting at the physical level, in resonance we our desired outcome. And by maintaining the frequency/vibration in which this outcome is a match. The universe has no choice, but to deliver this outcome to our reality. And this is Creating as a Master. This is an Ascended Master, in action. In harmony with the Universe and All That Is.

For we are ascending to realms of greater Creation. We are manifesting our “mind’s eye” more and more. Our “truths” are coming forth, so we may either resonate with them, or bless them free for showing us, what does not serve us; as we release and let go of what does not serve.

Create wonderous and beautiful expressions. And be open to our extended family. As we maintain this “openness” these ones will interact with us, in greater and greater ways. For ours is a new reality focused through Unity Consciousness. We are already “tapped in” to these realms, here and now. When we go within, and we truly “still” the mind; we build the circuits and neuropathways to these realms.

Never forget to increase in learning/remembering what these various energies feel like. Work with our “guides” to establish signals through these subtle energies. Establish kinetic signals for “yes” and “no”. Or simply “trust” when we turn within that we are communing through our 5th dimensional mental element, IMAGINIATION. As this is a “true” realm, in which we reside as 5th dimensional expressions and higher. Know this and trust this. This is our action in the 5th dimensional realms, IMAGINATION.

Express all through heart-centered love and be the state of “knowing”. Rest assured that if we “think” of something we want to know, it will come to us as quickly as within the day, and as slow as within the week. For we are in a state of exponential growth. The veils have been lightened so much, that all that we choose to know is available. We are who we have been waiting for. For we have Divinity In Us. Feel this and know this, all from our ever eternal here and now.

divine flow 33

Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran

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