Soul Purview

As we live our experience, we easily notice our likes and dislikes. We develop a very “unique” personality that has our own very particular ways. And we “narrow” our own purview while experiencing life in the 3rd and 4th densities of consciousness by means of this persona we’ve dawned.

This is the normal process of experiencing reality and learning to create in a “cause and effect” experience or expression. And we really do learn a lot about ourselves while we view our creations through this “narrow” purview, we purposefully dawn. We learn the impact of our creations as an individual, group, nation, country, planet, star system, galaxy and so forth.

And yet, there is an aspect of ourselves that is Divine that gives us a broader purview of “who we are”. And this is the purview from the Soul. We enter this aspect of ourselves that is already in the realm or state of “knowing”. This is referred to as the inner realms. This aspect of us has/is following the same edict that Creator/Source began, namely, to experience ALL possible perspectives. For this aspect is the Spark of the Divine, we each truly are.

Though we tend to narrow our focus to a specific “linear” reality, the Soul witnesses ALL options/choices being played out. The Soul has the purview of the multidimensional parallel realities that exist all throughout Creation, here and now. And the Soul sees ALL of our lives that exist in all other densities and dimensional realms, here and now.

When we choose to expand our purview, we may begin to “petition” the Soul to show us “more of who we are”. And rest assured the Soul will bring about at the “correct” timing, a view of the many various expressions we are existing in. All from our here and now, moment. As we currently reside in numerous densities of consciousness and dimensional realms. In all manner of various forms of expression. Some human looking and others that are pure light and fluid looking energies. Other expressions that are what we would consider, extraterrestrial. Even states in which we are “pure” consciousness.

And when we are brought into these expressions that are ourselves, we gain a greater perspective and we bring into our current Being, more of who we are. For these energies are available to us, here and now. And who among us, would “deprive” their own expressions from having access to and gaining through the use of these other self-energies. As our energy from our reality, here and now, is as critical and important to these other aspects of self, as their energies are to us.

We do receive these energies, regardless; for these are from other aspects of ourselves. However, through conscious knowing and through interacting at a conscious level, with these energies, we empower ourselves to a much greater extent.

This is how we “embody” our Higher Self, and ascend. We draw from the aspect of ourselves that is already an Ascended Master. We call forth this energy that exists, here and now. And we “act” as an Ascended Master. For key to acting is the “action” that manifests this in our reality. As this “acting” brings forth an entirely different energy, a “Masterful” energy into Being.

As we have passion, desire and love for our Whole Being, here and now. We automatically magnetize this aspect of ourselves into Being. We embody our Higher Self that is an Ascended Master. And this brings forth an entirely “different” and much “higher” energy than the old purview. For the universe recognizes this energy as Being that of a Master, and delivers this, “as you wish”.

ascended host

We begin melding with the group consciousness of the Ascended Masters, realm. We dawn this realm, more and more each and every day, more and more in every way. For greater and greater periods of expression. Until this realm is all that we perceive. Ever to remain, in our here and now.

This brings forth an evolution in consciousness. For we leave the realm of being a “victim” in Creation, and we return to “owning” our Creations, once more. We then choose to Create through Divine love, compassion, truth, Unity and Oneness of All. We Create in harmony with our Soul/Higher Self, and bring forth expansion and illumination, to all whom we interact with. This is the process of ascension.

We recognize that as Source/God is gaining through the expressions and experiences of All That Is, so are we. And since the reality is expressed in fractals, we see that our own Soul is growing/gaining in experience through all manner of expressions that are occurring. Much like Source/God.

And we realize that at any time, we may call forth on an expression of ourselves that already has the “knowing” that we are desirous of bringing forth, once more into our awareness. And this knowledge returns, once more, to assist us. Yet, we must make the call. As we are operating through free will. And even our Higher Self/Soul honor this aspect.

So, make the call. Go within in mediation and ask the Soul to bring forth, more of who we are.

When we go in mediation, intentionally move our awareness to the heart-center with as much love as we have. Picture a loving moment that comes to mind, and project this feeling directly to the heart-center.

State to the heart that our intention is to bring forth more knowing of who we are. And that the love that we have will grow and expand further as we recognize we have more to love, of who we are. State that we know that all exists in this now moment, so at the correct and Divine timing, bring this forth.

Then, with this love echoing between our heat-center and our conscious focus being within there, we let this intent go. We drop any and all expectations on how/when this will come into our knowing. And this tends to be something that takes some “mental exertion”. For the mind may attempt to immediately envision how this should occur. And we want to dismiss any of this. As when it “occurs” this will take place clearly, without any doubt.

Bless the Soul for lovingly bringing forth these knowing/truths, once more. And proceed with the meditation, as normal. Grounding all that we do to the core of Gaia.

Some may find that the “answer(s)” reveals itself, immediately. Whereas others, may find that this will take a while, before the revealing begins. But rest assured, at some point you may see all manner of faces and Beings that come to you in your form of meditation. As this occurs, they may simply state, “we are you”. Know that our Soul will reveal, more of who we are.

As conscious knowledge and experience of these various energies that are, in fact, you come forth, you expand. When we consciously choose to send love to these aspects of ourselves, we expand. And we integrate these energies in a more powerful way. As our consciousness and love, enlightens more of who we are. And this expands and increases the Divine energy throughout ALL of these aspects of self.

As we accomplish this, we expand Creation to the furthest reaches. For this energy/process replicates and takes place with/for others, in a fractal manner. Many may not be conscious of this; however, they are still benefiting from those that have awakened to the power of Unity Consciousness.

Take ownership of the Soul purview. Recognize that we are Creators, bringing forth harmonious and Divine Creations. Being at the perfect place at the perfect time, always. Fulfilling the Divine plan of bringing all manner of expressions and experiences to/for the Soul. So that Source/You could have all possible perspectives. Relishing the glory of perfection in grace and appreciation.

As we “own” our state of Being an Ascended Master, here and now. Knowing that we Create in Divine Harmony. And knowing that all is occurring within Divine timing. As we are always at the perfect place and the perfect time, bringing forth more of the Divine, here and now. Experiencing greater and greater amounts of synchronicity. Creating greater and greater Creations. Just by Being more of who we are.

And dawning the Soul purview, here and now. Peeking, even further to the view of the Oversoul and the Monad. And recognizing that this goes on forever. For there are no “limits” to our depths in the inner realms. As well as the outer realms. Infinity abounds throughout Creation. From within to without. From without to within. From above to below. And from below to above. All perceptions. All taking place at the perfect time and the perfect place. In the infinite fractals. And for All That Is, ever expanding!



Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran

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