Creation Stories

Source/God was a homogenous photon of light. In complete, undifferentiated Oneness. As consciousness developed/expanded, Source/God began wondering, “who am I”. This increased Source/God’s consciousness and abilities, greatly. While this occurred, Source/God began playing with Creating the various virtues of self. As there is nothing outside of Source/God’s self. And these virtues that it brought forth where love, passion, mystery, grace and so forth.

We know these various virtues of Source/God’s consciousness constructs as the Archangels and the angelic realm. Thus, their various attributes we have always recognized that they expand in Creation. Angels for healing, mercy, strength, joy, service, even destruction and so forth.

At some point Source/God thought, what if I where many? And this “birthed” the individuated Divine flames of Source/God. This was our birth. As an individuated aspect of the Divine. Having the same exact energy of the Oneness. For there is nothing outside of Source/God. Many refer to this, as the, shards of a shattered mirror. As for the first time, since we where brought forth in God’s image, Source/God had innumerable reflections of self.

Through a myriad of individuated aspects of the Divine, Source/God could now perceive through an infinite number of fractals of consciousnesses/self. Thus, the edict, that Source/God wanted ALL manner of experience and expression throughout the whole of self and Creation. With a “bird’s eye view”, so to speak, through being within each individuated aspect of its consciousness, us. We are individuated aspects of Source/God bringing about the edict of knowing “who am I”.

And now, Source/God had a Creation that would “mirror” who and what we are, as we Create. For without a reflection, or the “notion” of “other than”, we were undifferentiated. Though, now, the whole of All That Is had reflections of “who am I” and “who are you”. The “birth” of “other than” and another great expansion of consciousness.

Source/God had another grand thought, that brought forth a great virtue in Creation., Source/God thought, what if there was something “outside” of me? This brought forth the Greatest and Brightest Angel in Creation. We know this one as Lucifer. And Lucifer’s virtue to bring forth, is the notion of being outside of Source/God. And all Angels, Create these virtues to the best of their ability for Source/God; and Creation as a whole.

So, Lucifer went out through the VOID and rapped himself in a “veil” that he Created that would prevent him from “knowing” or “recalling” that he was part of Source/God. And Lucifer succeeded in “forgetting” that there is nothing outside of Source/God. And all of the other Angels would go forth into this Creation of Lucifer’s and within “time” they would successfully “awaken” Lucifer to his part in All That Is. And All would return to Source/God.

This happened numerous times, however Lucifer was not about to relent in fulfilling his edict to Source/God. So, Lucifer tried a different tactic. This time, when Lucifer Created the veil, Lucifer took an aspect of himself and Created a “new” notion/virtue within Creation. Lucifer Created the “adversary”, through an aspect of himself. And we know this “adversary” as Satan. And this aspect was “birthed” with a strong belief that it is not of Source/God. It truly is “adverse” to being part of the Oneness.

This “brilliance” that Lucifer brought forth, worked. And Creation was now able to have an experience of Being outside of Source/God, that would last or remain; without “resolving” itself. For the “duration” of the experiment, the “realm” of “outside of God/Source” could be maintained.

When the Angels came forth, as usual, to “awaken” Lucifer and his Creations to the fact that all are truly One; the notion of “adversary” didn’t relent. And the Creation, was “sustained” for the duration of this experience/expression. We now had the “best” means of “knowing” “who am I”, while believing oneself to be from “outside” of God/Source. Thus, being able to grow and view through “who am I” and “who are you”. Self, and other than.

In this grand experience of expression, one could truly “dawn the veil/band of forgetfulness” and experience what it would be like to embody, not knowing or recalling, that one was an aspect of the Divine. With Creation abilities that are as grand and glorious as Source/God. What would come of it?

Source/God knew that this was a grand experiment, one of a very few, in which we would truly “stretch” the abilities and daring of Creation. So, we where given a planetary body that would have a “direct” link to Source/God. So that we would be “monitored” closely from the “highest” levels of Creation/Source. This is why the Earth, truly “impacts” Creation in a grand way. We are “linked”, if you will, directly back to Source/God.

Earth’s location or planetary body are fairly common throughout Creation, nothing “special”. A planet in a star system with other planetary bodies, within a galaxy that is fairly “average” if that could truly be said. However, this was a great undertaking for Creation; so much care was thought out to be very vigilant with Her access to Source/God.

To keep others in Creation from “adding” complexity to the process by “interfering” the experiment, the edict of the veil was made known throughout Creation. If any other aspect of Creation was to enter this realm, they too would have to “dawn the ban of forgetfulness” and proceed through the exact same process. Even if one was not “human” to begin with. One would become a part of the experiment/game, like it or not.

And this kept a great many from throughout Creation, from interfering. As these others could not conceive of being “brave” enough to give up their “knowing” and “memory”, much less, “want” to experience a reality in which they believed they were “alone” and outside of Source/God.

However, the bravest and the brightest were allowed “free will” and given access to these realms of Creation. Remember your brilliance, beloved. Countless others of our family are awaiting our return. For we have been “known” throughout Creation as the Golden Ones. After giving our Soul the purview of such a grand expression, we shine in a Golden aura that is known throughout the multiverse. Blessings be to our grand accomplishment.

In the process, we develop a beauty for the whole of Creation. And this is why, we return to Unity Consciousness. For there is truly, nothing outside Source/God. We are truly One. And yet, the experience and expressions gained through an experience of illusion, in Maya is ostentatious. Source/God’s edict to experience ALL manner of Creation, has been and will always be, a marvelous expression of success.

Now, the process of “awakening” in the dream; is sometimes a little “jarring”. However, if we can “handle it”, we would be wise to do this consciously. Yet, realize, conscious humans or not, Gaia is shedding Her 3D humans, and causing their “awakening” for She is/has moving beyond 3D.

If the majority of humanity is not “awake” as this occurs, expect more earthquakes, tsunamis and so forth. For the “unawakened” are transmuting/transcending these lower frequencies through the subconscious and unconscious realms. And due to our symbiotic relationship with Gaia/Earth, she too will bring this change about in like, or symbiotically as her humans did/do; through unconscious and subconscious realms.

Whereas, if we are “awakened” and as “fully” conscious as we can be; we quell the more “violent” process of transmuting and transcendence. As we take the mantel of responsibility, once more, we easily transmute and transcend our “lower” natures through all manner of tools. Our guides have provided many and they are easily used. Such as the violet flame of transmutation/transcendence.

And this will cause Gaia/Earth to transmute/transcend in a symbiotic fashion. She would/will be doing this consciously, as we would/will; with us. Without the “need” for the violence. As we work in groups to mitigate much that must be transmuted and transcended of our own Creations on Gaia/Earth. Gaia would consciously “warn” us, and we would begin the process of transmutation/transcendence.

So, the choice is ours! Consciously or unconsciously we are/have left 3D. We are in early 4D and many are “peeking” into 5D and beyond for greater and greater moments of time.

The tools matter not much, compared to the “action” of doing this consciously. For all tools and techniques are but, “permission slips” to authorize the Divine in us to act. So, choose any tool we are comfortable with. And, simultaneously, do not “negate” another’s choice in their tool/method. All tools work, when there is belief. So, choose one that resonates. And don’t be bothered if in the future, we choose another. For we are to always expect change.

This is the importance of why we are asked to share what we “know” and are “remembering”. Due to free will, we may only be a “living example” by our works and words/thoughts. So, others may inquire, as to why we are so poised and assured in our ways. And should they be “open” we may expand on our knowledge, in a loving and gentle way.

Just “know” that this is occurring, with or without our fellow brothers and sisters, “awakening”. And yet, when we know we can accomplish better by adding to our group of those that are “awake” and in the “know”, do so. For we are all, truly One.

As our brothers and sisters from beyond Earth have taught us, we may follow their example/lead. And those of us that choose to, may make the intent to “teach” in the etheric/astral realms. While many are relaxed in their view of reality, while in the dream state, I find that all are more approachable. As have a whole host of other family and galactic friends, as well, have noted; we are more approachable in these states. And I can assure you, this works. How do you think you were drawn to this material?

The account given above is just one of many examples of Creation stories. I myself resonate with the principles gleamed by viewing Creation through this particular “light”. Though it is not the “only one” nor is it the only “correct” version/interpretation. It is merely a story of Creation, from within Creation. Gleam what you will, from it.

Either way, ascension is occurring. And we are awakening. Many are experiencing the awakening in greater droves, lately. And our privilege is to make their “awakening” easier than ours. Less wondering about, and more focused assistance. For we are “gathering” those that are ready. And this process will expand, exponentially. For we are our brothers’ keeper.

And this light expands and grows, as we expand and grow. As we answer the questions, “who am I”. Others that are in the presence of One who is awakened, in and of itself, brings about the awakening in themselves. This is yet another “piece of evidence” that shows, we are One.

Remember, Ascended Master in the flesh. We have awaited many lifetimes for this. And our Soul/Higher Self, is anxious, in Divine timing, of course. Let us be just as anxious and full of love and compassion, as we would have others give us. For we are who we have been waiting for. And our brothers and sisters do gleam much from our examples. And being an example is the extent of much of our service. Though this sounds less ostentatious, it is the edict of today. Ascended Master, in the flesh, bring about the Divine in ALL we meet/interact with.

Be the Master of emotions, thoughts, words and deeds. For we are involved in a time, when we are “known” by name, if you will, by many throughout the whole of Creation. For we have succeeded in a great experiment/expression of Source/God. And this has occurred with the help of many, within All That Is. Know this. And live this, beloved. Our timing is Divinely, now.


Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran

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