Guidance from the Ascended Host

Within, Throughout & Around

When we are guided by the Ascended Masters, concerning activity that we Create through our meditations and our “calls” to our I AM Presence, we are instructed to bring these manifestations about from our within and also throughout and around our Being.

For instance, those that use the Violet Flame to remove unwanted or “accumulated” effluvia or “karma” are told to pass this violet flame from within, throughout and around our Being. Although, we are “beyond” accumulating karma, we still have to “clear” all that we have Created throughout our expressions in 3D.

And this same “methodology” can be confirmed, scientifically speaking, through measuring us, when we do these kinds of meditational “calls”. As Dr. Joe Dispenza has demonstrated in his research into activating our Divine abilities, in his book “Becoming Supernatural: How Common People Are Doing the Uncommon”. He refers to this as using “divergent focus”, in chapter 4. He speaks of putting our “awareness” into various “fields” around our body, not just within and throughout. And this process changes our state of Being into more of a higher frequency, or wave.

We are seeing, yet more “proof” of the value we’ve received through the teachings the Ascended Host have given us, long ago.

Saint Germain 7.jpg


And we have been given guidance by Saint Germain, concerning using an affirmation that keeps us “open” to understanding. By giving us the following…

Whenever one wants understanding, always use, “There is only God’s Perfect Mind in me.”

(Beloved Saint Germain. VOL 4 Ascended Master Instruction (Saint Germain Series) (Kindle Locations 763-764). Saint Germain Press. Kindle Edition.)

Impervious to Outer Suggestions

One of the important things for all mankind to remember, and especially Students, is to make themselves permanently adamant against all outer suggestion.

There is prevalent in the atmosphere the suggestion of things that disturb; and when Students become more sensitive, they must establish a permanent guard against suggestion from the outer, wherever they are.

A helpful Affirmation: “I, my Christ Self, the ‘Mighty I AM Presence,’ forbid every atom of my outer mind and body to accept anything from anywhere that is less than all of God. I, my Christ Self, the ‘Mighty I AM Presence,’ command you to receive and permanently record the Eternal Activity of my full Illumination and Freedom on all planes.”

(Beloved Saint Germain. VOL 4 Ascended Master Instruction (Saint Germain Series) (Kindle Locations 750-756). Saint Germain Press. Kindle Edition.)

Align All of Our Being for Ascension

When we align ourselves from our within, throughout and around our bodies, with the energy and light we receive through our I AM Presence; we bring about definite changes to our mind and body. Our four “lower” bodies, the emotional, mental, etheric/spiritual and physical all begin aligning to our three “higher” bodies. Our I AM Presence, our Christed Being/body and our Causal body.

This brings about a change in our DNA and cellular structure. For communing with our Higher Self, increases greatly, as we choose to align with our Divinity. And this process brings about the reactivation of our crystalline/light bodies.

The three “higher” bodies are perfect. These are the aspects of us that can never leave the Divinity that We are. Nor are they “tainted” or influenced by our experiences and expressions while we learn to Create in the 3D and lower 4D realities.

So, when we keep our focus on working from our within, firstly; we may build an arsenal of “tools” that we may use to “transition” us to aligning ALL of our bodies, once more. And these “tools” are whatever we choose.

Granted, we have been given numerous examples of “tools” through the Ascended Host. However, we must find what we “resonate” with. For, even though, all tools and techniques are, but “permission slips” we allow ourselves. We have to be in complete resonance with the ones we choose to use.

The examples given above are some that may or may not resonate with you. However, even the examples give can lead us into “versions” that we Create that are more representative with what resonates, if need be.

So, as we are Ascended Masters in the flesh; we bring about our own unique way of coming into “full freedom” and “full illumination”, from our current now. Know that everything we do is in Divine timing and Divine order. And know that we are Creating greater and more profoundly, when we raise our frequency. And our Creations come about more quickly.

As we release “all that does not serve” and call forth more of our Higher Self, into Being with us, here and now; our Divine Light increases and our Creations come forth more quickly. As we leave “density” we bring about our manifestations, more in the now. With less time from our “calls” that we make and their manifestations.

As we integrate the “lessons” gained from all manner of expressions and experience we’ve gained while working through the “lower” Chakras in our 3D sojourn, our focus changes to that of the “higher” Chakras and “higher” densities of consciousness.

We leave the need to be in “power over” or in “sexual and survival” mode, by returning to focusing from our “center” the Heart (Anahata) Chakra. And our focus changes to that of serving from our within to the without. We bring about our Divine “thoughts” and “words” and “feelings” from our Heart (Anahata), throat (Visshuddha) and pineal (Ajna) Chakras. As well as the crown Chakra (Sahasrara).

As we align all of our chakras and our seven bodies, we may call forth as much “prana” as we can into all of our bodies and chakras. Calling in this “universal light substance” into our Being, clears our chakra centers and makes the alignment process flow easily. And remember, once more, when we call for this “prana” to make the intent that it flow within, throughout and around our bodies. As the chakras extend for quite some distance, actually a little further than arm’s length.

As we Cause our energy or prana to flow up through our root chakra, we bring about a rise in our “higher” energy centers. And we begin the process of calling forth this “flow” of prana from our root, through to our crown chakra. And this flow goes through our “central tube” or (sushumna) center “nadi”.


This process of focusing our intent on causing this energy to rise, is what gets these chakras “activated” further. And we gain in “higher” awareness and spiritual prowess.

Much that we are to remember/learn is taking place from the “subtle” levels. And so, realize that we are truly leaving “physicality” in the densest of senses. We are removing our presence/consciousness from a focus on 3D and the lower 4D realms of density, to that of the 4D mid-range through to 5D and beyond, realms of consciousness/density. So, we are having to get “used-to” working in and around these “subtle” realms, more and more.

And eventually these “subtle” realms, transition into Being our “densest” realms of perception/experience and expression. As we truly leave “physicality” as we have previously known it. Ascending into the “subtler” realms of physicality and Creation. Where the “harsher” experiences of density are no more. Where we flow more effortlessly and freely. Where we bring forth a complete merging with our Divinity, in our here and now.

With a planetary body that is fully supporting this transition and transcendence. As Gaia is eagerly speeding us through this process. As Sol, as well, is building in momentum for the “peek” transition as Her planets and Her transition into the higher dimensional realms. Earth will finally be in resonance with Her Solar family. As the other planetary bodies, left their focus of 3D behind during the last ascension of planetary/stellar bodies. Although, Gaia, patiently waited for humanity to “catch-up” to our cosmic responsibilities.

This is yet another reason why there was a “quarantine” of Earth from our galactic and cosmic friends/family. We were put into a very “unique” sequence of time that was “outside” of the true cosmic timing, if you will. As our level of destruction that we had inflected on our planetary body as well as galaxy/cosmos was too much, during our Atlantean days.

We had destroyed our natural Merkabah that Gaia, had. And so, an artificial Merkabah was Created to sustain us, until our period of decision. And should we choose the “proper” course, we would be able to rejoin the “true” reality, once more. And we did. The Harmonic Convergence was “proof” of that.

Since 2012, we have left our “quarantine” period. And we have been brought forth, ever gently, into the “true” galactic Divine timeline, once more. As we choose to grow and expand, through integrating our lessons and moving beyond our “limited” Creations. And returning to bringing/shining as much cosmic and planetary “light” as is deemed the necessary quotient, to keep pace with our expansion/plan that is unfolding through Divine timing, throughout our galaxy/universe.

Gaia’s natural Merkabah is established, once more. And we have succeeded in a grand way, through this experiment/expression. The fruition of the Phoenix returning from the ashes, so to speak. And so, now we have the full support and help of all Divine Beings. As Lightworkers abound more and more. Awakening to their “true” calling and mission. Fulfilling the Divine plan.

And yet even more Divine Beings that have no “karma” or “lessons” but are the Purity of Divinity, from “higher” dimensional realms, are coming into incarnation, more and more. Not out of necessity, but out of a desire to serve and assist us. To have their Divine and Pure energies added to the ascending Gaia and humanity. As we return to more of who we are. As we grow and expand in our Divinity, here and now. As we ascend, at a “fast track” pace.

All the while, ascending with our planetary body. Our solar system. Our “neck of the galaxy”. For we are ALL ascending in frequency and Creational experience/expressions. Blessings and honor belong to ALL. We each are at the perfect place at the perfect time, for all of this transition and transcendence. As we ascend into the higher dimensional realms. And change our focus to the higher 4D, 5D and beyond, densities of consciousness. For the Love of God, never fails.

ascended host

Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran

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