What We Resist Persists

We all have moments when we are in the “zone” and doing what is our joy. And we feel very good during these times. It could be doing something we love with friends, colleagues, family or even being enmeshed in what we love doing. Like working on our favorite projects and/or being engrossed in our various studies, hobbies or sports.

During these moments, our hearts “sing” and time flies quickly. We are so absorbed in our joys that we notice not how time passes. As it seems to happen in a NOW moment that keeps us in a flow of “high” and “focused” frequency.

And yet, there are times in which we get “caught up” in harsher emotions. Perhaps a friend, colleague or family member is “pushing our buttons”, so to speak. And during these times, it seems as if the moment lingers and we naturally feel as if we should “resist” the energy.

This is when, through “habit”, most of us “forget” about the natural law of cause and effect. Which can be stated in other terms such as, what you resist, persists. This is another view of the same principle of cause and effect. And this is one that many of us don’t realize we perpetuate, when we are around others that get us “caught up” in our emotions.

When we get emotionally aroused, in a negative sense, we must be able to let the energy/emotion flow through us, in order to “let it go”. Much like letting it “wash off” of us. Perhaps as one would do, if they were the “detached observer”, rather than the actual participant. This allows the negative emotional state to leave, without “gathering more of its kind” and returning it to us, as the Creator of the emotional state.

This is what the Ascended Host speak of, that “keeps us” in the state of experiencing the reality as one of being, disharmonious. We end up perpetuating a negative emotional state, rather than releasing it. Or letting it go.

When we’ve gotten into an argument or disagreement with another, we would be wise not to keep dwelling on the “issue”. For the more we dwell on it, the more we “energize” the state. And this is another means of bringing in “resistance”, which will perpetuate the “persistence” of the emotional state, between all concerned. When we feel we must “justify” our state, of the matter, we repeat, or add to, the energy. Even if we, merely do this mentally, in our mind. And rather than letting it go, we bring about more of the same energy. With the same individual.

And this will pretty much “guarantee” that the state is, once more, perpetuated. This is how we end with those that we “dislike” being around. We feel a “resistance” come forward, when these ones are around us. And this too, brings energy to this exact same state, making sure that it “grows”. This is how, we ourselves, become part of the “problem”, rather than resolving it. For we, expand the energy greatly, although for most part, unconsciously.

However, when we choose to let the emotional state go, when it occurs, we get rid of the energy behind it. And this can easily be seen, with those that are “attempting” to perpetuate the disharmonious state, towards us. For they will have nothing to work with. And we can even feel their energy dissipate, when they attempt to “feed” it. For, you can’t have one, without the other.

We’ve all been in situations, where another one is trying to “get a rise” out of us. And yet, when we didn’t perceive their taunts as a threat, and we “laughed it off”, we can easily see that they got nowhere. And so, they stopped trying. There is no energy to work with. Once more, you can’t have one, without the other.

So, if we “truly” want to be beyond, 3D drama, we’d be wise to adhere to the admonition of the Ascended Host. And remember that when others are attempting to bring about a disharmonious state, we must not “feed it”. For what you resist, persists. And resistance is truly a form of “feeding it”.

Anytime we are experiencing an excess amount of a disharmonious situation, with an individual; we must look at what amount, and what kind of energy we are contributing to it. For this wouldn’t occur, if we were not involved in an energetic state with this one.

And at times, we may discover that we are holding on to some form of energy that is bringing about this similar “situation” with another. If we “hold on” to a state of fear of this potentially going to occur, once more. This in itself, is feeding energy to this exact same state, we no longer desire to experience. Remember, you can’t have a “victim” without a “perpetrator”. And both of these are disharmonious states of being. Loops of self-perpetuating, negatively charged energy, if you will. Making the vicious circle, ever repeating.

When we choose to Create the state of being we desire to dwell from, we get beyond being caught up in 3D dramas. Rather, if a disharmonious situation arises, we easily see that the other one that is trying to perpetuate the situation is already in a bad paradigm. And rather than contribute to this, we know better, and release ALL energy concerning the situation. And we walk away, unscathed. Quickly returning to our chosen state of being.


The more we can truly live from and through our state of joy, the less these situations will arise. And the more we “successfully” “let go” of these situations as they arise, the less they will come about. For these energies are seeking to keep alive in existence/reality. And when they realize that there is no home for them here, they stop trying to come around.

Although it may seem “difficult” to not put up “resistance” to something we dislike, we can look into many instances in time and see when it has truly worked. And usually, these are the moments in which we were involved in having so much joy. And suddenly, something or someone brings about a disharmonious situation. However, our joy was flowing so abundantly, that we easily dismissed the situation, and returned to whatever was giving us, so much joy. We were so involved in our own fun, that it just “washes over us” as if nothing had occurred.

So, pick a situation or person that is “causing” a similar situation that is/has been disharmonious to you in the past/present. And, “single this one out” and consciously notice and work with the energy that you are contributing to the situation. Purposefully, release ALL energy that, at one point, we may have dwelt on.

Do as Saint Germain has taught. When a situation arises that seems to feed our “negative” emotions. Saint Germain said to think of the energy that is bringing this about, and state, “you have no power over me”. And the energy that was sent, even if it held much negativity, loses ALL power. Right then and there.

Just think of, or picture, the energy or situation that is “troubling” us, and while calling forth our Divine I AM Presence in, state to the situation/energy; you have no power over me. And the energy will then “wash off” of us.

Rather than allowing our ego consciousness to go over and over the situation/energy and try to “justify” to ourselves, our “right” point of view. We, merely give up the “need” to be right. For the priority is to dissipate the energy. And dwelling on it, even if merely to “prove we are right”, merely feeds the energy. Guaranteeing that what we resist, will persist. For this is cause and effect in action.

Overall, the easiest way to be beyond these experiences and expressions is to be ever in our joy. Doing what makes our hearts sing. And bringing about loving and compassionate experiences and situations. In which, our higher frequency feelings are the predominant expressions.

Although, Gaia still hosts all manner of expressions and experiences. We only need to be involved, directly, in those that are bringing our own unique “lessons” for us to grow from. And the other situations that are disharmonious, we may consciously dismiss through “knowing” how NOT to energize these. That they may no longer perpetuate themselves in our reality. For we are beyond these.

buddha quote

The Ascended Host tell us that much that we see that is disharmonious, and we are not directly involved in, we must experience through the act of “detachment”. We know many disharmonious acts are occurring throughout our reality. And yet, we ourselves, must “detach” from any emotional state that energizes the disharmony.

We may bring about higher states of harmony, such as love, compassion, empathy (not sympathy) and so forth; to a disharmonious state. However, if we choose to go into resonance with the disharmonious state; we are merely perpetuating the persistence of the resistance. As this truly is a form of “resistance”. By resonating with the disharmonious state, either “for” or “against”, we expand it further; i.e. “feed it”.

Remember, we are always Creating. So, create harmoniously and live compassionately with those that do not. Know that each of us are learning at our own pace. And we are truly in a “new” consciousness. For we are in a Unity Consciousness. One that is more influential and expansive, than most realize. And we are ALL remembering/learning this, once more.

Realize that the soul “remembers”, the consciousness/personality “learns”. And both are necessary to integrate, in wisdom. Remember, we are multidimensional beings. Both within and without. Thus, we must “unite” all of our multidimensional aspects of self. Our emotional, mental, etheric and physical bodies must be united. And at the behest of our Higher Self. Accomplishing our soul’s desires. All from our Higher Heart’s center. Ever, from the always eternal, here and now.

see as we are

Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran

4 thoughts on “What We Resist Persists

  1. “When we feel we must “justify” our state, of the matter, we repeat, or add to, the energy. ”
    So true

    It’s such a joy to enter a situation as a sort of melter of disharmony ❤️️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Another great post.

    People will talk about someone pushing their buttons and I’ll ask, “Whose? Whose buttons?” Best first step is to OWN your buttons. You’re the one with the power to heal those buttons. And the next person can’t, either intentionally or incidentally, push a button that isn’t there.


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