Call for More Akashic Knowing

As we expand into more of who we are, we usually make the “call” to open ourselves up to more of our Akashic “knowing”. We usually find a method to begin to perceive more of our various expressions we’ve lived, live or will live, from other time-periods and/or dimensional realms. And some even offer “readings” from our Akashic record, to assist us in gathering information concerning these other aspects of self. While others will work in regression hypnotherapy, to uncover more aspects of self.

And this brings about more aspects of who we are, for us to consider. And when we expand into considering these, we also expand into these “other” expressions experiences. They become, somewhat more visceral for us. And many times, we’ll realize that we have been, or are “carrying” energy from these other expressions, into our current expression and experience, today. Perhaps we’ll have an “injury” that stems from this other expressional experience. For in truth, we are/have called forth these energies, once more. As this is part of ascension.

We must also acknowledge and know that when we call forth these experiences into our awareness, we also invite the opportunity for more of our soul to join us, here and now. And these other aspects of self, may bring forth strengths that we inherently have that would greatly assist us as we transition realities.

The term given for bringing in more aspect of our soul, here and now, is referred to as soul braiding, by Robert Shapiro in the book the Explorer Race. We are told that many of us have made the “call” for more of our soul to enter our experience in this expression. And our soul has responded, and will continue to respond if we make the call to bring in even more of who we are.

And also, our soul, through other incarnations may have karma or unresolved experiences that may be brought to fruition and manifestation, in our current here and now. In order to resolve and bring back into balance, more of who we are, we are strengthened with this addition from our soul. We accomplish much by aligning with more of our soul.

And this is considered a very rare and precious gift that we have been given, as we transition into the “new” Earth. To be able to bring in more of our soul expressions from other lives that may be rather, stagnant or perhaps even needing resolution, of some sort; into our here and now.

This brings with it, much gifts for us as well, here and now. For we receive more strength and zeal, by being able to bring in more of our soul. As the purity is increased. And there are aspects of us, throughout Creation that may be desirous of experiencing this most rare of transitions. And these aspects of us, meld perfectly within our here and now.

As we are told, that this is the first time in Creation, in which we transition so quickly and within a single lifetime and with her planet, star system and so on. For many throughout Creation are increasing in frequency and dimensional experience. What we would normally experience in ten lives, we are experiencing within this single lifetime. As much is being brought forth to bring back to balance, once more.

Thus, the call to bring in more of who we are, will bring forth aspects of our soul that are strewn throughout Creation that would love the experience our aspect of soul is going through. And who else, but more of ourselves, would better assist us through this transition. Many have already embodied more of who they are.

So, take advantage of what is already occurring. As these decisions are brought about at the soul level. We may consciously make the call to bring in more of who we are. Knowing this is occurring should strengthen us even more. As we realize that we are truly bringing into being, more of how we are. All through our free will, here and now.

Some will resonate with this as they ponder over how much their likes/dislikes and/or hobbies and habits have changed throughout their lives. Even “careers” and “friends” may change, drastically. As we embody aspects of soul that may not even be in our dimensional experience of physicality, we may note slight changes in ourselves. Or we may realize a great change in ourselves.

Realize though that these aspects that meld with our expressional experience, come forth to harmonize into our reality. They will not, per se, change us into something beyond our desires as an “intent”. They will meld so easily, so as not to even be noticed. Until we realize that we are experiencing and/or feeling the need to change our focus.

Usually this is when we begin “seeking” to expand our knowledge of our Akashic records. The addition has already occurred, and so we begin to get desirous of knowing more about ourselves.

For some, such as myself, this is when we “awaken”. We suddenly lose hope/faith in our reality, and end up changing our reality rather quickly and drastically. Leaving familiar surroundings and going for it all, anew. And our focus and desires are nothing like they were, not so long ago. Many times, this is when this soul braiding occurs. So, keep that in mind.

These times of soul braiding can be either singular, or multi occurrences. Depending on each being’s path, they will bring about the correct amount of expressions coming into join the ascension experience.

What an honor it is to have the privilege of expanding into more of who we are, at all levels. For we are expanding our expressions in all four of our lower bodies, the emotional, mental, etheric and physical. As well as expanding our soul expression. And expanding naturally into more of our Higher Self, by bringing forth our Christ Consciousness, or Unity Consciousness.

The emotional body is being integrated and allowed its true and full expression, as the expansion occurs. The mental body is resolving some of the fragmentation, by incorporating the subconscious into the direct consciousness. Thus, expanding our consciousness and activation the super consciousness and unity consciousness to greater degrees. The ascension is taking us beyond the “limits” in our etheric reams, as we expand through the dimensions as well. And our physical bodies will be expanded as well, as we fully embody 4D and beyond; in height.

Earth herself will be expanding as her expression changes in the 4D, 5D and beyond. As, we are expanding in vertical time, as well. The ascension is obviously within throughout and around in the micro as well as macro expressions. So as well ALL expand, we also ALL resolve much that we have experienced in 3D, and for those other realms, they resolve much that they have experienced at their level of dimensionality/density.

As we embody more of our Higher Mind/Higher Self, we must clear the path to this communing. And in our current reality, this path has been “clouded” by the subconscious. So, we are truly bringing forth all that must be “resolved” from our subconscious by bringing it into direct consciousness, so that we may integrate it.

This assists in clearing the path so that we have more direct communing with our soul and guides and so forth. The higher realms are “unveiled” by clearing our mental/emotional karma, from within. We then are once more able to “channel” more of who we are, into our daily pursuits and our dreams and passions. And our senses return to their heightened states. Which opens us more clearly to the “clair” abilities we all have. Like the clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and so forth.

All of this is occurring, here and now. We are bringing forth more Akashic “knowing” for we are bringing forth aspects of these expressions of soul, here and now. We are expanding from within to the without, here and now. We are embodying more of who we are, here and now. We are melding our conscious and subconscious realms, to clear the path to the unconscious or soul communing, once more, here and now.

This is bringing forth our crystalline/light bodies at a great pace. As we illuminate our reality, from within to the without. Anyone who notices the sun, will be able to tell that it is no longer yellow or golden. The sun is illuminating a great white brilliance. And so are we. From the without to the within. Our brilliance of the purity of the Divinity we are is shining forth, throughout our reality. All, here and now.


Photo by Mike Labrum on Unsplash
Photo by Vincentiu Solomon on Unsplash

Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran

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