Our Gifts to Creation

We have been seeded from our stellar family. And this has given us numerous blessings. For we have been given attributes that greatly empower us. As our stellar family have “refined” these various attributes, greatly. And we have inherited these, from them.

cosmic beings

Our stellar family include those from the Pleiades, Sirians, Orions, Andromedans, Acturians and various others. And we have been given genetic material from each of these races and various others. This Creation of us, humanity, was to bring the attributes of these various Beings, that related to their “higher” aspects of consciousness and manifestation. In other words, we were given the best attributes of each stellar family, if you will.

We can “liken” their gifts or attributes as expressions that we use. Like “thought” was manifested or brought into Creation from the Andromedans. And the pineal gland was gifted us from the Sirians. And such are these various attributes that we’ve been given. Each giving us “strengths” from which we would/could “grow” and develop. Each stellar society bringing forth attributes they as a society, admired.

And as we “clear” all that does not serve and is not our truth; we bring about the ascension. And as this lessening of our “density” occurs, we bring about these various attributes in a greater sense. In other words, we “mature” into these gifts our stellar family has/have given us.

And we bring about more of who we truly are, as we shed that which is not our truth. And this is much to be honored for accomplishing. All the while, ascending from the 3rd to the 4th and 5th densities/dimensional realms. Yet many don’t realize the significance of their accomplishments.

Realize that as we “clear” all that is not our truth, we bring about a great change in our consciousness. For as this occurs, we “merge” our subconscious with the consciousness. We bring about a significant change in consciousness when we do this. For no longer are we “veiled” from our experiences. We will/are opening to more of the Creation.

And simultaneously, realize that when we transmute and transcend our disharmonious expressions, we are also doing this for our ancestors. And these ancestors are/include our stellar family. We have been tasked with fulfilling a beautiful and Divine gift for the Creator and Creation.

Since we truly are all One, we are working at transmuting and transcending all that is/has been expressed in a disharmonious way, for ourselves and ALL of our ancestors. For we are they, and they are us. As we have been “seeded” from them, we have their “karmic” imprints. And our gift to Creation was to accomplish this. And we have done so, very successfully.

We are at the final “cleansing” or transmuting/transcending all that we have come to accomplish. And as this occurs, ALL throughout Creation, various aspects of the Creation will be ascending in frequency. And this allows the cleansing of the realm for those in Creation that will be ascending to this “new” density/dimensional expression.

We ALL “clean house” so that those that come after us, in each of our various dimensional realms, will have a “fresh” environment from which to explore, ascend. Although these processes are rather grand and occur for lengthy amounts of time, we are nearing completion of ours.

From our dimensional realm, we very easily embody compassion. For at our level of density, compassion is much needed. And from our dimensional realm, we have greater strength for accomplishing these in a “timely” fashion. Whereas, in the higher dimensional realms, working with disharmony is not easily done. They are very far removed from it.

And one of the signs that shows we are near completion of this, is the removing of the “quarantine” that Earth had been under. This quarantine also had much to do with our “time” being out of sync with the rest of Creation. For we were not contributing the amount of Divine Light, necessary to keep our Creation in harmony with the universe/multiverse.

We were in a “bubble” of time, for some period. And when it was obvious we had/have nearly completed our mission/goal, we were brought back into universal time. Our “loop” outside of Creations, natural timing had ended. We have termed this the 2012 event. At this time the quarantine lifted and we were reintroduced to Creations natural timeline.

And this allows, ALL to ascend; who choose to. For there are those who’s cycle is not in sync with an ascension at this time. And there are no judgements concerning those. Each has their own Divine timing. However, the Creation as a whole, has resolved much through our gifts of transmutation/transcendence. And this has contributed greatly to Source Creator ascending as well. All new expressions being experienced throughout Creation, even Source/Creator.

As we return to our “original” path/plan of expanding Creation through our own return to our stellar family. We will have successfully brought about a change that the whole of Creation needed. And we were able to bring this much needed change about ourselves, while/through ascending in consciousness.

Through our sojourn of physical expressions in the 3rd density/dimensional realms we have “lived” all manner of discord and disharmony. We have experienced much discord so that we would embody these expressions at the soul level. And then we began the process of transmuting and transcending these expressions.

All the while, we have integrated these various disharmonious expressions through compassion and understanding. For now, we recognize that “much” of this, was so that we would be able to transmute/transcend our ancestors “unresolved” issues. We had to embody these in physicality to accomplish the transmuting and resolve these through compassion and distill these experiences as wisdom for our souls.

And once more, we have successfully done this. And we are continuing to successfully accomplish more of this. For as we do so, we bring back more of who we are. And our density decreases, as we leave physicality. And we, once more, bring forth our “higher” gifts of expression through this expansion.

And once more, we return to the stars. To spread/seed the first successful exploration in the integration of harmony/disharmony. We have brought about a realization of our Divinity while coming from a 50/50 state of polarity. It has been said that this experiment has failed twice, before. And so, we have succeeded where none in Creation have.

Fortunately, as we ascend we return to a mere 2% disharmony to the 98% harmony. For this amount will be all that is necessary to spur Creation into increased zeal and fervor for physical expression and growth. The growth that is at a much higher pace than when no discord had been experienced/expressed.

Realize that Creation as a whole is very interested in our experiment. For even our stellar ancestors are “taken aback”. This has been a case where Source/Creator orchestrated all coming together for humanity, and all that have been involved have, in certain respects, turned into the “students” when they thought they were the “teachers”.

Our “strength” is known throughout Creation. Even though, we tend to not realize it, ourselves. It is said that many in Creation would not experience the amount of growth that we’ve accomplished with bringing discord into the “picture”. As pace of accomplishment seems to “slow” when there is no “external” incentive. And sometimes, what is needed is an impetus to desire to choose to embody discomfort.

As it turns out, we are that impetus. For none in Creation would take this on, so humanity was Created for this. This is why, all the “best” attributes where given. And this is why we have experienced all manner of experiences that have “hardened” us. With a zeal for living through anything, were others wouldn’t, we were bred to do so.

Our success has brought this to “light” to our stellar ancestors, as well as numerous others throughout Creation. So, be proud, yet humble. Be zealous to be willing to share, yet ever mindful of everyone’s free will. For our path is not the only path taken, back to Source.

And yet, our path back to Source has been greatly accelerated, for our willingness to express the Creator’s vision. For that is exactly why we were brought forth as humanity. To resolve the dichotomy of subconscious and consciousness. For as above, so below. And as below, so above. We are doing this for ourselves, and simultaneously Source and other in Creation.

As we merge the two aspects of consciousness to Oneness, once more. We will have resolved this for ourselves to ascend to the 4th dimension and then quickly into 5th and beyond. And we will have done this for our stellar “issues” that needed transcendence, as well. For we are our stellar family. Depending on one’s purview, we are their “past”. Or their “future”. All here and now.

Many of our stellar family are eagerly going through adjustments so that they may actually be able to “handle” our presence. For much like we are “altered” when we are in their presence, they are as well. And since, “negativity” is seldom experienced/expressed to our “level”, they have to find means of adjusting to this.

galactic beings star family

And betwixt the two shall meet. We must be able to “handle” their energies, without going into our subconscious. And most of us do this, at this time; in their presence. For we are still “clearing”, transmuting much that is disharmonious. Which means, we have a subconscious that “intervenes” and this affects our memory of these experiences. As it is not the “norm” for us to operate from our subconsciousness.

This is why they tell us that they will “know” when we are ready to meet. As we will begin recalling these experiences we ALL have had with them. And this means, we will have reconciled with our subconscious, these experiences. In other words, we are integrating/merging our subconscious expressions/experiences with our consciousness. Thus, we begin remembering our sojourns with our stellar family that we ALL have had. As we are their ancestors. And they are our “future” selves.

Welcome to our multidimensional reality. Expanding into more of who we are. Doing the Divine will of Source Creator, without even “knowing” it. Why?

Next time…

light substance

Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran

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