The Heart Knows, The Mind Thinks

It is said that the Heart knows within seconds when it is in the presence of someone we will unite with, in marriage. Whereas, when we “date” we tend to go seeking someone based on our thoughts, likes and similarities. We “think” we’ll find our true love, in this manner. And yet, the Heart knows fairly instantly when we are in the presence of our true love.

And this is but a rather large “clue” that we have been “designed” to function from our Hearts. As the Heart is the center for our Divine Consciousness. The expanded consciousness we have always used, inherently, is the Higher Heart. Or Sacred Heart Center. This aspect of us is the aspect that has the “all knowing” that we already have, and yet seek.

We’ve been “conditioned” to operate from our analytical mind. And this part of our consciousness does contain the “lower ego”. The part of the mind that is ever “critical” and tends to be the mental “chatter” we all experience. The aspect of us that easily “judges” and seems rather immature. And in truth, this is not the REAL you/us.

The mind or consciousness that is from the Higher Heart, tends to be the aspect of us that we recognize as being in the “observer” role; especially during disharmonious experiences. This is the part of us that is very “allowing” and will “partake” in the disharmonious experience from a point of view of observing. And when our emotions come back into balance, we’ll “hear” the feeling that it is conveying to us.

This is usually when regret comes to us. We suddenly feel bad for how we expressed ourselves, when we were “upset”, in a disharmonious situation. These “nudges” come from our Higher Heart. Though they are not, judgmental in nature, they do change us. And as we change, we “learn” to listen to this aspect of self, more.

This is the “return” to being “heart-centered”, in consciousness. For this next aspect of “growth” that we are bringing about, is a return to our focus of consciousness being once more, from our Higher Heart. As we reinstate intuitive knowing. This is when we begin functioning from the principle that the Universe will provide us with everything we need to “know” in order to grow and function, fulfilling our Divine plan.

We will be much less focused on “learning” as we will on “intuiting” what we are to bring about next, in our lives. And this greatly expands our creative powers for manifesting. For this is the impetus that demonstrates we have “left the old energy” behind.

So, our Higher Heart easily transitions us from the old consciousness view that our “brains” are, in fact, us. To the truth that our “brains” are a translation device for interpreting our outer/inner interactions. And the true aspect that is really us, is in fact the Divine flame that we each are. Our true Being is neither the body, nor the physical brain.

When we earnestly seek to return to functioning from this state of Being, our Heat “sings with joy”. As our paths have changed greatly, by this one act of expression. This brings about an expansion of our Being, that has been greatly “missed”. For we all have intuitive “knowing” that we are much more powerful Beings.

And when we go about living our lives from our Higher Heart, we easily embody unconditional love. And this too, brings about an expansive “change” in our Being. For this brings about an expansion in our DNA, as well as begins activating our crystalline light bodies. We easily expand ourselves into more of who we are, by bringing our various bodies into harmony. The emotional, mental, etheric and physical bodies are “aligning” once more. Melding ever perfectly with our Soul and Higher Self. Bringing forth the fulfillment of our Divine plan of ascension.

The fact that Helios and Vesta (aspects of Sol) are reflecting ever higher and pure energies that are transitioning us to the next dimensional realms and densities of consciousness. And we are embodying more Divine Light Substance (prana) that is accelerating our return to these higher dimensional realms and densites. And all of Sol’s planetary bodies are increasing in frequency and “brightness” as this acceleration occurs throughout our solar system and beyond.

Our stellar families and our inner-realms are communing more and more with all of us. And our memory of these communications is “returning”. This also brings us further expansion and activation, as we engage with these various higher frequency, Beings. Though we are all “peers” in Creation, we are being gently brought back to these higher frequencies that we haven’t embodied in some time.

While our experiment and service to Source, brought about great changes in us all. We are uniting, once more, with our galactic family and neighbors. And they have been growing and changing, as well. Increasing the Divine Light, in our galactic neighborhood.

Yet, realize that our galactic family has been with us, throughout this sojourn. It is merely our “awakening” that is perceiving this as a “return” or a “reuniting”. For the more we expand our conscious “knowing”, the more we see evidence all over; demonstrating their presence throughout this experimental process.

Our quarantine and alternate timeline has been resolved. We are now integrating back into the galactic and cosmic planetary body and citizens, we all are. And the Higher Heart is ever desirous of interacting, once more, with our beloved ones throughout the cosmos.

Yet, know first and foremost, that ALREADY we each have expressions of ourselves living in ALL dimensional realms. So, let us go within, and “seek” out our aspect of self that is already living in the higher 4th and 5th dimensional realms. This will bring our frequency to the proper “match” of ourselves in these expressional realms, the easiest. And this brings us to/through the process the quickest.

Multidimensionality is expanding in our awareness, much more these days. Science tends to “like” the term, quantum. For quantum doesn’t seem so direct in bringing our awareness to the fact that consciousness is truly a multidimensional expression. And the fact that consciousness “changes” based on expansion. The reality does demonstrate on many levels, the fact that reality is not “singular” and the fact that there are “parallel” realities, all about us.


And we are learning/remembering how to traverse these parallel realities, to bring about our desired reality of choice. And as we bring these expressions forth into our conscious awareness, we expand in our ability to “navigate” these realities. Ever from our point of power, the now. From our here and now, we may bring about and grow, our reality of choice.

The Heart Knows! And the heart will bring about such wondrous experiences and expressions for us. For the heart works closely with the soul, to fulfill our “destiny”. Resolving our ego consciousness and returning to Unity Consciousness. Expanding into our inherent power, once more.


Remember, even the Light Warrior is ever seeking a harmonious heart-centered service to fulfill. For even the path of the warrior is strengthened by love Divine and compassion. The greatest strength in all Creation is Love. Expressed through a Higher Heart-Center, in wisdom and compassion, this aspect of service is where true understanding comes from. And we are gaining in understanding of ourselves, more and more, each and every day. More and more, in every way.

Look at and remember your beauty, beloved Light Workers and Warriors. Balanced expressions of the Divine, here and now. Reflecting the purity of Divine Light for all to see and feel. Being in Oneness through Unity Consciousness. Expanding our consciousness and frequency to ever higher dimensional realms of Creation. Bringing forth a recognition of the power of NOW. As all takes place in the here and now.

The soul brings back “remembrance” of “knowing”. The personality consciousness, “learns” anew. As we merge more with our Higher Self, we return to “knowing”. And we lessen our reliance on our analytical mind. For we realize, once more that this “tool” we’ve been given in Creation has been “misinterpreted” by us. For we are tuly “beyond” our brains.

What we perceive of as consciousness is more aptly “placed” within the aura. This is why when we have “near death experiences” or NDE’s that we have perception, even while in the “death” state. Our consciousness is not “in our head”. As was once thought. It is the aura that is around our selves that is our consciousness. And this aura stems from our Divine Flame, that is the true us. The Divinity In Us!

Think on this! For it is truth. It is said, as we expand in consciousness and return to the higher dimensional realms and densities. We will expand in our physicality until we fully embody our Chakras. We increase in size, as we ascend. This being “relative” to our experience, we will not “notice” our increasing in size. As ALL, including the planetary body will increase, in size.


Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran

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