The Return of the Divine Goddess

All are recognizing more and more that what we are in need of is coming into Being, once more. For throughout our recent times, the Divine Feminine/Goddess has been “lacking”. And yet, once more, our people are recognizing the importance this role is to and for Creation. And to our ascension, as well.

For this experiential expression, we purposefully went into “polarization” to have an exponential and accelerated growth; as well as to resolve much that needed resolution in Creation. To bring about “change” and “resolution” through the expressions of polarity and “discomfort”.


And in order to “resolve” these “issues” we have gone through all manner of “discomforting” experiences. And now that we have successfully completed our service, we are bringing about “balance” once more. And this balance must be expressed through all of our Creations.

So, both the male and females are returning to a balanced state of expression, once more. And we both are recognizing that we are in need of the Divine Feminine/Goddess. As she is the “initiator” and she furnishes the “initiations” that we grow from, throughout our lives.

The female initiates our experience into this world (i.e. birth), at this dimensional and frequential level. And we receive various “initiations” or teachings from her as we grow. And we are recognizing, once more, that this is true in a physical sense, and in a spiritual sense, as well.

Many women don’t realize that this is the “true” attraction that men seek from her. Men, intuitively have sought out women, because at a “core-root” level, men were Created to recognize the Divinity in women. Thus, men recognize that she provides a key aspect in the path towards returning to Source/God. In other words, men are ever “seeking” the Divine Goddess, to “initiate” us back to Source/God. Intuitively, men know this is the path back to Source.

This is the “attraction” that keep men ever “looking” for the Divine Feminine/Goddess. The “allure” that men seek, is a recognition that reflects back to a time when our females were not “downtrodden”. For when our women embody the Divine Feminine/Goddess, we are certain that we will/are ascending. For we could not have one, without the other. Ascension will not proceed, until the Divine is manifest in both the Goddess and the God, or female and male.


And if we look and listen to others throughout Creation, it is usually understood that when there is a species that embodies both female and male, the females are the “teachers” and “leaders/spiritual leaders”. For they are the complete embodiment of Creator/Creation. They are the gender that is “Creating” the species. They thus, embody something that the males recognize as Being a Creator.

Men are to honor being in the presence of the Divine Goddess, in the flesh. And women are to embody the Divine in them, as a Goddess, would. Our women need to recognize their importance to ALL of Creation. And as such, step forth as expressions of the Divine, always. Recognizing that the Divine Goddess’s power, is here and now, in expression through ALL women.


Knowing that the “attraction” that many a times, annoys women, concerning men. Are merely the men recognizing, at an intuitive level, though more consciously, these days; that they are “closer” to Source/God, when they are in the presence of the Divine Feminine/Goddess.

When women see men going “gaga” over them, they should see this as an opportunity to “initiate” a man, back into the “fold” of their Divinity. For as any other God, the Goddess would be overjoyed at seeing another expression of the “prodigal son” returning, once more. This is an expression of service that would serve their “counterpart” better, than “judging” a man for going “gaga” over their form. Perhaps, the Goddess would help him appreciate more than just the form?

And that is a Goddess, in action. Recognize that the Divine Feminine/Goddess is “sorely” needed, in expression, once more. Step up to the “responsibility” for the expressional form, you’ve chosen. For we are ever desirous of seeing the Divine feminine in expression. Our children need this, our men need this and Source brought this expression about, because ALL of Creation could/does benefit from it.

Honor the Goddess, in action. For we are ALL ascending as a result of this expression, coming forth in Her full power, once more. Here and now, Being the Goddess/Mother Divine. Looking at the perfection of ALL that She Creates, here and now. From Her true point of power. Spawning all that is of the Divine, by means of Her Divine form. Perpetuating the perfection, through eternal expansion.

Know Divine Goddess, this is what man “craves” in your form, in your Being. For man intuitively “knows” you as the path back to Source/God. Honor your Divine role, chosen to bring ascension about for ALL of Creation. Bring about the harmony, wisdom and unconditional love that is the Soul of your Being. That we may “emulate” your energies and Divine expressions. For we are Being led by you, dear Goddess, teacher/bringer of the way, back to Source.

When the Divine Goddess is more expressive of Her Divine role, man will be the one at your “beck and call” for we know a Goddess, deeply. Return to the Divine role, that we may be the harmonious Divine expression of union. That our honor for each expressive role we bring about for us a Divine compliment. Know that man is very desirous of seeing women in their ever-increasing Divine form/role.

And know that we recognize that all throughout this, women have maintained this Goddess in expression. Though difficult to perceive, when much “disharmony” exists, the female has always held the Divine Feminine/Goddess in some form. Yet, we relish the expansion of Her Divinity, here and now. And we honor Her, for bringing this forward as an expression of Her Divinity in greater and greater forms. Expanding the Divine Feminine/Goddess to all on beloved Gaia and beyond.

This recognizing of the power of the Divine Feminine/Goddess is going to continue to expand. And this has been greatly needed, in our reality. For the imbalance must come back into balance. And men have been the “leaders” through this imbalance. And this has not faired to well, as we have seen.

When the Divine is balanced as an expressional experience in both male and female forms, we will move at a pace, none will recognize. For the Light of Goddess/God will be great, indeed. Thanks to our beloved women for bringing forth their inherent, Goddess energy, greatly, once more. Expanding it for the love of ALL. Living/Being the expression of “Mother Mary”, in form. Bringing about a change in consciousness, from being “head-centered” to being “heart-centered”, once more.

Then we will see the Angels way of Being, expressed more so. For the Angels “sing” as they Create. Their “songs” are the expressions they bring forth for Creation. And this, the Divine Feminine/Goddess will bring forth, once more. Much like the “Hathor’s” of Egypt and the Angel’s, the Divine Goddess’s sing their expressions into Being, once more. How do you think the massive stones were moved, to build the pyramids?

Blessed be the return of the Divine Goddess. I witness/see many expressions that are coming forth from our Divine Goddesses more and more in our societies. And it is/has been beautiful to recognize that we too, as males, are recognizing/remembering how to “act” in the presence of a Goddess. For this, you must, “cut us some slack”. We have forgotten much, as to how to be in the presence of a Goddess. As the Goddess expands, we will remember/return to honoring the Divine Goddess, so as to shower Her with all the Divinity She Is. For we have Divinity in Us, because of you, Goddess, we are/were born with it.

god and goddess

Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran

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