Creating Creators

As above, so below. And as below, so above is the axiom that we are experiencing. For this expression of Creation is an advanced school for Creators. And in order for Creator and Creation to flow, this process of “mirroring” was established. So that we would, indeed, realize our “cause and effect” in Creating.

This means that our schooling was taken out of “true” universal time, if you will. So that we may/would experience the full consequences of our choices, in Creation. Without, necessarily effecting the rest of Creation. Thus, we were in our own unique time-loop. Which we have left, since 2012. We rejoined universal time, when we achieved the goal of transcending discord.

We had/have been the first in Creation, to have successfully transcended the expression of disharmony. By choosing to transmute and transcend our Creations, we demonstrated our willingness to align with Creator’s plan. This had failed twice, in previous attempts. So, now Creation/Creator as a whole, can go forward. Remember, the Light of God, never fails!

This brought about an alignment with our Higher Selfs, Higher Hearts and Souls. This expansion into more of who we are, is the ascension. A key aspect in the ascension. For this aligns us with Earth/Gaia, as She ascends with us. And as we expand, we embody all of these aspects of self, in a greater amount. We increase the Divine flow, by embodying greater amounts of these aspects of self, which naturally transcends and transmutes our disharmonious expressions.

Thus, we gain the wisdom of the experience, while not necessarily having to retain the memory of the experience/expression. We open our Higher Hearts to receive all that is disharmonious and the Higher Heart and Soul transmute and transcend what doesn’t serve, while integrating the wisdom of the expression/experience.

This is why, we have strong emotions as we process these experiences/expressions we’ve had. We cry these out, as a true and necessary, release. Or if we are able to, we may even laugh at these experiences, which is a release as well. This is our physically purging the experience. This is our way of release and integration. When done from the heart.

Simultaneously, we are transitioning from a consciousness that was primarily ego and the “analytical” mind, to Heart-Centered consciousness. Otherwise known as vertical consciousness. And this is assisting us greatly, in releasing all that does not serve. And returning to Unity Consciousness and harmony, once more. Recognizing the Oneness in All.

This vertical consciousness is what is bringing our awareness back, also known as inherent wisdom. This is what we have observed in the animal kingdom. Where an infant is born, and instinctually knows what is good for it. And what/who is friend or foe. We as humans are returning to this form of consciousness, once more.

From the 4th dimension, and beyond, we return to this form of consciousness. For this “unites” us, with the rest of Creation. This is how we “tap into” our stellar family and even the angelic and all manner of realms throughout Creation. As we return to exploring these various dimensional realms, once more, we will remember that consciousness is in everything.

Many are already bringing much information through, concerning these other aspects of Creation, that are eager to assist us. For the rest of Creation, already knows our role in Creation. And they are more than willing to lovingly assist us, in remembering more of who we are. For many are already communing with aspects of self that are all throughout Creation. Soul family, and lineages that span throughout our “perceived” past and future aspects of self.

Our Creator instilled in us, his own gift of desiring to explore and achieve more and more. Through successive generations of self, as we are aspects of Creator. We are ever striving towards achieving greater and greater experiences and expressions. Who doesn’t want their children to achieve greater experiences/expressions than themselves? This is an attribute of Creator, embodied in us.

We have yet to achieve the means of exploration of the cosmos. At least on a level for the “populace” at large. And yet, we are already interacting through consciousness, with these ones. We are always updated on what the Arcturians, Pleiadeans, Orions, Sirians, Andromedins and others are experiencing. And their views on our process/experience.

This was brought about in us, inherently, by our Creator. The gift of always wanting to explore the Creation. And have a direct interaction, with those throughout the universe. And so, we have already begun. And as we have “awakened” we have found that our stellar family is here, even now. We have those that have chosen to be here, while we went through this entire schooling of being Creators, in Creation.

As we return to vertical consciousness and embody our intuitional knowing. We will find that we return, once more to synchronistic living. Where we will know what we need to know when we need to know it. We will return to being harmonious with the rest of Creation. For our feelings will mature. And we will truly feel, what we do to others. And we will know that we are doing this to self, as well.

This is why, we return to asking permission for the “parts” that we will use, in Creating anything. As when we truly have the permission from “elements” throughout Creation. Our Creations, will have permanence. The law of decay, is not applicable. In the higher dimensional realities, a Creation is manifested for the period it is necessary, in Creation. And the element freely moves on to its own chosen expression, when it is done serving the purpose it agreed to provide.

When we truly recognize that consciousness is in everything, we begin taking our role as Creators seriously. As has been stated before, science can only get so far with its current state, consciously speaking. Until scientists attain a state of alignment within their own higher consciousness, the Higher Self, their science will only go so far. However, when scientists align with their Higher Self, Higher Heart and Soul, the science will be “true” science.

We are already seeing this. For all of the great scientist of our history have been explorers of what we now deem, metaphysical. They didn’t bind their reality with a set of “societal rules” of what to explore. They chose, instead, to explore Creation. Openminded and openhearted. And their science, is the backbone of our reality. Although, greatly misunderstood.

We are attaining our goal, of being Creators that are able to Create with compassion, empathy and love Divine. For we realize that our schooling has taught us much, here on Earth. And as we are graduating, shortly, we must embody more of who we are. The limits are loosening. So, we must Create with greater maturity. Knowing, all Creators, must “clear/clean” their Creations. It is better to Create successfully, than to have to repair/clean up a disharmonious Creation.

The gifts and challenges are ever ongoing. The way we choose to express them, is getting to be more and more harmonious. For we are realizing we love harmony and peace. We love sharing and caring. We love feeling and being felt. We love understanding and being understood. We have so much more in common, than we do differences.

And yet, the diversity of all of us is truly Divine. For we see how beauty may be expressed in ever increasing ways. Through expressions we may choose to integrate ourselves, though not originating from us. And Creator is all about diversity and personality. Throughout the whole of Creation, our Creator has instilled this. Through and with individuality and free will.

Realize that as we align with our truth, here on Gaia. And we embody more of who we are, in physicality, we bring forth the same for/from the “above”. For we embody the reflection of our Divinity that is already existing in the above. As we are bringing this energy from the above to the below. And then reflecting the purity that we are from below, to the above.

This purity is increasing as we expand into our vertical consciousness. For our Higher Heart and Soul are expanding throughout our awareness and lives. And this, along with our preferred method for transmuting/transcending all that does not serve, is clearing/purifying our energies. And this process creates a “loop” that we go through, as we ascend. Ever purifying and transmuting and transcending, while integrating more and more Divine Light.

This process of transmuting/transcending all that does not serve, is what is said to give us the golden color that we are known for, throughout Creation. For the golden ones, are known for their inherent ability to transmute/transcend the disharmony, to its harmonious state of purity. Creators, trained perfectly in Creating/Creation by their Creator.

More and more, in the now and in the future, those that have had incarnations here on Earth will boast of their Earth connection. Whereas, today, many attest to the fact that this is their last incarnation on Earth. As they are returning to their stellar family/roots. Many in Creation are already aware of the prestige of having been involved in Creator training on Earth. For there are no schools, that compare to Earth. The planet of e-motion. Always much energy in motion. Emotions of Earth.

And for those that have been incarnating here a while, there are none that are stronger. For though the disharmony went far beyond the level necessary. These ones are the ones that chose the path Creator had instilled for them. With the assistance of many in Creation. Much honor, strength, devotion and love are in these ones. The prestige of the golden ones, in Creation. Bravo!

golden ones

Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran

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