The Time of Resurrection

This time of year, much is being brought back, as if from resurrection. The trees and flowers blossom, once more. Resurrecting their renewed zeal for bringing forth great and lovingly beautiful creations. Our store-houses are filled, once more with the bounty of produce gathered.

Saint Germain 3

Saint Germain:

A constellation is, of course, much less than the Power of the Elohim. It is, in other words, much stepped down from Their Activity. But an advanced, consciously operating Being or Individual from any one of the Spheres of Activity is consciously in contact with the Elohim.

The individuals or Students who will hold steadfast enough to the “I AM Presence,” will find themselves able to go forth, observe these greater Inner Activities, and bring Them forth consciously into their use. When you see through the Activity of a thing, you then have a full comprehension of it.

The “I AM Presence” has the Fullness of all Activity within Its Consciousness; but in order to bring It forth, the individual must, in most cases, have some use of the Inner Vision to release the Fullness of Its Activity.

Use the “I AM” Statements of Jesus often:

“ ‘I AM’ the Open Door to all Revelation!”

“ ‘I AM’ the Resurrection and the Life!”

So if “I AM” the Resurrection and the Life, what else is there to take place in your Life? If you can enter into this with steady, calm certainty, you will find definite changes taking place.

“ ‘I AM’ the All-revealing Presence of the Great ‘I AM’!”

“ ‘I AM’ the Light that lighteth every room I go into!”

“ ‘I AM’ the Discriminating Activity of the Great ‘I AM Presence’!”

We have long since learned not to pay any attention to appearances, but to go into the Heart of things and there rest.

Use often:

“ ‘I AM’ the ever-present Healing Power consuming all things that tend toward discord!”

“ ‘I AM’ the Invincible Presence and Protection about her or him, wherever the body is!”  I shall leave My Love and Blessing “sizzling” all about you.

The All-Seeing Eye Activity at the Retreat: It is a Tremendous combined Activity at the Retreat. You may know It is of very great importance because of the shorter length of time between the Outpourings.

Beloved Saint Germain. VOL 4 Ascended Master Instruction (Saint Germain Series) (Kindle Locations 3212-3232). Saint Germain Press. Kindle Edition.


When we “resurrect” the Creator within us, we go into co-Creating/Creating with our intent and full purpose, behind all we do. As Saint Germain has shown us, we choose affirming statements that recognize our true Creator potential. And this brings about a change in our structure. For we have proven we are on the path of Creator/Creating.

Saint Germain also said that going within, is where we access this wealth of knowledge. For during our ascension, we are realizing that the Higher Sacred-Heart Center is the place of KNOWING and the analytical mind is the place of “learning”. So, if we are willing to take the time to “resurrect” this relationship with our Divinity, within, we too may commune with all manner of Higher Dimensional Beings of Creation.

And through the use of these impowering affirmations, we may bring about an increase in our “minds-eye”. So, we will be able to better utilize our 3rd eye. Along with using various meditative techniques, we may enable our 3rd eye, to a much greater extent than it is, currently.

The Heart-Center is the “new” consciousness that is being “resurrected” in humanity, once more. This is why we are seeing such a change in all of us. For even men are becoming more of their own Divine Feminine, as they achieve a greater balance. And this is finally taking place with less judgement, concerning masculinity. And this is bringing about a much-needed balance, as well.

By women “resurrecting” the Divine Feminine in themselves, they have paved the way for ALL of us. For only women are the “Way Showers” of/for the Divine Goddess/Feminine energy. And this Divine energy is what is bringing back the “pull” to the Higher Dimensional realms, as well as densities of consciousness. All Divine energy is one that naturally “pulls” us upward. And this is a natural expression for the feminine energy. The “allure” of the Divine Feminine energy is what pulls us upward into the higher dimensions. Returning us, home, once more.


For this Divine feminine energy coming into balance with humanity coincides with Gaia/Sophia bringing forth Her Divine energy that is “pulling” or “resurrecting” the planetary body to its 4th/5th and beyond, higher-dimensional expressions. This creates a “balanced” energy that helps us transmute/transcend all of the energetic expressions that no longer serve.

Mother Quan Yin (Mercy)

 This is why we have a greater realization of the attributes of “grace” and “compassions” and “mercy” and “hope”. As we bring ourselves as a people into balance, once more, with the Divine Female and Divine Male; we truly embody our “golden” light bodies. For the inherent ability that has been gifted us by our Creator, is to be able to transmute and transcend any and all negativity/discord. Through our own, Sacred Heart-Centers, we easily perform the Divine Alchemy.

This is why, gold is such a big feature, in golden ages. For gold has an inherent “anointing” ability that, greatly assists us with the transmutation/transcendence of discord/disharmony. It is said that when a gold atom touches any form of existence/expression in Creation. It instantly gets the ENTIRE past, present and future of the one it is touching. Be that a stone, a person, water and so forth. In that instance, it KNOWS ALL of You.

Thus, we are performing High Alchemy, as a people. For, inherently we take the weightier/denser substances and frequencies such as lead, i.e. (discord, disharmony, discomfort) and we transcend/transmute the lead to gold, i.e. (purity, Divine prana, Universal Light Substance) in the purest of expressions/states of being.

And this conscious form of Creating, through transmute/transcendence, allows our Causal bodies to expand. For these energies, that are “redeemed” are added to the greater light of our Causal bodies, that we may Create only harmonious, loving and Divine expressions.

We are truly resurrecting our vertical consciousness. We are bringing our knowing into being, once more. We are going into greater and greater states of intuiting, as we live. Relying less on “proof” and “facts” that are ever changing. And resurrecting our inherent knowing that has always existed, within.

And we have much help with transitioning through all of this. All manner of “guides”, “angels”, “star family” and even what we have classified as “matter” are coming forth to speak with each of us, directly. We are realizing more and more that ALL of Creation has awareness and consciousness. And thanks to God/Creator they all have a persona, as well.

Individuated aspects of the Divine, prevail throughout the whole of Creation. For Source wanted the purview of life through your own eyes, directly. With no separation existing, in God’s eye. For we are all one. And this resurrection of the balance of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine brings about higher consciousness, as well.

As we meditate, we may choose to work at breathing in the resurrecting of our Higher Consciousness and the expansive attributes of Divine Light, as we breathe out all resistance we have. As we picture that cosmic prana entering our central “tube” the sushumna nadi, from our crown chakra. Expanding all within, throughout and around our Being. All of our Divine attributes increase more and more each and every day, more and more in every way. As this Divine Light expands us into more of who we are, here and now. Basking in the Divine love that abounds all around. Integrating all that is seen/felt/heard/sensed/known through a heart-centered wisdom.

As we resurrect our higher Divine aspects, we master operating through our Super Consciousness and our Higher Sacred-Heart Center as we bring in more of our Soul and Higher Self. We embody the Divine, here and now. For here and now, is our purity of power. For I know who I am. And I know what I am. And I know how I serve. I am here now. I am here now. I am here now.


Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran

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