Creators Exploring and Creating


We are inherently, Creators. Whenever/wherever we choose to, we may bring about creations, many even unknowingly. Even by merely “peering” into these other realms of realities. We actually bring about an “effect” or change in the direction of a creation/reality we peer into, or study.

scientists in lab

Take scientists, for instance. They have come to realize that they have an “effect” on the outcome of the experiment, by merely studying it. Many are realizing that they may get the results they desire. And yet, other scientists that have a pension to “dispute” the finding, also get the result they desire. The only consistency being that the scientists themselves are creating their “desired” outcome.

We have seen the same take place with our pharmaceutical “medicines”. Many of these scientists are having a difficult time with proving their products, scientifically speaking. Due to the “placebo” having generated greater results than their actual products.  Many patients receive greater benefits from “sugar pills” than from some of the pharmaceutical products that are being tested. Even after billions of dollars, being spent.

The only consistency seems to be, that those that are wanting to “match” the desired results, do so. And those that are in resistance to the desired outcome, get what they desire. Thus, showing that even within medicine and science. The creator, is having an effect on the outcome of creation.


If one wants to “accept” a creation as “valid” in their “belief system”, then the desired outcome ALWAYS manifests. If the “belief system” wants a success, there will be one. If the “belief system” wants a failure, there will be one. This is why, not all “treatments” doctors give, work. For doctors must deal with their patients, “belief systems”, as well as their own.

It is said that when we peer into the atomic realm. Even if there was no “depth” beyond what we’ve found, i.e. smaller particles. Those levels of creation would create something smaller for us to view. In other words, as Creators in creation, we “inspire” aspects of creation to create further realms for us to explore. This is why infinity exists both within and without. And the axiom, “as above so below” as well as, “as below so above”, shows us that the same exists in the without, as the within.

Those that are ever achieving to go into higher and higher octaves throughout Creation, will find that there are ever higher realms to achieve. This goes on, infinitely as well, in Creation. The same axiom can be applied. As above, so below. And as below, so above. Infinity, within and without. Ever allowing us to peer further and further within and/or without creation.

Perhaps, the higher realms are like the realm of within. In that if we choose to “peer” ever higher, the creation, brings about this higher reality. Although, being brought up in a “linear” reality, it appears that the “higher” realm should have already been around. Could it be that we “cause” creation to create the direction, we choose to peer into from ALL perspectives?

For now, the certainty seems to be that the “higher” dimensional realities “precede” the lower realms. As we know, one must ascend in frequency to peer into these higher realms. Whereas, one may have access to all “lower” realms, from one’s’ perspective.


The truth and fact of the matter is, that we are Creators. And everywhere we “peer” into or study, we “effect” the creation. This is why we are ever involved and linked with our stellar family and our ancestors. We are the embodiment of several aspects of creation that have come forth, on our behalf. We are multidimensional beings of the Divine.

The realization of ALL that we are, is in its infancy. For we are realizing that as we “peer” into the self, there are infinite directions. And there are aspects of us that are ever desirous of communing, once more with us. For we are in a phase of much expansion. And this expansion, includes integrating our multidimensional aspects of self.

To recognize and realize that there is no end to the beauty that is you, is the fulfillment of mastering your spirituality (Divinity). To bring this about in the current reality is the mastery of the material. To be able to “influence” others to the point of bringing this realization about in greater amounts in various aspects of others is the mastery of teaching. To bring forth greater realization in the self, that we are One. And to bring forth greater communing with more of who we are, is an aspect of the mastery of the quantum.

sparks of source

Much mastery is being brought forth. For our graduation is nearing. And we are remembering that we are the embodiment of grand aspects of creation, referred to as Creators. Thus, we are Divinity manifest in creation. Ever perfecting the creation. Through the expansion of our inherent Divinity, we unfold the creation in greater and greater ways. All through Divine timing.

As we ascend, we “learn” at the physical level. And we “remember” at the soul/spiritual level. We then see ALL anew. For we get to “rediscover” the grandness of ourselves and the grandness of creation. And as we unfold the truth of this grandness. The creation, ever accommodates us. And brings forth more revealing of who we are.

Expansion is eternal. It is infinite. And yet, it is even beyond that. Whatever that means?! Growing and expanding, in creation is an infinite/eternal expression. For even those that are ever desirous of “blending”, once more with All That Is. Will discover that their “individual” perception, never ceases. This is why, from certain views in creation, one can only have the view of Being All That Is, i.e. God.

It is neither “blasphemous” nor “offensive” to know that at certain levels, one can experience being omnipresent/omnipotent. Remember, we are ALL ONE. And there are some that have achieved this state, either through meditation. Or in some cases, through an NDE (near death experience). Even from our realm of creation.

As we explore creation, we do so through consciousness. And when we are in Oneness with All That Is, we also have that exact consciousness. All experience is gained through expressions of experience from various perspectives/perceptions of consciousness. This is the beauty.

Our souls, direct an ever expansive and fulfilling view of creation. We experience much. All through continuous change. For we have changed “forms” of expression, innumerable times. All in existence, here and now. Strewn throughout ALL of creation.

So, what does this mean to me? In my daily life?

Take it easy! It always gets brighter! Knowing that we are beyond the “illusions” of the limitations of this realm. And yes, we “purposefully” dawned the “band of forgetfulness” concerning ALL that we are. All for the desire and experience of being of service. Of having an expression and expansion on Gaia. Realm of the explorer race. To appreciate and perceive ourselves from anew. Expansion, yet again.

Sometimes, exploring other aspects of creation through words and thought is not enough. So, we eagerly come in to explore through living/breathing/feeling these realms. And when we “depart” for a “break”, we eagerly sign up again.

The “true” feats we accomplish, while in embodiment are great. And most of us would cringe at seeing the whole picture, of all that we have done. Even those that “believe” they have had, seemingly “simple” lives. Are always amazed at their level of “impact” on creation, when viewed from the “other side”. For we are Creators, in all we do.  Creating, changing and exploring.

Revel in the fact that we are always expanding, in some way. Know that all is as it should be. Know that we always succeed. Know that we are excitedly exploring more of who we are. Always realizing that we are great and grand Creators. Being schooled in creating harmonious creations for the benefit of ALL. For we are Divinity manifest in creation. Ever perfecting the Creation. All from our here and now.



Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran

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