The Power of “Uncreating”


One of the most “powerful” tools of a Creator, is the tool of uncreating a creation. Sometimes, we find that we would’ve been “better off” not going down a route, we did. And this is where we find ourselves trying to resolve the “issue” in some fashion. Perhaps desiring that we could “change” the “issue”.

For many of us, we end up going to some form of “therapy” that is acceptable for us. Where we come to terms with the experience, and work to integrate the experience. While others may choose to go to a hypnotherapist and get the experience, “re-created”, so to speak. For through hypnotherapy, we may “reprogram” the experience, to one that is more to our liking. And another tool that we have available to us, is the ability to “un-create” the experience.


Perhaps, some have heard of “reversing” the day. Through a form of meditative practice, we may at times, go through our day in reverse. Starting from the most recent experience and tracing our route through to the start of the day. This re-tracing the experience, is therapeutic. For we may “resolve” issues as we come across them, should we choose to, while going through this process.

Well, “uncreating” is just like this. One may have had a discordant “attitude” or day, in which we really don’t need the experience. We were in a “foul” mood and didn’t express ourselves in any way that we care to keep as an experience. So, we may go through the process, much like “reversing” the day.

Although, the intent behind this is to “uncreate” the discordant experience. So, as we “reverse” through the day. We notice all of the discordant experiences that we would chose to undo. And as we progress through the experience, we intend for these expressions to be “uncreated”. If we choose, we may “re-create” what we would’ve desired, in the process.

When we go through this process, with full sincerity from our heart-center. We immediately remove the “effluvia” that would’ve otherwise remained. So, we are working towards “clearing the slate”, so to speak. And the energy that is lifted from us, is felt rather quickly. For we return, very quickly to a harmonious state.

If this “foul” state had been with us, throughout the day. It is readily apparent, when we complete the process that the energy has been transmuted/transcended. For when we exit the meditative process, we easily feel the “burden” we were carrying with the discordant energy, decidedly missing. And this really shows us, the importance of this tool.

To go from a discordant state, to that of a harmonious state, in a relatively quick meditative process of “uncreating” is of a great value, to all of us. As when we “focus” on the discordant energy/experience, we generate more of its kind. Whereas, when we go through a process of “release” through “uncreating” the experience/energy, we return to our inherent “neutral” state of being. And our ability to bring in another more beneficial “mood” or state of being, is greatly enhanced by this.

When we return to this “neutral” or balanced state of being, we can very easily transition into a state of joy or some other form of love and excitement. As we are no longer carrying the “burden” of the discordant experience/energy.

The use of uncreating, is a valid tool that ALL Creators tend to use. For there are times when a creational process has gone askew. Perhaps, deviating from a certain “focus” that was intended. So, going back to the nexus point, when the creation went askew. And uncreating the experience/energy, back to the nexus point, allows us to reallocate the energy/experience.

Though this tool is intended for use, in which the uncreation process is fairly recent. For going back further in time, gets complex. We can add this as a tool for use, when we’ve done something we wish we could “change”. Even dealing with another person, who will not likely “forget”. The energy will be notably different, between both parties. It will be evident; a change has taken place.

Thus, we can “approach” the matter anew from a more, neutral stance; energetically speaking.

We are going through a process of creating and uncreating in a “bigger” way, these days. For we are uncreating our past disharmonious experiences, that many of us had in the days of Atlantis. As this cycle of time, has come about so that we may create anew experiences. With the same/similar energy that was around, in the days of Atlantis.

This is why we see many similarities taking place these days. As we are very well “immersed” in the same experiences that we had in those days, today. We are working with genetics, once more in a similar way. And we are at the same nexus of choice, as to whether we inculcate/integrate science and the “meta-physical” or spiritual.

Any and all societies that successfully transition this “youthful” state, integrate the science and the spiritual. Otherwise, science never “matures”. And if it remains sterile of “morals”, the society inevitably goes into discord, scientifically. As there truly is a “higher” level of science, that “opens” to us; when we are physically and spiritually ready to learn/embrace and integrate it.

We are told by our stellar family, that the Pleiadean’s have “gifted” our military industrial complex space craft that are “multidimensional”. Such that the ship will operate one way for the “average” pilot/user. However, if the “pilot” has a “higher” awareness, consciously and spiritually speaking. This ship will “alter” its from to accommodate this “higher” form, becoming an advanced form of the original ship. There is also, a very “high” form of spiritual being that would activate an even “higher” version of the ship.

Thus, these ships will alter form, based on the scientific/spiritual “knowing” of the pilot/user. They will be very basic, for the average person. And get “highly” specific and advanced, based on a spiritually advanced being, they encounter. Thus, showing the ship is a conscious being, as well. With tremendous power, in the “proper” hands/awareness.

Otherwise, the ship appears as a relatively simple scout ship. This is why, we must advance both scientifically and spiritually. The two are “opposites” of the same paradigm. Thus, integral to each other. The balance of both, is necessary for the wisdom of the paradox, to be revealed.

Should we choose to go into a balanced expression of both science and spiritual, we will see these “tools” we speak of increase in power/potency greatly. For this is when the wisdom behind many scientific principles becomes common place. And we will increase in ways science has yet to have “dreamed” of.


Remember, beloved Souls the power we have as Creators. Much power is given to us, so that we may learn the “proper” use of various creator/creational tools. So that we may create better and more harmonious creations. For we are never, not creating. Or, we are ALWAYS creating.

The ability to “uncreate” is very important. And very useful. Though creating harmonious creations, from the start, is the goal. If we have brought about discord, either mentally or in physicality. We may go through the process of “review” and “un-create” the discord. Remember, we really are still in school. The school for Creators, in the making.

Create through harmony and love, always. Realize, we are all ONE. We are told from our stellar family, that when we can handle the “differences” in each other as a people. And when we can refer to ourselves as the people of Earth. Without having to “differentiate” which “continent” on Earth. We will be ready for them to come and land, in mass.

Though contact has already begun, in several ways. The “open” contact on a planetary basis, hasn’t. As when this occurs, there can be no “singular” country that represents, Earth. All must be included, in this planetary representation. And this, WE must come to terms with.

As our “past” has always shown us, that “others” may cause disruption in our relations, if we feel excluded as a people, in any country. And “true” stellar family, are not interested in creating a discord amongst, their Earthly family.

It is also said that we must get used to the new energies. In our “past” we had to “push” ahead, just to survive. Whereas now, we are being “pulled” energetically to our “future”, by being in the NOW. This is why, the NOW is so important. We must give up the “habit” of “pushing” or “doing”. We must return to “allowing” through the NOW, once more. And being “pulled” to our future, by letting it come to us.

Just some more “food” for thought. In love and harmony. In learning/remembrance. In the power of creating/uncreating. All from our here and now.

path of ascension

Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran

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