Creating Within or Without


The choice has always been to go within or without for manifesting our expressional experience. Before we chose to go to the without for manifesting our needs, we easily brought forth our manifestations and accommodated our needs, through our within, from thought, alone. We know this as living in the higher dimensions.

Living this form of expression, is the harmonious way of living. As we seek from our within, our Divine purity of self, always provides us with ALL of our needs. Never having to be “without”. For the within, always fulfills all of our needs, if we sincerely align with it, firstly.

In this form of expression, the harmony exists between ALL in creation. Thus, the humans work in harmony with the elementals, the angels and the nature realms. All experience synchronism and live in full knowing, that ALL belong. And beloved Gaia, brings about the best of living for all. As the harmony instilled in all beings, is reflected throughout Her entire planetary body.

Then the “notion” came about to let humans experience “creating” from the without. The experience was “opened up” for humans to try, creating manually. This meant we could physically take “seeds” and sow them. We could manually bring about what nature always provided.

You see, when we created from the within. And we wanted a piece of fruit, we went to a tree and plucked the fruit. And the tree, instantly manifested a new fruit, in its place, harmoniously. This is known as living in the higher frequencies. ALL of these higher frequencies are available from our within, here and now.

However, when we went to creating from the “without”, we went the manual route of creating. We had to work the fields and experience all aspects of labor to bring about what was available, naturally through living from the within. This being because we densified to have the manual experience. In other words, we went into a lower frequency of experience, i.e. the 3rd dimension. Which naturally included physical labor through “outer” expressions of experience from/in the without.

And we see this influence all throughout our current, reality. Even now, as we are ascending to the higher frequencies, once more. As we are going to the 4th, 5th and higher dimensional experiences and densities of consciousness. We still see the older energies of seeking through the “without” for everything.

If one wants to quit smoking, there are numerous products to seek in the without. Or to change a habit or belief, we are encouraged to seek “professional” help and get the proper “medication”. If we are wanting to lose weight, we are told we need to “buy” into a program. All manner of seeking in/from the without.

Whereas, ALL of these may be accomplished much more harmoniously through going within. I’m not advocating stopping or changing anything that one does or uses, for change or health. As, I am no doctor, of any kind. I’m merely suggesting that we each inherently have the ability to bring about great change, from our within. We always have. And in the higher dimensional realms, this is the way.

We are told that when we have achieved living harmoniously as a society, we will no longer have any disease of any kind. For the love and harmony that is expressed throughout the whole, would never allow such “lower” frequencies of creation. We would no longer have to go without for our health. For we each will have realized that ALL people need to be living harmoniously so that we can maintain our harmony/health. We will feel others joy and pain, as if it were ours, viscerally.

We still rely on the without, greatly. And that is fine. However, realize that our TRUE power is from the within. This is why Ascended Masters, always encourage us to master thought, emotion and physicality/manifestation, firstly. This naturally leads one into spiritual mastery. All of these (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) traits that are born from, or manifest from the within. And expressed in the without.

When we create from within, firstly. We get the “permission” or “invite” ALL of the various particles and materials we will use in our creations, to “partake” in the creation voluntarily. And this brings about a wonderous creation that is completely harmonious and is known as living in the higher dimensional realms. All of the creations we create will come about this way, more and more. As we align to living harmoniously, as a whole.

nature in creation

When we needed water, in the past, when we were living this way. Our Divine sisters/priestesses would gather together at the proper location where the water was needed. They would then perform sacred ceremonies that included song and dance, in a sacred circle, honoring the water elementals and seeking them through invitation. And this would “cause” the water to seek a path to the surface of where this ceremony was held. All through “permission” and “invitation” of the water element, to join us voluntarily.

This is going within and living harmoniously with ALL creation. Through invitation, from a Divine being, another aspect or Divine being, gathered to create together. The human and the nature/elemental world, with angels and elementals partaking in the ceremony, once more through invitation. All brought forth, in Divine harmony.

We are ALL returning to living from the within, firstly. And this is a process that we each are learning/remembering to integrate. For we have been enculturated to believe that we need the without, firstly. And it is rather the opposite. The balance of both expressions is what we are needing, ever more in this transitional time.

We are learning/remembering to be, here and now. And from this here and now, to remember/learn, once more how to “feel”. For we are receiving many energies these days. And these energies are beyond words. The only way to integrate them, is to grow in remembering/learning what these feel like. For these integrations take place at a higher level. Through our “feeling” body. Through the emotional body, we are returning to giving it, its proper place.

We are realizing that how we feel, and why we feel this way is truly very important. And we are learning/realizing that we must address our feelings and return to harmonious feelings as our norm. Not merely living to “make a living” and then addressing our feelings. We need to address our feelings, first.

This is why we see “perfectly healthy” people having heart attacks and/or getting cancer. These are ailments that must be addressed from our within, not cosmetically, by appearing to be perfectly fit in form or throughout our without. And not addressing our TRUE reasons for existing and growth, that we chose to bring forth in this life.

Some of us are imbalanced in that we work for the proper “image” of what beauty is, as society portrays this to us. And our bodies will still “rebel” because we are not “addressing” our conflicts from our within. Health is NOT the image, society choses to reflect. It BEGINS from within, and demonstrate itself, lastly, in the without.

And many of us, are having to realize why we have certain “ailments” occurring in our bodies. And it is truly rewarding to begin to finally KNOW why, we are experiencing, what we are. For now, with this knowing, we can emotionally and intellectually work to bring about the necessary change. And this change, ALWAYS begins from our within. And then the without brings about the beautiful/harmonious expression, once we’ve truly changed it, within.

And most of those we see in our current healthcare community will never speak of addressing the “core” issue. They merely give the treatment that either suppresses or represses the feelings and/or symptoms. Thus, we must take the responsibility, once more from our within, firstly.

And as we turn within and ask, our relationship with our Divine presence expands. And our bodies “activate” their higher relationship with us. They begin the process of activating more of our DNA. Our entire inner-universe becomes enlightened. And our communing with our own Soul and Divinity, increases. And as below, so above. As within, so without.

Remember, we chose this time and this place to be here now. And we did so, because we are gaining a grand experience. What we are accomplishing in this one very short life, would have taken tens of thousands of years to achieve in some of the other realms. Including the Pleiades and other very harmonious realms. For we are performing higher alchemy, here and now. As we transmute/transcend humanities “lead” into “gold”.

transmute lead to gold

These other realms that are already pure and harmonious, do not gain the level of diversity and experience we do in this master schoolroom we call Earth. There ability to assimilate and integrate much, has been somewhat “stymied”; by the gentler pace of purity. We experience a tremendous amount of growth, in an extremely short time. Purposefully, for Source/God knew this would be a challenging place. Thus, mercifully we are here for a short life span of less than one hundred years.

Though, as we transmute/transcend our “lead” into “gold” our lives will expand, as well. As we bring about more and more harmony, we too will bring back the longer lives that we’ve had, elsewhere.

What a privilege and a joy. To be here and now. To know we are Divinity manifest in creation, bringing about greater and greater creations. As we return to living within, firstly. We are gaining an incarnational experience that many throughout creation wanted to experience. And here we are doing this all, here and now. Revel in this. Bless our Souls our Higher Self, our Angels and Guides and the whole of Creation for giving us this wonderous expressional experience.


Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran

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