What’s in a Belief?

We love when we hear a story in which someone has accomplished much under limiting circumstances, seemingly. And yet, when we listen to their stories, they usually were “undaunted” by their situation and/or circumstances. They were “moved” beyond belief. Beyond what seemed to be believable, these ones succeeded.

And many of us are as yet, “unaware” of the true power of our beliefs. And this power is always existing, even when falsely “perceived” as being negative. In other words, the power is always there, inherently, in a belief. It is us that chose to define this power in either a positive or negative “light”. And since the same “power” exists, no matter what we chose, it would behoove us to choose the positive version.

In this way we recognize that we are the ones that “define” our expressional experience in either a positive or negative way, based entirely on our interpretation of our beliefs. The energy is there, already. So, how we choose to define the energy is very important.

All manner of experiences we have, may be defined in some form of “positive” way. We may have experiences that we wouldn’t have cared for. Yet, we may always find a way to get the “higher” expression of the experience, positively speaking.

Remember, when someone speaks to us and they bring about a conversation that “challenges” our beliefs, we “feel” very sensitive about this. We instantly go into a “heightened” state of sensitivity, concerning the subject. And many times, we “instantly” go into a defensive stance. Why is this the case?

We must realize that beliefs are never stagnant. Our beliefs will always change. As we expand our consciousness and open to more of our Higher-Heart and Soul, we receive deeper insights. And through these deeper insights, we find that our once “staunch” beliefs, are suddenly more “fluid” and malleable.

This ability to look beyond ones’ beliefs, is an aspect of expansion that is inherent. This is a given, when we are expanding in consciousness and soul purview, as well as going through a solar/planetary increase in dimensional frequency. As we integrate more of our Higher Self, we gain greater understandings of creation. And our expanded expression recognizes that there are ever “differing” ways of interpreting what is being seen. And this we know of as perceiving through beliefs.

So, we begin to realize that our beliefs are key to our experience. However, they are never to be so stringent that we “tune-out” others views. For through the views of others, we tend to see how we have chosen to “define” ourselves. This is the true value in the diversity that Source/God wanted for us. This is why the entire reality is merely a “mirror” reflecting all of our creations and beliefs.

balance of light and dark

Our Creator is very zealous of “diversity” and “individuated personalities”. So, our Creator established “individuation” at all levels, through the form we know of as consciousness and personality. Thus, rocks, air, water, molecules and literally everything within, throughout and around the whole of Creation has individuated personality/personalities and awareness/consciousness. And has been established with as much diversity as possible.

We know that beliefs move us, greatly. Wars have been fought over the beliefs of various “leaders”. Religious institutions have been established and/or fractured into various aspects, based on beliefs. Our own news systems are spewing forth various forms of “propaganda” based on our political and commerce “leaders” beliefs. Beliefs, truly “rule” our world.

And yet, as time “ensues”. Very few of these beliefs, once fought for, ever remain. For beliefs are ever morphing and malleable. What was once the only way to “believe” in something, instead reflects the only constant, “change”. This occurs even in science. Where once we understand a principle better, all previous “beliefs” have to adapt and/or change. The “theories” get redefined, for the “new” beliefs found that we then incorporate.

The “past” beliefs seem “limiting” compared to our new understandings. When we delve into the matter deeper, our beliefs change. And this is happing in our day, greatly. We are realizing that many of our past beliefs must be “redefined” to meet our expanding consciousness and awareness.

So, as this occurs, realize, we may define our beliefs in either a positive or negative way. When a “new” way of perceiving seems to change a belief, we may find a way to incorporate it, positively. Always, there are ways to define experience in a positive light.

When we expand in consciousness and experience, we see that the “diversity” and “levels” of belief systems, change. At higher and deeper levels of the creation, we see that all manner of creation has varying beliefs. And many of them would “appear” to be contrary.

Beliefs are not the “be-all” answer. They are the tool that moves us forward along the ever-winding path. They allow us to perceive from a view that is “resonant” with us, for a given moment. Though this is never to be stagnant. Especially at the exclusion of “listening” to others views.

And yet, we are to be the “masters” of our beliefs. Never are we to be so “unmoving” in our beliefs, that we “restrict” our expansion, due to our beliefs. For as we expand in consciousness and experience, beliefs that were once held staunchly, will change. They may be expanded upon the “same” or similar belief, or they may “give way” to wholly “new” perceptions of belief.

Just recognize that we are “leaving” addiction, and addictive ways, behind. We are no longer needing to be “addicts” to anything, including beliefs. For beliefs are just as “addictive” as opiates. And though not as “villainized” as other “addictions” beliefs are just as seriously addicting, as other forms of addictive behavior.

As we have seen wars and all manner of fighting and separation occurring, based on beliefs, that are here today and gone tomorrow.

So, be not a “belief thief”. Do not “pickup” others beliefs, arbitrarily. For through every belief we “live” we bring about limitations. At times, we inadvertently put on “blinders” when we adhere to certain beliefs. Rather, by allowing expansion of consciousness and awareness through heart-centeredness to be the “guiding light”, our beliefs will change fluidly.

Instead, realize that expansion of consciousness and awareness, naturally challenges all that has been established. And this has to include, beliefs. For our society is very big on beliefs. And yet, our society is changing ALL of these beliefs. Even if merely to “update” these beliefs to accommodate our “modern” views.

Remember, we chose to be here for this change. We purposefully “sought out” a time in which we would incarnate through an expression that will undergo, much change. And this change comes about, like it or not. Though, we all were eager to be here for this. As the excitement increases, so does our consciousness, awareness, soul, heart-centered growth. And this we truly enjoy. Inherently, expansive; here and now.

Growth, by “giving up” our addictions to all that does not serve. Including “limiting” beliefs. For the reality is truly “unlimited”. Thus, our definitions and beliefs “automatically” impose limitations. So, be cautious of what to NEED to believe in. For our expansion can be even grander, if we don’t “limit” it with unnecessary beliefs. And this includes the NEED to be RIGHT.

Expansion is a given for the rest of our lives. For this expansion is occurring for all. Even those that are “unaware” of this, consciously speaking. All are having to change much. And this is a very “challenging” concept to many. To be in a “perpetual” state of ascension energies that are ever changing all that we “believed” to be, as is.

Taking us into higher and lighter frequencies of creation. In which harmony is the “order of the day”. Where we “leave behind” all that does not serve, including our various “limiting” beliefs. As we expand into more of who we are. All from our here and now. All from our Higher Heart-Centeredness. All from our Unity Consciousness.

With the complete beauty and diversity of All That Is. For through our unity and our diversity, we bring about all manner of Divine change. All for the betterment of ALL. For we are Divine Love, manifest in creation. We are individuated aspects of the Oneness, bringing forth expansion and harmony throughout the whole of creation.

Let us “blend” into the harmony of Divine Love that abounds, unconditional. Let us appreciate and fearlessly listen to one another and expand our “beliefs” as we realize the diversity in accomplishing the Divine plan that exists. Through all of the various and diverse expressions of individuated aspects of the Divine, we grow endlessly. For we are eternal, here and now.

Valentines Day Pink Rose

Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran

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