I AM Being Fully Supported

Anyone who has gone through a trying time realizes that being supported can make all the difference. When we KNOW that we are supported, even through difficult circumstances; we gain in our ability to withstand and get through the “challenge”. Yet, what we tend to do at these times, is overlook the support we are given.

When we go into prayer and self-reflection, it would behoove us to ask that we be given CLEAR insight, into all the support/help we are given. As well as making certain to ASK for this support from our Guides and Angels. And when we are sincere with this request, we can readily see this being answered. As, all of the sudden, we will “notice” things and ways we are being supported by our “guides” and Angels as well as our own Higher Self.

Angel Number Doreen Virtue

Many times, the Angels and/or our Spirit Guides will use numbers and colors to get us to look into their “meanings”. And when we seem to notice a certain number that gives us “pause”, this is usually a “sign” that they are wanting us to notice this particular number. And there are those that have posted numbers and their meanings from the Angelic Realm. Doreen Virtue, is one that has issued Angel Number Cards.

During all manner of varying circumstances, colors are very “key” to assisting us. For it is through “colors” that we achieve much. Think about it, what is the favorite method of transmutation/transcendence? The Violet Flame! This color and “technique” for consciously “atoning” for our transgressions, is given to all Ascended Master’s students. And they’ve been instructed to teach this.

violet flame animation

The incorporating of the color of pink for self-love has been used extensively, as well. And there are a myriad of colors and ways of using these colors with and through our Chakras, that have been given to us, through the Angelic Realm and the Ascended Host. And through the use of these, we bring about changes consciously and through intent. Cocreators in training/experience, yes.

We are given many “nudges” by our guides and our Higher Self, concerning our course of action and our direction. Though, many times, we get so caught-up in our world, we “miss” these clues. This is why we have been encouraged, numerous times to pray for the recognizing and the revealing of when these are occurring. And when we do this, sincerely, we do notice much more.

Many times, we enter circumstances that we would’ve rather not had to deal with. At these times, our vibration may be “lowered”, as we go through the experience, to a point where “communing” with our Higher Self and/or Guides, isn’t as normal. And when these situations come about, at times, it may become difficult to hear and/or “tune-in” to these messages we receive from our Angels and Guides. This is why, once more, it is important to pray for clear knowing, as to when we are being given assistance.

And it is when these situations occur that our Angels and Guides will use the simpler approach, to get our attention. They’ll put numbers before us, knowing that we can find the meaning easily. Or they’ll “highlight” a certain color, that moves us, inexplicably. This support, assists us greatly if we “utilize” it. As we realize that no matter what we go through, they are aware and supportive of our circumstances/situation. In other words, we are ALWAYS supported.

meditate 7.png

These are the times when those that meditate, have an advantage. For through meditation, we may temporarily “leave” the situation/circumstance. And this return to the “void”, if you will, through meditation, brings us a renewed view and feeling. Through meditation, we may “detach” from our selves our “worries”. And this accomplishes a “release” that really does help, greatly.

Realize that these realms in meditation are purposefully, solitary. As we go within, only that which truly serves us, comes through. As we intend to focus, exclusively on self; what “stillness” we achieve, brings about all manner of healing. And even if we have “mental interruptions” on occasion, our ability to allow these and release them, brings about a focus in/of our will. And this strengthens our will to achieve its end. And we “regain” our focus, once more.

We receive much from the “subtler” realms. So, our focus should be to grow in intuiting what we are getting from these realms. And as we focus on this aspect of self, we develop it further. And as we develop it further, we see its function and value increasing in our reality. Yet another aspect of the expansion and ascension.

When we choose to grow these subtle abilities, our Angels and Guides will easily put before our path, what works for us. They will bring forth desires to work with certain “tools” and to use these in certain ways. And through exploring these “newly founded” abilities, we learn/remember the greatness, we already have, inherently. Though, much like a muscle, we may be “sore” for a while, as we adapt to using these, once again.

These “abilities” that we each have, inherently, are coming “online” and expanding in expression, once more. Any and all who choose to develop these, will be given much assistance. And through this development and assistance we are strengthened even further. As our communing in these subtler realms becomes established once more, as being normal.

The support we are given is all-encompassing. From our within firstly, to the without. We are being given support by numerous Beings in creation. All manner of Divine energies are being emanated from our within, throughout and around our entire Beings/bodies. Many Divine energies are coming forth to assist us in activating, more of who we are.

higher chakras 8-12

As we ascend, we are being given the use of our higher Chakras. As we ascend to the 4th density and beyond, we incorporate the 8th through the 12th Chakras. And this is another aspect of “support” that has come forth at this time. And so, now we bring these higher Chakras into Being, once more. These are the Chakras that we use to “commune” with our Higher Self and Soul (8th Chakra). And through these higher Chakras we bring forth our Light Bodies, once more (11th Chakra).

We are supported in “innumerable” ways. By energies and consciousnesses, we are yet, completely unaware of. And these aspects of the Oneness, are ever desirous of bringing their gifts to us, once more. And as we “grow” our abilities to “interact” with the subtler realms, once more, we bring forth a learning/remembering that expands us greatly. Learning, from our Persona’s perspective and remembering from our Soul’s purview.

As we focus on our 8th Chakra, we call forth more of our Divinity (Higher Self and Soul). We embody more of who we are. More and more, every day, more and more, in every way. We bring forth our Christed Consciousness, our Higher Mind. We grow in our ability to interact with and expand our Unity Consciousness with ALL Creation. We bring forth our sacred Light Language, once more. As we “dawn” our Light Bodies, once more. We interact more and more from compassion as we “dawn” our Sacred-High Heart, which acts at the purifying “filter” by which all we view is perceived through.

That all we may perceive, we do so, through the purity of our Sacred High-Heart. This automatically melds into our Heart-Centered consciousness. And through this Higher form of consciousness (Christ Consciousness/Unity Consciousness), we bring into Being, more of who we are. We embody the Divinity that we are, here and now.

For this is the ascension. To Master the physical, mental and emotional bodies. As our spiritual/etheric bodies become the manifestation of our Higher Selves. In other words, we embody our Divinity through our spiritual/etheric body. And our spiritual/etheric body, becomes the director of our hierarchy of bodies. Divinity manifest in physicality. Ascended Masters in training/transition. Embodying the Divine, here and now.

divine light 3

Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran

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