My Journey Is My Destination

When we “awaken”, spiritually speaking, we feel a “realization” that we believe is so profound that we feel we must share with others our knowing. And usually it is, but merely, a few conversations with others; and we come to the “realization” that others aren’t spiritually/mentally, were we are. In our eyes, they just don’t “get it”.

And this brings about a growth in our spiritual knowing. For this demonstrates to us a key point. We ourselves, attained this realization through our own accord. Through consciously seeking and searching. Or through a gift from our Soul, bringing forth this higher spiritual knowing. And it was due to this, that our “realization” was so profound. Why? Because the “growth” was realized from/through within.

The key seems to be that when we have this realization take place from our “within”, we really do grow and really do “get it”. The knowing returns, once more. Usually in a very profound way. Thus the need to be our own Guru.

However, when we try to “teach” this same realization to others; and they are not “ready” from an inward perspective. The profound realization and/or knowing doesn’t occur with others as it did with ourselves, and we can easily see this. As we were “ready” through Divine timing, to receive and integrate the unique realization that occurred, from within. And those that aren’t there, from the within, will not grasp the realization, as profoundly.

This demonstrates to us clearly, that ALL growth comes from the within, firstly. We may hear the same statement/teaching for a long time, and not realize the truth/significance behind it. Until we have this moment of true “realization”, from within, and then suddenly we see much deeper the wisdom behind the statement. It becomes much more meaningful, when it is truly “realized”. Thus, the term, self-realization.


When we realize and live from a heart-centered consciousness, and we see others demonstrate a more callous way. We know that they haven’t fully “realized” what it truly means to operate from a heart-centered consciousness. As an example.

This is but one aspect of wisdom gained through participating in the journey through self-realization. As we truly gain much more from the experience of the journey, itself. For this is the purpose of coming into physicality. To be able to “slow” the journey down, tremendously, so that we would be able to savor the entire experience and expression. Not necessarily “rushing” towards the destination.

And this is the only realm, in which those participating in the “illusion” of time, can really expand the journey to get the most out of the experiential expression. The 3rd and 4th dimensions are realms in which we may learn a lot, in what is, relatively, a little amount of time. And these “lessons” or “realizations” may only come through living in physicality. It is a rare exception that one is “allowed” to complete the realizations through the higher frequencies of the astral realm. Without the need to experience these through physicality.

This is why we hear many stories of many Souls “waiting in line” for the chance to incarnate here on Earth. For many Souls are desirous of such a journey. And we have been privileged enough to have “made it”. And how we choose to use this is entirely up to us. So, keep in mind the universal law – “what you put out, is what you get back”.

match frequency

The amount of growth we attain, is based in part, on the amount of forward momentum we maintain in gaining and growing in further realizations. And the best way to accomplish this, is through living our joy. Being in the state of living our passions, keeps us, inherently in this flow of Divine growth. Through our own unique chosen journey, back to Source.


When we choose to turn “inward” and position ourselves to live what our heart tells us is truly our passion, our growth goes into “over-drive”. When we do this, we align so well with our purpose for coming here, that we accelerate our growth to the maximum. And the whole process becomes one of service through joy. And before we know it, our journey is going/growing so quickly. We notice not, the passage of time. For we are in our “element”, ever engrossed in our passion, here and now.

And all of this comes about through turning inward. Through focusing our awareness, attention and our feelings towards our Sacred Heart-Center. And earnestly calling forth for the Divinity in us to embody us, more and more. Calling forth our Higher Self our Higher Mind and our Soul, to come forth more fully expressed, here and now. That we may embody, more of who we truly are.

Through sincere expression, we begin manifesting the Divinity that we are. More and more, every day. More and more, in every way. And through this, inherent expansion occurs. We literally do embody the wisdom, knowing and feelings that are beyond duality. For through this process we bring about another profound realization.

The reality is more “precisely” a trinity, rather than a duality. For the “balance-point” in between, is the true growth/realization. When we realize that there is a balance-point in expression that we may choose to experience. We transcend the duality, through the trinity. For we realize that through this balance, we are beyond the “illusions” of duality/polarity. And this realization brings about a key aspect in the growth/journey of ascension.

This brings about the realization that self-“integration” is a key knowing, throughout the journey of ascension. For now, we must integrate much that we considered to be of discord or disharmony, that we’ve experienced. And doing this consciously, through our own unique chosen methods of transmutation/transcendence, comes about.

And this aspect of self-integration, accelerates our progress, profoundly. For we can’t bring any “baggage” with us, into the higher dimensional realms. As we are traveling, hence forth, with only that which truly serves. And all that does not serve, must be integrated and culled for its wisdom. With the rest, being truly “let go” of. We must let go of all that does not serve. Including the “need” for karma.

As we “dawn” our Light bodies, we inherently, travel “lighter”. And the “lighter” frequencies we now travel with are that of joy, bliss, love, passion, service, compassion, empathy (not sympathy), unity and oneness. We shine forth, from now on, with the full luminescence of the higher vibration frequencies and consciousness of the Divine. As we embody this Divine brilliantly luminesce Light Body, once more.

And we come to yet another realization, that Unity Consciousness is where inherent wisdom, is restored. For we are no longer, sequestering, access to our Higher Mind. As we make the call, we readily embody our Christ Consciousness. And through this aspect of the Divine, we easily realize our inherent connection with All That Is. And we begin communing with all manner of Divine consciousness and expressions throughout the rest of our journey.

For through these communications we realize that we have expressions, elsewhere. Right here and now, we have aspects of our Souls that have expressions strewn throughout Creation. Some in entirely different dimensional realms. And others, very close to, and/or part of our dimensional experience. And through these communications we discover that we exist in all dimensional realms, here and now.

And throughout the journey, these “newly” discovered connections, of other aspects of self, bring about further realizations. For through these communions, we see further down the “unfolding” of our lives. And this brings forth, yet more of who we are. As we commune with these aspects of Self, we embody more of their energies, here and now.

And through these energies we receive, we bring forth more of our inherent wisdom. And the cycle keeps on expanding and bringing forth further “revelations” and/or “realizations”. Through the endless expansion and growth given us, through our own Divinity, within. All available, here and now.

The only caveat being, “what you put out, is what you get back”. Thus, the admonition to put forth all that is our passion and zeal. As these frequencies and Ways of Being, bring forth all that we have come to give. And it is key that we gift the world and Creation as a whole, with all that we have come to give.

And first and foremost, these gifts we give should be expressed from our within, to the without. For we must gift ourselves, firstly. And then our gifts to others, will be equally, as grand. For how we “treat” ourselves is the limit/maximum we have to “treat” others with. Until we truly love ourselves with the fullest expression that we give towards others, we are still in “duality”. For the balance-point is expressed through both “service-to-self” and “service-to-others”. Both, aspects must be achieved and must be balanced.

Journey onward, my friends/family. For as we do so, we realize more and more that we are ALL truly Oneness. Individuated aspects of the same Divine Luminesce Oneness. Expressing as many varieties of Divinity, as Source chose to express. Infinite, I believe is the expression. So, remember…

As above, so below. And as below, so above. Embody more of our “infinite” expressions, here and now. Realize, once more; perhaps anew. My journey is my destination. All, here and now. All through endless “realizations” of self. All through passion, peace and in our full power. Aspects of the Divine, realizing more of who they are.


Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran

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