Rays of Expression

Many chose to come into this incarnation to realize their Divinity through expressions that are brought forth outwardly, in a sense, making “exoteric” that which has been esoteric. In other words, revealing the wonders of Creation through the study of the Creation.


And others will turn inward and embody their Higher Self, in a more direct way; in order to realize their Divinity. These ones, chose to attain self-realization through calling forth more knowing and energizing the relationship with their Divinity. Aligning to and with all of the various bodies to enhance communing with our own I AM Presence. And we are given some insight into both of these paths by the Ascended Master Djwhal Khul.

These Rays of expression are divided up into the seven chakras. With the “higher” aspects being expressed through chakras four and higher. What does this mean? The term used is Rays of expression for each chakra. And we each embody a form of expression through a given Ray, that equates to a chosen “theme” or life path.

I personally happen to resonate very greatly with the Ray 4 aspect. This is the path that is the Heart-Centered aspect of going within. In order to become fully realized. Those that follow my writings, should know by now that I always go within to bring forth more of my own Divinity. And this has served me very well. And I work with these energies and through my writings to expand my reach, and influence; energetically speaking. For going within, we learn to use much Divine prana for the benefit of all.

Those that chose the Ray 4 path are working through the power of the 4th chakra; the heart chakra. And those that are utilizing this path, embody much Divine prana. For through the use of prana and certain meditative techniques, we may co-create much. And we are taught methods of transmutation and transcendence that we bring forth for the benefit of ourselves as well as others.

Those Beings that are ever seeking to further their devotion to the Way, find that turning within and calling forth more of the Higher Self and Soul to embody our every day lives; come to a realization through this process. Thus, the seeking to reveal the esoteric of the within.

Whereas, those that are of the Ray 5 type or the 5th chakra, are the types of incarnational expressions that came to attain self-realization through the without. Through delving into the Creation in some manner of study, they eventually attain this same self-realization.

These are the ones that come forth to be scientists, inventors, businessmen, engineers and so forth. Also included in this group are the artists, musicians, dancers and so forth. So, basically this path includes all those that attain this same mastery through the love brought forth exoterically through their study of and mastering of a chosen field.

Those that truly find joy and passion in these pursuits are able to attain a higher level of growth and achievement through gifting the world, with their various applications they’ve brought forth. And this passion leads to the same realization that there is the Divine in all manner of expressions and fields. Both within and without.

And truly those that are on the path of ascension are embodying aspects of both of these rays. Those that are mastering their chosen expressional path are gifting the world with their knowing as brought forth both from the within and given and expressed in the without. Thus, ever adding to the glory brought forth for Gaia and humanity.

And we are being reminded that ALL of these expressions are valid and necessary. For we are in Unity Consciousness. And so, Source is calling forth those that are willing to assist in all manner of expressions in society and in all manner of physicality. We have Divine Beings strewn throughout all of the various fields of study and expression.

As the writer inspires and provokes thought and emotion, so do the musician and artists. The arts bring forth much inspiration that transcends the minutia. And calls forth an appreciation for expressing it through beauty and form, in all manner of ways. So, others may reflect and open to more of who they are.

The scientist and those that study all manner of Creation, seek to reveal the esoteric aspects of how Creation works and is modified/enhanced. And this gifts us all with much that we take for granted these days. As do the engineers and businessmen show us the grand ways of experiencing these gifts.

While those that chose to go into a meditative state for hours on end, bring forth a harmony and level of coherence that truly does benefit all within the Unity Consciousness. For they gift all others with their refined and purified energy they call forth as they themselves attain samadhi. As the ones that are “driven” externally to achieve, become imbalanced. Those that meditate gift them with much needed serene energy. Unbeknownst to the vast majority of them. As, this is why they have/exhibit the strength that drives them.

For many that are on the path are taught the credo of the Great White Brotherhood. Which is… “To know, to dare, to do and to be silent”. Thus, many are “gifted” with expressions that others are working on for their benefit. And yet, know nothing of their fellow brother’s or sister’s gifts and assistances.

And the vast majority of Creation works in this manner. Gloriously and yet silently. Without fanfare. All striving to bring forth the attributes of this cosmic day. One great one being, courage. The courage to delve into the self, greatly. And to reveal and unfold the “higher” gifts that we have come to bring forth in this incarnational expression.

As we make plans for our expressional experience, we integrate these with achieving great and monumental gifts that our world needs. And there is none other that can gift these then ourselves. For we are truly individuated aspects of the Divine. No two are alike. For God chose individuated personas of ALL MANNER OF DIVERSITY. As this would achieve the greatest expansion of the Oneness, as possible.


And when we turn inward, we discover that the whole of this diversity that exists externally, exists as well, even in the within. For as above, so below. And as below, so above. As well as so within, so without. When we expand ourselves, we find that we begin to easily “identify” with one another. For we begin to see the reflections in self, through others.

As we are all increasing in frequency and vibration, we are seeing much more of our similarities; than our differences. We are “maturing” into incorporating more of the whole. We are recognizing that we need a balance of both the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine. In each of our bodies, as well as throughout society as a whole.

For now, we are transcending into the era of “power to the people”. As we transcend 3rd dimensional hierarchies, we align to the power of the Divine. We realize our inherent power, individually as well as collectively. And it is “blaringly” obvious that the average person has much more power, than the older 3D systems would have one believe.

Know that our time has arrived. And through allowance, which is a key aspect of a creator. We are coming into resonance more and more, as a people. And this is a great and grand power, properly expressed. And though others that have not chosen this path are trying to foment divisions throughout all manner of expression. Very few are responding to the old energy.

The vast majority are seamlessly bringing forth their inherent knowingness, once more. As there is nothing that is not already accessible to us, when we truly “seek” and “ask” with all of our passion. Be that going externally and realizing it. Or going within and realizing it. Divinity abounds within, throughout and around everything. For there is nothing outside of Source/God.

Delve into the Ray that calls you now. If you choose to change your ray of focus, do so. For as an inherent cocreator, there are no bounds. Thus, bring no definitions or beliefs that are “limiting”. As truly we are all limitless, or unlimited. Expansion is occurring within and without. And forget not…

All is taking place from within our now. Dwell not on past events, nor concern ourselves with “future” dreams. Gather the wisdom from them and move on. As when we go to our “past” mentally speaking we diminish much of our power. If we do meander, when we go within; call all of these aspects of self that we sent “out in time” back.

Intention and present awareness are key in these new energies. And they are increasing greatly. It is said that if a person that existed in the early part of the last century came into Being now, they would see a vast hue/glow that each of us has. This is due to these energies, intensifying. As we are inherently, luminesce Beings of Divine Light. As individuated aspects of the Oneness.

So, as this happens, it is up to us to be in a perpetual state of integration, with these energies. Making constant the call to “let go” of all that does not serve. Releasing older energies that exhibit duality and separation. As our only “limit” in these ascending frequencies, is our false sense of there even being a limit.

Let us embody as much wisdom as we can gleam from all of our Rays of focus that we chose for this incarnation. And remember, we are working on ALL of them. Though a primary focus may be reflected on a particular ray, as the predominant theme. We are mastering all of the Rays through all of the chakras. Expanding, limitless. Unlimited expressions of all manner of diversity, gifting the world their Divine gifts, here and now.

Let us gift the world with all that we came to give. For there is none other that can replace your individual gift. And I know I would love to have this gift, now!



Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran

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