Transformation & Activation, Here and Now

New energies are abounding. And they are of a very high frequency. Which is perfect for working on the within. For integration occurs through the tools of transformation. And through the process of activation. So, we have been gifted with a process to accomplish both. Let the transformation/activation, begin…

Though the following is offered as a meditation. Know that the “reading” of the meditation is all that is necessary. As the process has been designed to act while one reads the information. With the only suggestion, being, to keep “open” and to have a Sacred High Heart centered focus, while reading.



Beloved God in me, I AM. I call forth your presence and ask that this call be made through my Christed Consciousness and from my Sacred High Heart center. That I may bring forth the purity of my truth. I ask that my guides, elementals and angelic representatives know that I am asking that they assist me in my process of self-transformation and activation.

Through the use of my own unique chosen method of transmuting and transcendence, I make the call to clear as much as can be from my four lower bodies (emotional/astral, mental, etheric, physical), of that which I hold that no longer serves. And I ask that this energy be brought back into the purity of its Divine luminescence. That I may add this to the Causal body and gift this to the world, with my chosen expressions, I have come to create.

Let the wisdom and knowing come forth that shows me the futility in beliefs I hold that no longer serve and are not my truth. That I may “let these go” as easily as my exhaled breath. And let this energy transform, once more to the inherent knowing that I already embody, in purity. So that, once more, I realize that ALL is available from within the still silent whispers of my Sacred High Heart.

As I make the call for this transformation and activation, I also ask that my higher chakras begin activating greater amounts of my Light Body. That I may dawn my Divine Luminesce Light Body, so as to integrate and embody, further aspects of Spirit and Soul.

Let this transformation and activation occur as seamless, and in the most benevolent of ways. That I easily see, hear and know that I am embodying greater aspects of Self. And let the reality bring these reflections to me, throughout my without/reality. So, my confidence and strength are ever present and further increased.

Let the greatest amount of activation occur, within my DNA and cellular structure. As I bring forth, more of who I am, let my form be ever in greater and greater resonance and harmony with these higher frequencies. That I may experience a healing and a transformation within ALL of my four lower bodies. Bringing forth the purity of Divine prana, never to be used for human discord.

That ALL of my bodies are in alignment, once more. And I am a clear channel for all that comes to me from the Divine realms, from within. And that I may increase in my knowing and use of my higher senses. All in accord and alignment with Gaia. As Gaia and I ascend, together. For Gaia is integral to my ascension, here and now.

Let my intuition, reign once more. That I may flow through grander and grander expressions, in synchronistic receptivity. That as I receive from my guides and teachers, I may integrate and perpetuate, all that is truth.

Remind me, always, to be present and fully aware, in the ever eternal, now. Let my focus be ever in this eternal now. That I may be beyond the illusions and bounds of time. As eternity is ever present, here and now.

Bring forth greater knowings that transition me into my spiritual path in greater ways. Let my service to others be the fulfilling of my process in joy. Let my Creations be instilled through my passions, peace and power. As I see clearly through others, more of my self. And through this process, I realize, once more, we are all Oneness.

As I know we are all truly One. As I make this call on behalf of myself. I also extend this call to ALL of humanity. Let this call be directed through their own Higher Selves. That all that may be expressed through this call be done so, perfectly through their own Divine timing, known through their own Divine Higher Self’s.

I honor my Divine Temple, within throughout and around my entire Being. As I commune more and more with my innate body, in harmony and appreciation. And I express perfection of form, within all of my lower bodies. I express love Divine, to my universe/multiverse, within.

Let this transcendence transform me and activate the highest timeline and expressional experience for us ALL.

So Mote It Be.

so mote it be

Though this meditation is fairly short. Know that the true transformation/activation energies are included and incorporated. And these are the “true” power, behind the reading/meditation.

Transformation and activation energies are those that must be integrated. So, be aware of whatever our senses and feelings bring forth. As these may be brought forth as points of integration and/or release.

And know that release may take the form of either crying, feeling tired, laughing or getting angry. Thus, the proper way to “release” these is to “allow” the emotional state to run its course. And to be in a heart-centered state of Being, even if it is difficult to feel/know. As emotions usually “cloud” our perceptions.

After the emotion has run its course, really seek to make the call to the Soul to bring forth the knowing as to what was being expressed through this process. And inevitably, we will gain some insight and/or intuit why this was brought forth that our Soul and Higher Self chose to reveal to us. Even if not brought forth in absolute clarity, initially, the process is complete. As in time, greater understanding will always come forth.

Though for those that are intellectually inclined, the process may not seem to bring “crystal clear” conscious knowing of what was being “released” and/or “transformed” and/or “activated”. Know that the Sacred High Heart and Soul, require a process and release that our everyday conscious persona may not understand. So, just go “with the flow” through the process, without having to “intellectualize” it. Other aspects of Self are at work.

Many of us have been to events or venues in which it was clear to “feel” that energy was being received. And this is our analytical mind, learning what subtle energy feels like. These abilities will increase in everyone.

However, there are times when we go through a process and feel absolutely NO energy. And many times, we “judge” these as being of minor or no consequence. Because, in the “past” we felt great energy at certain venues or activations. Suddenly, when we feel nothing, we “think” we are not receiving.

Know this is what is referred to as “spiritual ego”. For in truth, those higher frequency energies that are of/for the Soul and High Heart are the “gentlest” and “subtlest” of energies. Though they be the most “potent” of transformation/activations.  Our physical/analytical aspect of Self, will feel very little, if anything. For these energies are so “high” so as to be beyond, perception for most.

A prayer/reflection of gratitude and appreciation as well as Divine Love, should be sent forth to all of our teachers, angels and guides for allowing us this transformational activation. We are told that they know our state of Being is in a vortex of much change. Yes, continual change.

For we are transcending “older” energies of separateness and lack/limitation. And this transcendence/activation transforms these energies anew. Newer, higher frequencies of energies that are of empowerment and Unity Consciousness. Bringing forth the Divine in ALL. Through transitioning from the illusions of times “past” to the ever-present, eternal, here and now.

Passion, power and peace prevail, here and now. As we expand into more of who we are. Integrating and expanding. Dawning Light Bodies. Releasing density that no longer serves. Blessing it for showing us what we are not. For we are Divine Luminesce Ascended Masters in training. Reconstituting the Purity of Oneness.


I Know Who I Am

I Know What I Am

I Know How I Serve

I Am here now, I Am here now, I Am here now


Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran

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