Change, Through Balance on Gaia

Balance brings forth the greatest amount of integration and wisdom. And we are seeing balance brought forth, even from Gaia. As the recent volcanic activity has demonstrated in Hawaii. Which brings about an esoteric release of the “new” Gaia. How so?

We have been shown that ALL is consciousness of some form or another. And as we “mature” we bring back our innate abilities to commune with other forms of consciousness. And through this process, we have learned/remembered that the elements are speaking and bringing forth their various parts of the plan for ascension occurring for Gaia/Humanity.

And this is taking place, as we speak, with the Kilauea Volcano. For Gaia has much in the form of “fire” that is being released. And in order for the element of “fire” to bring forth it’s conscious “release” of knowledge and its part of the “plan” for transitioning Gaia to the “higher” dimensional realms of the 4th, 5th and beyond; this fire must be released through it’s balance, water.


When the element of “fire” brings forth its knowledge and conscious expansion, it has to be released through it’s balance, water; in order for this consciousness knowledge and plan to be brought forth for the benefit of the entire planetary body. In this way, it “releases” its knowledge and part of the plan into the crystalline grid around Gaia. Thus, this is what is taking place. Gaia is bringing forth her plan for these ascension energies for ALL of her planetary body. And the energies expand from their point of “origin” on the surface, on to the whole planetary body, within time.

Just as we balance and align our bodies through this transition/shift in density of consciousness and dimensional realities, Gaia is balancing her Divine elements of air, water, fire and ether. With a “releasing” of the “new” energies and frequencies that are to be held, in our 4th dimensional realm and beyond.

The fact that this is occurring on an aspect of Gaia that has much water nearby, shows the Divine hand in this release of this “new” reality. As this transition has been ordained to occur in Divine timing. And there are/will be various ceremonies that occur on Hawaii, before the year is over. And these will solidify Humanities part/partnership with Gaia in balance of and in full alignment with her plan.

The Oneness between Gaia and her inhabitants is returning, once more. In a most harmonious of ways, we are remembering that our relationship with our planetary body is most sacred. For without Gaia, we are unable to progress in consciousness progression. In other words, we need her, in order to ascend.

Though the primary ascension that is occurring is one that is of a “group” nature. Along with a planetary body that is ascending. The “older” methods of ascension that took place in a more “singular” fashion, still needed Gaia to ascend. For it is Gaia, that “blesses” our progress and “releases” us from her “gravitational” hold.

When we had increased in frequency to such an extent, Gaia would “loose” her hold on our body. And we would ascend into the realms of Shambala. The interaction between the ascension and the planetary body, are integral. For it is our own part of the “planetary” consciousness that we speak of, when we refer to an aspect of the Higher Self.

As we each have a persona that comes into incarnation. And an aspect of our Soul comes with us, each incarnation. As the whole Soul is to “powerful” to exist in the “lower” frequencies. We thus, fragment an aspect of our Soul to come into this reality. And there are aspects of the Higher Self that function at the planetary level. There are aspects of the Higher Self that function at the stellar level and galactic level and so forth.

When we have “completed” our schooling, it is the “planetary” aspect of our Higher Self that works in conjunction with Gaia, in releasing us from the “hold” of the lower dimensional realms. We transcend to the higher 4th dimensional realities and beyond. Once we have achieved a certain level of luminescence and frequency. And are able to “hold” that frequency.

The moments we are spending in the “higher” 4th dimensional realms and beyond, are increasing. We are able to maintain these states, more and more. And though we do decrease in frequency on occasion. The vast majority of us are getting accustomed to these higher frequencies. And the “memory muscle” to achieve these states, by “will” alone is becoming more commonplace.

With Gaia, bringing forth her wisdom and part of the plan, we will be increasing our pace. As Gaia and Humanity go into further resonance with the over-all plan, our synchronicities will increase. As we begin to gather more and more with people of similar frequency and paths. The timelines will commence to separate, yet further.

With those that are considered “part of the harvest” coming into more and more resonance. We will see many that are truly “dawning” their Light Bodies, in greater and greater luminescence. The truth of who we are, will shine forth more brilliantly than ever. Light workers/warriors will begin to recognize one-another, without having previously “known” who they are.

While those that are still “enmeshed” in 3D drama and games, will bring forth an expansion of these “lower” frequencies. For through this “new” energy that Gaia has been dawning, ALL frequencies will be “magnified”. None will be able to “hide” who they truly are. As the “reflections” of self will become more poignant.

As the consciousness rises for the entire planetary body and populace, all will bring forth more intuition. And our innate abilities that are the various “clairs” will increase. Our clairsentience, clairaudience and so forth. Our “super consciousness” will increasingly become the focal point of operating, for many.

And through our Higher Mind and our increase in Soul, we will “lessen” the hold that the subconsciousness has on the illusions held of “fear”. For we are transmuting and transcending all that does not serve. And we are operating from our “truth” more and more. Attaining a balance, anew, with our various mental bodies. As Gaia is, as well.

Through these releases that Gaia has been accomplishing, she has rid herself of much 3D drama that has held sway for many millennia. Releasing her version of “karma” and “subconscious” fears, imposed upon her by humanity. Through their forgetting of the sacred relationship we have in Oneness together, as a Divine people on a Divine planetary body.

As we ourselves assist in this “release” through our own unique chosen methods of transmutation/transcendence. We fulfill our part of the Divine plan. For we unite once more, through Unity Consciousness to “clear” all that does not serve. All that is in disharmony and discord, with Gaia and ALL her people. That ALL may heal. That ALL may “clear” as much density, as possible. That we may be fit to dawn the ever expansive, luminesce Light Body.

Gaia is changing her form, now. And this process will continue. Through our conscious “calls” we may work in conjunction with Gaia. We may bring forth much gifts of transmutation and transcendence so that Gaia will not have to “process” much, in “harsher” ways. For Gaia choses to be as benevolent as possible through this ascension. And we may do our part, in living in accord with this.

Exciting times abound. We are in perpetual “change” as we ascend. Integrate, through balance. And process this ascension, consciously and wisdom will be embodied. Know and desire to know what is occurring. Petition our Higher Self to “reveal” to us, our part. That we may be ever at the perfect place, at the perfect time. Fulfilling our part of the Divine plan.

Recognizing that our stellar family is with us throughout this whole process. And they are assisting us in ways, unknown. Bringing forth as much harmony as possible for this transition and family reunion. Bringing the necessary changes, we are to process, as we return to Being galactic citizens, once more. All from our here and now. Ascension, prevails.

As we bring down the “veils” of our direct link to the higher realms. We recognize that we have ALL we need within. And with our awareness held on/from our Sacred High Heart-Center, we increase in recognizing all that is Divine. As we increase in seeing all, both harmonious and disharmonious. Recognize that we are ascending. Thus, we are realizing more that is of disharmony. Let that not “dishearten” us. As it reveals that we see from an ever-expansive state. Proving, our ascension is occurring. As we “see” anew.

So, “judge” not, with this expansive awareness. Just realize that now, we see more clearly. And this “clarity” should bring to the forefront that we mustn’t be “critical” of others that haven’t reached our state of Being. For we where once there. As one maintains a harmonious state of Being, this “power” alone keeps us from being influenced by anything other than harmony and love, Divine.

Joy, zeal for “right life” and the bringing forth of truth is expanding. Passions that move us, are in order. Expressing our Divine gifts is a must. For the more of ourselves we can share, the more luminesce we become. As we embody more of the Divinity In Us!


Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran

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