Activation Through Cosmic Symbols


As I CENTER I find that, paradoxically, I EXPAND.


And as this alignment is achieved through centering and expansion,

I, simultaneously, achieve a more complete state of BALANCE.


Within throughout and around my entire Being (physical, etheric, mental and emotional), I express all in and through balance.


As I PREPARE myself for further embodiment of who I AM. I resonate in perfect alignment within all of my lower bodies as I EXPRESS more and more of who I AM.


And as this occurs, I EXTEND my entire Being by embodying these further aspects of Self . And integrating these aspects of Self, into more of the Oneness of who I AM. Embodying these expressions, permanently.


As I UNLOCK the energies and access to these aspects of Self that are more Holy and Divine, I also unlock more and more of my DNA and Light Body. Each and every day, in every way, I achieve a benevolent integration of these energies, I have called forth and unlocked, here and now.


I achieve an ever-endless Divine FLOW of these energies, once more. As I make certain this flow is occurring perfectly as well as continuously expanding.

flow 1

And, I know I RECEIVE greater and greater aspects of the fullness of who I AM, indefinitely. As I integrate all that I receive. Through harmony and grace, in love Divine.


As I RECEIVE this Divine FLOW that UNLOCKS the truth of who I AM.  As I EXTEND myself further onto my path as I PREPARE myself completely, so as to EXPRESS myself in purity as the truth of who I AM, in BALANCE. I bring forth more of who I AM as I EXPAND this form of expression, all from the CENTER of my Divine Being.


And, as if anew, I RELATE, once more to the truth of who I AM. As I mirror that which is Divine, in me. I express perfectly this mirrored expression, here in physicality.


Which causes me to REALIZE, more and more every day, the grandness of who I AM. Through Divine Light and Heart-Centered expression, I achieve all that I came to gift the world. All in accord and in Oneness with my plan that I choose to express, this cosmic day.


As I continue throughout this entire cosmic day to ACT in accord with my Divine plan of expression and share my Divine gifts, I have come to express for the benefit of All That Is.


And throughout all of this I TRANSFORM myself, into more completeness of Divine expression, here and now. As I achieve my own unique part of expression, perfectly, thus fulfilling my part of the plan for this cosmic day.


As I once more CONNECT with all aspects of Self. The complete, trinity. The monadic/spirit, the soul/higher mind and the persona/physical Being. The spirit, soul and physical. Each a perfect mirror of Divine harmony. Expressing through passion, and in peace, all that I bring forth, within my power.

manifest 1

Perfectly, I MANIFEST all that is necessary for the fulfillment of my Divine plan, here and now. From the density of the 4th dimensional realm to the non-physical realms of 5th dimension and beyond. As I embody more and more of my DNA and activate even more of my Light Body.

For my ability to MANIFEST is greatly enhanced and accelerated as I CONNECT to more of who I AM. I TRANSFORM myself and my reality, as I ACT in accord with the “new” me. Integrated in balance and harmony. I REALIZE and RELATE to my Divinity, here and now.

Expressing, perfectly, the fulfillment of my unique and exclusive portion of achievement and participation, this cosmic day. All in Divine Love and through Divine Timing. Working in Unity Consciousness and Oneness, forever more.


The following symbols that are used and their purposes are described through the folks from Galactic Connection. They are a gift given from the Sirians to the Essessanis or (Ssassanis) and passed on to Humanity through the Ssassanis.


Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran

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