Our Diamond Hearts

The Diamond Heart, spoken of by Ascended Master, Mother Mary is the strong and clarifying purity that She has instilled/installed in all of us. This purity of the diamond heart is ever at our center of Being. And as long as we don’t “filter” it through feelings that are disharmonious, we will be the reflection of this purity, brought forth, here and now.

mother marys-diamond-heart-blessing

Our Divine Being “gifts” us with ALL that we need, within us. Though, it is us that must “strive” to be the “open” channel of this aspect of Self. For the purity that we are, inherently, is complete, already. Thus, our own Divinity has nothing to “prove”. As we ourselves, seek out experience. The higher aspect of self “awaits” patiently, for us to “return”.

Much as the “prodigal” son, returns, after going out into the world. Our Higher Self, awaits our “persona’s” journeys in Creation. And when we tire of seeing “futility” in Maya, we return to the “father”; i.e. the Higher Self. Who then celebrates our return. As, now, we return to balance. And truly “seek” a more fulfilling reason for Being.

This is when the “clarifying” aspect of the Diamond Heart, begins to shine forth, brilliantly. For when we truly “tire” of seeking/seeing the ways of the world, our own Divine gift from Mother Mary, begins to truly “speak” to us. In a most clarifying and Divine Heart-felt way, we are welcomed, home. As we recognize that our sojourn in the world has not brought the satisfaction that we have truly “sought”.

It is said that our Angels and Guides celebrate, at such momentous occasions. As now, they will be “felt”, “seen” and “listened” to, more fully. As our own Higher Self, directs us to go “within” and “realize” that what we have “sought”, externally, is already “within” us. Except, now, we seem to realize this, anew. It “truly” makes sense to us, now.

Just like a diamond, brings forth such a “luminous” clarity and brilliance. We too, once more, see things as if through our “singular” eye. Focused and clear, as our vision and knowing, sharpens. As ALL aspects of Self, unite and align. We have the “clear knowing” brought forth.

Being able to view the many aspects of Self, as if viewing the different “facets” of a diamond. In true appreciation for the many aspects of Self that all fit and work harmoniously together. Just like the many facets of the diamond, that reflect the brilliance of the entirety. So, do we!

We thus, come to really appreciate the multidimensional aspects of Self, as we do the many facets of a diamond. For ALL aspects of Self, belong. And ALL aspects of Self are transitioning, anew. Returning to the power, peace and passion of living, here and now. As this is the only point of focus, in time, we ever need. All through a heart-centered alignment.

This brings forth many attributes and gifts that we have come to express, this here and now. As we “align” with ALL aspects of Self and center through our High Heart. We begin seeing various “gifts” coming forward, that we each have. And these “gifts”, others have been awaiting. For these “gifts” help others to more fully “align” and bring “luminescence” to the realization that they are already Divine, here and now. The “ripple effect” begins to express, Divinity all around.

The luminesce brilliance and clarity. The strength and form. The sacred geometric pattern. And the purity contained, therein are the attributes that we each have. Through our individuated expressions, brought forth from our Sacred Diamond Heart, gifted us through the beloved Ascended Master, Mother Mary.

Know that when we turn to the beloved Mother Mary. In appreciation and gratitude for Her Divine Being, expressing Love Divine, for ALL the attributes, instilled upon us. We are completing our part of the expression. Through living in accord and expressing through the wisdom of our Sacred High Heart and Mind, we honor our gifts She has given us. We thus, return a “gift” ourselves, to Her, for Her Divine love She has brought forth, on behalf of each of us.

ascended host

The Ascended Host are always with us. In many ways we are entirely unaware of, they are assisting us. For they have “Mastered” the reality we are Being schooled in. And they are “my brother’s keeper”, in the truest sense of the word/action. Knowing that we are ALL in and of, Oneness. They never “tire” of Being there for us.

Let’s do our part to Honor all that is Holy, within us. Expressing fully through our Sacred Diamond Heart. Seeing Creation as the Ascended Host, see it. Through the eyes of purity and perfection. Knowing and living in accord with our Divine plan. Feeling the power and passion of our expressions as we create in peace. Bringing forth creations that express joy, love, compassion ad harmony.

Divinity abounds in ALL. Know this, from within, throughout and around our entire Being’s aura we create everything. Therefore, create harmonious expressions of sharing, caring and joyous action. Bring forth the complete expression of the “three-fold” flame.


The blue color of Divine Will. The pink color of Self-Love/Divine Love. The golden/yellow color of Wisdom. Bringing forth the Divine expressions of these energies in total balance. And through the clarity and pristine luminescence of our Diamond Heart, we are ever in these purifying energies of unconditional love or love Divine.

Remember, in truth, God is everywhere. There is nothing, “outside” of God. So, if ALL That Is, is omnipresent, are we not all, aspects of the One? In fact, God, expressing in embodiment! Realizing the Divine Creation, from our Sacred Diamond Heart. Seeing through the “Heart” and “eyes” of the Ascended Master, Mother Mary; should we so choose. We come to know that there is nothing but the Divine, everywhere. Within, throughout and around our entire Being. All, manifested here and now.

Seeing with these “diamond” eyes, we see that we are no different from the Ascended Host, right now. Other than belief. Which leads to, deed. Which proves our “knowing”. What “knowing” are we living?

And when we know we are, inherently, Ascended Beings. We easily align with and bring about our Divine plan of ascension. As we embody ALL aspects of our Divinity, here and now. We unite all aspects of Self, in a diamond configuration. Reflecting the truth of who we are. And we transmute and transcend anything and everything that is between our Divine expression and our ascension. All through ease, knowing we are fully supported by ALL who are, Divine.

For we bring forth “legions” of angels and guides. All eager to assist us in realizing our inherent Divinity. As our cosmic family “reemerges” to assist us, as well. For our stellar family are excited to see us expand our consciousness. As these assist, not only us, but themselves, as well. And though, the “reemerging” is a point of view, from our perspective; this is only due to our newly “awakening”. For, never have they “left” our side.

Our journeys are ever entwined with our celestial, cosmic, angelic, elemental and stellar families. From the realms of within, throughout and around our entire Beings. We are ever in harmonious expressions with All That Is. Even through “perceived” disharmonious expressions, we integrate and expand. For our journey is, ever onward.

Through the gift of transmutation and transcendence, we readily and easily transmute/transcend all that does not serve. While integrating what has been gained as wisdom, we release all that is not our truth and thus, no longer of service. Working with Gaia, in transmuting and transcending our “past” experiences and expressions gained through 3D experience/schooling. We prepare our “home” for the incoming golden age.

We magnetize the “new” Gaia. As we spend greater and greater amounts of time in Her Divine 4th dimensional realm. We integrate the attributes of unconditional love and compassion. As we truly “see” anew, the perfection of Gaia. As we resonate with these realms, more and more. We spend greater amounts of our experience, in these dimensions and densities.

Expressing through our Diamond Heart, our truth. Knowing we are ascending, here and now. And we are the Divine transmuting/transcending power, we have been waiting for. Expressing through confidence and compassion, while preparing our Holy bodies, anew. Bringing forth higher dimensional energies and frequencies. As we increase in 4D frequency, ever more. In integration of wisdom and through balance of expression, we expand.

Until, one day. 3D is no more. Our reality has been transitioned, permanently. And we KNOW we have ascended. Graduates of Gaia’s Divine schooling. Where NO ONE fails. As ALL ascend back into Oneness. Transmuting lead into gold. Truly embodying our Diamond Heart, permanently!


Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran

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