The Power of Truth

Truth, is a power wholly unto itself. Truth is a presence that changes everything in its path. For as we expand into greater and greater living and realizing our truth, we change all before us. For in the presence of “truth”, the whole of reality bows before it. How so?

I recently heard a lecture and channeling from Micheila Sheldan ( in which she brought forth a very valid point. She stated that when someone is living their truth, those that are in their presence, must “match” their own frequency in similar vibration; with respect to “truth”. In other words, if we are in the presence of another who is “more so” living their truth; we will begin to “match” our own vibrational frequency of “truth” to that which they have attained. In their presence, we can’t help but “match” this visceral vibrational frequency of truth.

And this can be very “revealing” when this occurs to us. For some, unintentionally, they will begin “revealing” their own truths, in the presence of such a being. Even without knowing why this aspect of self, that they would normally “hide” from others, begins revealing truth. Suddenly, within the presence of a being that is truly living in their own truth; they themselves end up revealing something that they would not have normally shared, with others. They too, begin revealing/expressing more “truth”, viscerally.

These are known as “revelations” from the ego that come forth as our “truth”, in these situations. And usually immediately after they occur, we feel “bad”. For, if we are truly honest with ourselves, we realize that we must truly “believe” this way, or we wouldn’t have “blurted out” something that immediately gives us and perhaps others, “pause” or concern.

Yet, in the presence of a very truthful and loving being, these aspects of self that we have “overlooked”; come out. And, really, this is truly a blessed “gift” we receive from being in the presence of one that is truly living their truth, here and now. For their “power” of truth was/is so strong, that when we are in their presence, truth must be revealed. Even within our self.


And depending on how “aware” one is, they will recognize that in the presence of this individual, they “notice” something occurs. Some will not realize that they are in the presence of one that is emitting this powerful frequency of truth. They may merely “feel” that they don’t want to be in the presence of this individual. Not “knowing” why.

Or if they’re more “aware” they may recognize that in the presence of this individual, they must be more “cautious” so as not to reveal what seems to come forth quite naturally around this individual; their own truth.

Yet, the being that, naturally, is truly “living” their own “truth”; will call forth this frequency in others. For this is the “power” of truth. Being in the presence of a very “pure” and “truthful” individual, will bring this quality out, in us all.

And it is us, that must be “wise” enough to recognize and appreciate that we are being shown, what is “inside” us. As many times, the “truths” that are revealed in these moments are not very “flattering”. As our own “hypocrisy” is what is typically revealed, as we “blurt” out something that shows an unbalanced view, we carry.

This is why we are always advised to make the call to our Higher Self and guides that we, completely and successfully “let go” of all that no longer serves. For we have “carried” many “beliefs” that we have picked up from society, or “bad” experience. And these may no longer be our “truth”. Yet, we haven’t “completely” removed them from our being or consciousness. Thus, the call to let go of all that no longer serves.

Any wisdom that is to be “revealed” or understood and integrated, will come forth, naturally as we go through the process of “letting go”.

So, being in the presence of ones that are truly living in “truth” has some major advantages. As we benefit from merely being in their presence. As their energies are ever “merging” and “entwining” with ours. We too, must then receive what is our “truth” in their presence. And this is how we ALL expand. Through resonant frequencies.

This is why the following axiom is true…

Tell me who your friends are, and I’ll tell you who you are.


This is also why, so many seek to be in the presence of a Holy One. For through resonance, we attain a similar frequency. And anything that is “contrary” to achieving this level of frequency, must be brought forth; so as to be “cleared” or let go. Thus, those that are “privileged” enough to be in proximity to a Holy One, are “assured” much progress.

This is why we see many who are on their spiritual “path” seek out a “Guru” or “Spiritual Teacher”. As these Ones can bring much energetic progress to those that are willing to “truly” take on the role of an Adept.

While the vast majority of us are not on such a “path”. We must “maintain” the societal “norms” while we attain self-realization. And though progress may not be attained as quickly. We too, may attain these “purified” states of being, here and now. For living Ones truth, is the “goal”. And so, being a more complete aspect of our “truth” in “purity” is in reach for us all.

Let us ever keep in mind the power of truth. For in the presence of truth, a lie cannot stand. And the process of ascension, is a natural return to truth; in the grandest sense. So be ever desirous of expanding in our own truth. As that which is not our truth, we let go of, as easily as breathing out exhaled air.

Seek out those acquaintances and friends that are willing to be a “truthful” match. For the more that gather in “likeness” the greater the strength. And these are the ones that are going to bring forth great changes on Earth. For as the “darkness” scurries quickly when the “light” is turned-on. So, do “lies” and “falsehood” scurry and “fall apart” in the presence of truth.

Those that are living their “truth” must “mature”, spiritually speaking, quickly. For these are the ones that “notice” others “blurting out” something discordant, in their presence. And rather than “chastise” these ones for their “indiscretions” in verbal conduct; these ones must KNOW that they are “assisting” others to disclose their own “truths” by means of their own energy they are reverberating, in their presence.

Realizing that others must speak their “truth” while in our presence. And Being a “true” spiritual adept, means being “neutral”, not “judgmental” when these verbal expressions occur. As occur, they will. As this is a form of Siddhi, we ALL develop. That only “truth” be revealed, in our presence, here and now. Let us make the call to our I AM Presence that we be ever in the frequency and light of truth, here and now. And let us “honor” truth, by Being within its frequency, always, here and now.

Dogen the-truth


Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran

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