Frequency & the Four Winds


I recently went through a ceremony of “Calling in Of the Four Directions”. A ceremony to honor the four winds. And “offer” and express, healing.

Before I began reading the “invocation” the winds were fairly active. After I went through the reading, the winds virtually subsided. As I finished the ceremony, the winds picked up, once more.

med wheel

When I was honoring the four directions, in my medicine wheel; the birds began flying in all of the four directions. And, at what appeared to be 50 feet above us, was a hawk flying in circles at the time the ceremony had ended. Which I took as a “sign” that what we “offered” was honored.

I also took the fact that the winds seemed to have responded, in recognition of what had been done. Due to the winds stopping, though they had been quite active before the ceremony, while the ceremony was taking place. And commencing, once more, after the ceremony was complete.


So, the following day, I began to “notice” spiders around me. In unusual places. I “inquired” if they needed help and got no response. So, I said go day, and went on my way; in each case. And I “noticed” a spider web that seems to be so very strong, that it wouldn’t “break” when my dog walked through it.

meditate 3

Then, as I began my morning meditation. I was “directed” back to the spiders. And I realized that my Angels and Guides, tend to give me “signs” with animals. As this has occurred, numerous times, before. So, as I “opened” to what the spiders had to “reveal” to me. I was “taught” the following, through their wisdom, they shared. As, I believe the four winds, offered this as a gift to me, in return and recognition for the ceremony.

The spider is very keen on frequency and vibration. And in the spider’s wisdom, it prefers to spin its web, so as to situate itself, in “mid-air”. And this accomplishes two tasks. The spider has a web that will “alert” it if there is an object caught in the web; that may be a potential meal.

Yet, on a more visceral level, the spider’s web also easily “tunes-into” all of the vibrational frequencies that the four winds, carry. You see, the spider is extremely sensitive to vibration and frequency. And it prefers to have its web spun where there is much “air”. So that whatever “news” the winds are carrying, the spider can “tune-into” while “reading” these vibrations. Thus, they “know” much more about what is occurring in their environment than we tend to know. As they are “peering into” the same Unity Consciousness that we are “learning”/”remembering” to “tune-into” ourselves. A gossamer highway, in which Gaia communes and shares with all.

And this was the four wind’s gift and acknowledgement for working with me, through ceremony. They called forth the spider, to “reveal” to me; that they are the “carriers” of all news Gaia has. From all-manner of frequency and vibration. And they dispense this news throughout the planet, by their winds.

And each one, according to their “kind”, tunes-into these vibrational frequencies to “gather” knowledge and “read” what is going on. Humans, based on there level of “awareness” can tune-into these and read them, just like a spider does. And we are learning/remembering to do this, once more.

When we turn our attention and awareness, inward. And we focus our awareness from our heart-center. We tune-into our own personal “access” to Unity Consciousness. And at this level of “awareness” our ability to commune with all-manner of other consciousness, is greatly expanded.

This is why, those that meditate, come to realize, rather quickly that we are all one. For through our turning inward, and tuning into our own Divine aspect, we begin the process of “activating” these various metaphysical “centers” that are truly the REAL information super-highway. Or, the “true”, “internal” net, rather than the internet.

And through this, we may “commune” with all-manner of consciousnesses. All here and now. When we do so with sincerity, and in love Divine. And our zeal and passions are to bring forth that which is our “birthright”; we thus begin this process of activation of more of our DNA. And we continue to expand our consciousness. As we learn/remember to tune-into these other realms of existence.

And all of these other realms are ever-desirous of communing with us, once more. For we have many acquaintances and really “deep” relationships with others that have been patiently awaiting our “awakened” awareness. As we have been around for a really, really long time. Though we dawn the band of forgetfulness, when we come here. These others love us dearly, and eagerly are awaiting our relations, once more.

I offer and express gratitude and appreciation, as well as love Divine to the winds for honoring my expressions. And I offer the same for my “Guides” and the “Animal” realm for bringing forth the spider in order to share their wisdom, once more.

I will do my part to learn/remember the wisdom that was given to me by the spider and the winds. As I have agreed to “partake” in greater learning, in the etheric realms. That I may capture the true wisdom that they have brought forth, for me. As I learn/remember, how to commune more easily and readily with these various realms of Creation.

As the spider does, so easily, so may we. We may “figuratively” setup our “cosmic web” in the gossamer of Unity Consciousness. And make that our “home” from which to “receive” the communications, we need. From our Angels, Elementals and Guides. From our own I AM Presence. From our stellar and cosmic families. From the infinite within, to the infinite without. We are in communion with All That Is. For we are ALL Divine aspects of All That Is.

Tune-into the TRUE information super-highway. The “internal” net. The Divinity Within us. Available, here and now. Accessible, always. And eternally expansive. And endless, both within and without.

When we “purposefully” put forth, conscious effort, in accomplishing this; we garner the support of many. For we go into resonance and harmony with those that are ever desirous of assisting us. Interesting paradox, yes? Turn inward and then gain the “fellowship” of All That Is. And there, “within”, our guides and God, await us.

Since we each have free-will, we ourselves must make the “call”. As, those that await us, need our “permission”. This is why we put forth a conscious, call. Much like when we do ceremony. And the answer, ALWAYS comes. This is why, we must “prayerfully” ask that we be made AWARE of when we are receiving our answer. Since there is a “time-lag” in our realm, sometimes we “miss” the answers, we have been given.

The winds have honored the ceremony. And I am very grateful. They “returned” the following day, baring “gifts”. And I am truly honored for their gifts. May I ever be at their assistance, if I may. That we work in tandem with Gaia’s desires. For we are ALL truly Oneness.

This wisdom they have brought forth for me, I am more than willing to share as well with any who wish. Tune into this, in the etheric realm. As that is where I “publish” ALL that I AM. And the aspects of Self that are there, will bring this forth, perfectly. In Divine timing that truly teaches us. That we may realize, down to our core, our own truth.

There are certain “highly” developed, spiritual adepts and yogis that have “attained” the ability to bring “awareness” to any question that one has, in there “presence”. Such that, if one had a question, and one was “near” this being, their answer would come about rather quickly. Perhaps this is a “gift” one may ask for?

What a Divine Loving Presence, One would be, if “others” received answers to their questions, by “tuning-into” this One! I myself know of a couple of people, like this. And we each may have this “gift”, if we sincerely want to be selfless and in service to others; through this means.

Perhaps the wisdom of the four winds and the spiders, will bring this knowing about, once more. For those that are desirous of learning/remembering, how to do this. I’m certain they will share their wisdom, viscerally with any who are sincere.

And know that this “gift” doesn’t mean that we ourselves “know” all that others are desirous of asking us. However, we may “offer” the frequency of “knowing” that they need. Without having to have “previous” knowledge of the subject they are desirous of knowing.

Let the wisdom of vibration and frequency return to us, once more. That we may accelerate our joy of service and commune with many others, on our path. Realizing that Oneness of service is expressed by All. And being ever desirous of expanding this joyous service, here and now. I honor, You All.

four directions medicine wheel

Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran

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