Science and Spirituality Meet

My Wife and I went to Vancouver Island, Nanaimo, BC, Canada for a conference on Science and Spirituality. Lee Carroll, Gregg Braden, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Lynne McTaggart and Dr. Joe Dispenza where the presenters. And I was very impressed with the information. As these folks have been “key” to getting the “system” to change, scientifically speaking.

science and spirituality

It is interesting to see how certain scientists that are not willing to acquiesce to the standards, others feel are “unchangeable”, do exist. And, scientists that are not willing to compromise their true research and conclusions, are often those that are “ostracized”, within their respective fields of study. Especially when there is much “funding” behind various “research”. No one wants to stop the “money train”. And yet, those scientists that are truly desirous of “knowing” truth, bring much to the forefront that contradicts what we have been told.

I grew up being told that nothing in our bodies “regenerates”. Once we lose a brain cell or incur an injury to the nervous system, we are “forever” without a replacement. I was told this, with respect to many of my various bodily parts. And now, we know that this is not the case. Everything we have, may “regenerate” a new or replacement part. There are even methods for replacing “missing” limbs. Yet, we are not shown or given access to these. Why?

It is very sad to see how long humanity takes to make changes, even in science. For even through the “approved” methods of scientific standards, there is much “dogma” that a scientist will encounter. Science was to be “divorced” of religion, since its “modern” inception. And yet we see that many scientists were never successful at leaving “dogma” out of the scientific field.

Though those that are on the scientific forefront of consciousness and biology are proving, scientifically, what we have been given; metaphysically from our “forefathers/foremothers” from the beginning. That being in a constant state of joy and bringing joy to all we interact with, is to be our primary state of being and objective. For this is our whole purpose, in existence.

kryon lemurian teaching wheel

Lee Carroll brought through the wisdom of our Pleiadean foremothers. Speaking of when they “seeded” us, in Lemuria,  and they brought forth the Lemurian teaching wheel. The wisdom brought forth stated that we were to be ever joyful. That being our only purpose. And the “schooling” for the children was to be of seeking expressions of their joy, in any/many ways.

lemurian children teachings

I have listened to “others” of our stellar family that “teach” this same wisdom, today. The Essessani are a hybrid race of Zeta-Human. And they tell us that our primary purpose is to live a constant state of joy, in all we do. That as long as we go from one joyful experience and expression to another, we will naturally ascend. And they are just one of many of our stellar family that are reminding us of this, our “truth”.

In fact, ALL of the various stellar family that have chosen to come forth, during this time, to remind us of who we are; have stated similar, if not the exact same message. To recognize that we are truly loved Divinely by them, and that we must love ourselves as such. And that we must live joyfully in all we do. As this is the way back home.

Through living our joy, we naturally ascend. As we embody the higher frequencies of love Divine, joy, compassion, appreciation and oneness; we bring about a harmony that is known as coherence. And when we can attain a coherent state within our hearts and our minds, we transcend the “lower” frequencies that bring forth “difficulties”.

It is this coherent state of being that removes us from the frequencies that bring forth “strife”. We are “beyond” these lower influences. And this keeps us in a state of “allowance”. And through the expressions of our joy, we “allow” higher frequency expressions to enter our field of awareness and experience. In other words, we are more prone to receive these higher states of love, joy, fun, excitement, adventure, harmony and relaxation. As, like attracts like.

The old axiom… What you put out, is what you get back.


Now, the science is catching up and validating the fact that we need to be aware of our environment. And we need to be in a coherent state, mentally and emotionally. As experienced and expressed through both the heart and the mind. From a heart-centered, conscious state of awareness and being. And should we maintain these states of being, we will easily flow with any and all that comes our way. In a most harmonious and joyous way.

The science has “proven” that our environment has a “major” impact on our state of being. Both from a mental standpoint and a physical standpoint. Our health, or lack thereof, is highly influenced by our mental/emotional/physical environments. Both within and without. Always, firstly from within.

If we live harmoniously and truly love and respect ourselves, our mental/emotional/physical bodies will come into alignment. And our true creative power will be able to be expressed, fully. Yet, all of these states of being, must be achieved from our within. In order to be expressed in the without.

For if we acquiesce to “judging” ourselves, harshly. Or if we “admonish” ourselves, excessively; we will do the same with others. This is the sad truth. When we see someone, who is willing to “harm” another. It is a reflection that they would do likewise to themselves, just as easily. And this is why ALL starts from within. We must view ourselves with as much Divine Love, as we would give God. For in truth, there is no difference!

Lemurian adult teachings

Would we “judge” and “punish” God, as we do ourselves? For in truth, there is no difference! If we find ourselves going down the path of “separation”, we know we have gone astray. For we are ALL truly Oneness, in various expressions. And as we are all truly One, we see why the Ascended Host assure us; they only see Divine Loving Perfection all about. If we find the “need” to feel separate from another, we are missing the point. For ALL are learning/remembering what it is like to be in full conscious awareness, while embodying in dense physicality.

Through the “law of resonance” we will be attracted synchronistically, to those of similar “vibrational resonance”. So, be ever grateful and joyous that others are willing to show us what we “contain” inside ourselves. As the reality will ever reflect that which we have inside of us, either knowingly or unknowingly.

We must change our ways, greatly, with respect to our “core” teachings. I don’t recall being “taught” to be ever seeking to be the state of joy. I don’t recall “schools” encouraging me to find out what makes me happy and joyous and furnishing me with ways to express these states of being. I don’t recall “higher” education, mandating courses on living joyously with ALL others. Or teaching “higher” and all-encompassing ways of expressing joy, in all manner of studies.

I do recall psychological courses in which I was “taught” that anger, frustration, upset and separation/segregation are “normal” emotional expressions. I do recall being “taught” that much of my health was due to “unforeseen” and “uncontrollable” bodily changes (i.e. genes that turn on and off, randomly), that I was at the behest of. And that I had no power or influence in “healing” myself.

I was “taught” to go seek someone outside of myself, to tell me all about myself. Be that a teacher, counselor, doctor, psychologist, priest, minister, parent and on and on. Anything, but going within. Even the “traditional” religions I attended in my youth, “taught” that I was unable to “redeem” myself. Not realizing there was no “need” for a redemption, I “bought” into it.

The ascension is about returning to being a creator. And being a creator means, creating constantly. Firstly, from within. Then expressed in the without. And we can’t be a creator and be a “victim”. Why would a creator, create itself as a “victim”? Those are unreconcilable concepts. Ascension is empowering. Ascension is increasing in frequency. Ascension, is returning/remembering that we are Divinity manifest in creation, ever perfecting the creation, here and now.

The science is finally “proving” what the metaphysical has been teaching for millennia. This means there are no further excuses. The proof can be shown that the subtle realms exist and influence us. For they are the “mechanisms” that bring forth ALL that we create. They “prove” that harmony, love and joy are gracious forms of expressing, in creation.

The science has also “proved” that our “inner realms” know absolutely NO difference between what is “imagined” and what is actually “physically” experienced. This is why one can meditate that they are “working out” and they will receive the same benefit as the one that actually goes to the gym and works out. The various bodies know NO difference. Thus, one can have an injury and work this out, “in the head” (i.e. meditating) and the body will “heal” the injury. So as to “match” the body “envisioned” while meditating. This is the “true” power, we may all achieve, when we turn inward.

So, lets step up our efforts in creating. For we are being “activated” further, by our foremothers. They are assisting us in increasing our “light bodies”. So that we may be the living example they set for us. That we may be as our stellar family, is inherently. Constantly living our joy. Being in the state of continual gratitude and appreciation for ALL that we are.

Knowing that as we “step up” our efforts, we simultaneously leave ALL that does not serve, behind. For our bodies are “lightening up” as we embody more of our luminous light bodies. And the older, denser, frequencies that are not our “truth” must be released. As we shed ALL that no longer serves. That we may be a joyous and luminous brilliance of Divinity that we inherently are. Ever fulfilling our part of the Divine plan, here and now. Knowing I AM THAT I AM.

Pleiadian Misison

Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran

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