Forgetting the Illusions of the Without


When we are truly desirous of making a change, then we always bring about this change from within. When we focus our efforts on ourselves, we realize that this change must be expressed from within ourselves; to show “true”, externally. Though we have many examples that exist, externally, and “emulating” a chosen example is fine. We ourselves must embody this “changed” expression. In order to “fully” change.

However, many times we get “caught up” in the “illusion” of the external world. We sometimes “accept” what others “project” on us. Not realizing that they are expressing “values” that they themselves have chosen and are attempting to get those same values “reflected” back to them; through expression/interaction with us.

Yet, when we can “receive” and “perceive” these interactions from a deeper level, or from a perspective of “detachment”, we see that this is what occurs with many that we interact with. And we refer to this as “intuition”. Knowing that what we are “receiving” is not our “issue”, rather the projection of some other’s beliefs being expressed.

Though many times, we feel “compelled” to dispel the situation through conversing. We are truly better off, moving on. For there is a level of consciousness that is not yet ready to face reality for what it is. And many we come across are at this level of consciousness. Without being “judgmental”, there are those that are unwilling to see anything but their own chosen view of reality.

And at times there are those that are working through getting past their “ego”, as they gain mastery of their thoughts. And as this change comes about, there are mental struggles that occur within the “analytical” and “intuitive” versions of consciousness. Which might seem like listening to two “opposing” views, at once. Kind of like the depictions in movies of the “angel” standing on one shoulder encouraging benevolence and the “devil” on the other shoulder expressing attitudes of separation and malevolence.

devil and angel on shoulder tattoo

Those that consider themselves “intuitive” have “argued” with what they’ve picked up from the “ego”. While attempting to express messages from the Higher Self. And this is a grave error. For the “intuitive” person is encouraging expression through the “ego” by interacting with this portion of consciousness. And the balance should be expressed by the “intuitive” one. Addressing the message from the Higher Self, while expressing a compassionate statement that addresses “issues” noted with the “ego”; or analytical consciousness. For this encourages “unifying” both consciousnesses. Which is the goal. For the “ego” does graduate to a greater level of expression. Even as we ascend and graduate from 3D.

Yet, to “go after” a statement heard “intuitively” which the “clients” ego speaks, is a lack of awareness on the part of the “intuitive” reader. In other words, be certain that the “reader” knows the difference. Every “client” is at a different level of awareness and/or consciousness. Or you may be “paying” for someone to “argue” with your ego. And miss the “greater” message that your Guides or Higher Self, intends for you.

There are those that are not “mature” yet, psychically speaking. And they are so pleased to receive information, intuitively, that they “assume” all that they receive is the “truth” of those they read. Not realizing that they may be receiving information that is “contradictory” to what their client, truly feels. They are “reading” the “little” person, not the Higher Self. And getting caught-up in the “illusion” of the “little” person’s voice, the “ego”.

Either physically or intuitively, we have all been led astray, by “thinking” we know what we are receiving. And this is the “mistake”. For when a person goes to a “reader”, they are going to a person who is to be acting as the “conduit” for information. And at times, they end up receiving a good “dose” of dogma, from the “reader”. For as the “reader”, they mustn’t get caught-up in analyzing the information. They must simply be the conduit for the flow of information.

Now, ALL of this gets “bypassed” when we go within. For we develop a very strong relationship with our High Heart. Our Divine Heart-Center acts as the intuitive “purifier” of all we receive. And through “listening” to our Sacred-Heart and acting in accord with our receiving; we come directly into the state of “knowing”. As when we use this approach, in consciousness, we access the aspect of us that already KNOWS ALL.


And our life becomes a very simple process of “mirroring” to us, all that we are creating. And we become even more aware of our beliefs/actions/creations, “truly” bringing to us ALL that we are experiencing. And our confidence in our “communing” with our Divinity, within, gets even more visceral. As we grow into a further and deeper relationship, with our Divinity within. All with a greater awareness and consciousness expressing more cognizant with the reality, and our relationship to it; and All That Is.

As we live from our expanded awareness and consciousness, we see the world anew. And because of our expanded state of being, we notice what is perceived of as “good” and “bad” more fully. So, expect to “grow” in recognition of what is “good” and “bad”. Though many get “disillusioned” at this point, for their ability to see much more that is occurring that is “bad”; is greatly expanded. For it could not be otherwise. Expansion produces seeing through an expanded awareness.

While those that get beyond this “growing pain”, come to realize the need for viewing the reality with a sense of compassion, yet detachment. For our eyes open to much “wrong” that is occurring. Although this “wrong” that we see doesn’t impact us directly, we do truly “feel” for what we witness. Thus, the need to view with the “eyes” of compassion and detachment. For we know not, what these others are working out; karmically speaking. And the “worst” we could do, is go into “judgement”; with what we see.

Going within and expressing our “truth” to our Sacred-Heart-Center; will bring about a sense of “closure”. And if we are in a place of being able to bring assistance, our High Heart, will certainly make us aware of this. And we may respond accordingly.

Recognize that the “outer” world is the “illusion”. Don’t “buy-into” the “illusion”. For in order to make a true change, we must go within. We must dismiss the “views” of those that know us, not. And our Heart’s will sing to us, once more; knowing we have returned, once more. Giving us, all that we have been looking for and have sought after. All through turning, within.

And the “paradox” is that when we turn within. We find that we have “opened” to All That Is. For anything and everything is accessible to us, form our Sacred-Heart center. And our Higher Self, our Spirit and animal Guides, our stellar family, our ancestors and our future offspring are all ALREADY communing with us, now. And in case you haven’t heard, they are all accessible when we turn within, to our Sacred-Heart center.

The only “veil” that exists, anymore, is the one we put forth from our “ego” or “smaller self”. For this is the aspect of us that is truly, limited. Whereas, the Divinity In Us, is truly unlimited. Why live in “limitation” anymore? When our reality is truly one that is unlimited.

Welcome to the “unknown”. For the “unknown” is the higher frequency 4th dimensional realms and above. Where all is expressed through creating in the now. Where “looking” for past examples, is archaic. As when we express through the unknown, in the now; we create as was intended in the higher dimensional realms.

The “need” for expressing in “time” and through “linearity” of time, is no more. And those that are expressing true knowing, more and more, are doing so through “traversing” the unknown. By being “present” in the here and now. And by “magnetizing” all that we need from the “void”. Through our greatest gift/power. That of emotional expression, we bring forth ALL that we create.

levels of consciousness

Through emotional expressions of joy and gratitude, we ever succeed. By leaving the “lower” frequencies of anger, and fear, we reach the frequency/energy of “courage”. And this is the whole of the “theme” for the 3rd dimension. And all of the “higher” frequencies of joy, compassion, love Divine, appreciation and grace; we express are truly the gateway we enter to/through the higher 4th dimensional expressions and beyond. As the “theme” for the higher 4th and 5th dimensional realms are “unconditional love” and “compassion”.

Thus, living and following our joy is our “goal”. And “uniting” our consciousnesses. Our unconscious, subconscious and consciousness combine and are led and mastered through our super-consciousness. Which further allows us to “leave” time behind. For from here on out, our creations occur from our here and now. Through “intent” and “emotion” our “actions” in accord, produce our reality we live. As even our “past” changes, based on our “current” version of now.

Know that we are the luminescence of the Divine, here and now. Embodying more of our light bodies, as we leave time and separation, behind. All through our unconditional love and unifying consciousness. Becoming and embodying wholeness/holiness and oneness, ever more. Forgetting the “illusions” of the without. And Creating perfection from our already perfect, Divinity within.


Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran

4 thoughts on “Forgetting the Illusions of the Without

  1. Great article.

    I’m gonna caution people about this though:
    “By leaving the “lower” frequencies of anger, and fear, we reach the frequency/energy of “courage”.”

    Careful that you don’t vilify or demonize anger. Anger has its place. ALL emotions could stand to be expressed. It’s also always worth checking in with the Divine to more fully understand what your emotions are REALLY communicating to you.

    Far too many folks, lightworkers included, repress their anger and that’s not good for them and creates blockages and dis-ease, they also often project it onto others. Nope repressing anger is not good for anyone. Emotions are energy and are meant to flow. When you stop the flow you’re creating a pressure cooker that eventually has to let off steam and that often happens when someone gets triggered and then shoots figurative bullets at innocent people… then the low energy is passed on to others, perhaps even wounding others.

    Hey, ideally, one could stand to express their emotions right along with the event that they belong to. By stuffing them down, you’re carrying your past into your present and future and one’s anger is then often misdirected. If you have to actually express your anger at / to someone else, it might be best to direct it to who you are actually angry with as opposed to who just happens to be standing in front of you who ran into your trigger / button. But even if ya gotta just go off to yourself, express that anger! It’s not going anywhere until you do. Lay down your burdens.

    Might also have to caution concerning fear also. Folks could stand to not confuse releasing fears with repressing them. You won’t release them by repressing them. It’s not like “criminal” or something to have fear. Let the fear surface, face it head on and see it as the illusion it is (FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real). Then you can release it.

    You turn out some really good articles and you’ve done yet it again. No surprise. Thanks for what you do and be Gabriel.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Well said! I have been “leaving out” the process we go through, when the emotions express themselves, in the moment. And I agree wholeheartedly that we need to “process” the emotion, without “repressing” it. I will include this “process”, when speaking in this regard, in the “future”. Great call!
    When our emotions come forth, they show us much that we need to consider. Definitely, “excluding\denying\repressing” would be a great imbalance to the extreme. As this does stop the “flow” we are to express, through our emotions. Our point of power is our emotions!

    I’ve had “issues” with holding-on to emotions that I’m now having to process, as a result of “repression”. So, rest assured, I needed that comment. Thank You, very much!

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