Emotions as Power We Own

I recently read a wonderful article about emotions and their being interpreted as either wholly “negative” and/or to be “repressed” or excluded. Or wholly “positive” and always the “only” emotions to be expressed. Many chose to “include” only certain emotions, while “excluding/suppressing” other emotions. This brings to mind an expression I’ve learned from Bashar. The “reality” consists of “this and that”, not “this or that”.


At times, we tend to “focus” on the “positive” so much. That we may lead others astray, by not speaking of the “negative” we experience. And even stating positive/negative as a “term” with respect to emotions, is subject to “interpretation of expression”. How so?

Well, when our emotions “arise” and we experience something that moves us, in a very disharmonious way; i.e. (hate/dislike/anger/strife) etc.; we “naturally” want to “cut-off” the emotion. Whereas, when we “allow” the emotion to express itself fully. While maintaining a measure of “compassion” for ourselves. We are more likely to come to a true “knowing” as to why we reacted in that manner and expressed the correspondingly disharmonious emotional state. We, thus, are more likely to “learn” why we “feel” the way we did/do. So as to “grow” from/through it, as an experience/expression.

In other words, we NEED ALL of our emotions to be expressed. The objective of the ascension is not to “repress” what may be viewed as “negativity”. The objective of ascension is to “know thyself”. And we NEED ALL of our emotions to allow us to feel/know all that we truly are. As ALL emotions truly serve.

As an example, I will use myself. Some of my most “transcendental” mystical experiences have occurred when I was in “great” disharmony. When I got so upset and angered and went into a “self-rage” and cried my heart-out. Spirit, my Guides, the Universe; whatever we choose to “call it”, has responded, quite profoundly during these times. Which I view as an “acknowledging” and “approval” of this process that we go through. As emotionally discomforting as it is, when we go through it.

Once I was by a tree in my backyard while this occurred, and for a brief moment. In the midst of the worst mental/emotional “meltdown” I had experienced/expressed “fully” emotionally/mentally. The tree turned “golden” and glowed the most marvelous luminescence of gold; I’d ever seen. Needless to say, this “stopped” my emotional “meltdown”, instantly. And a GREAT release, was experienced. I had successfully “processed” the emotions. Even as disharmonious and discordant that they felt, while being expressed. I fully allowed this “meltdown” to “release” or process.

golden tree animated

(not actual tree spoken of.. haha!)

I’ve had experiences of these “meltdowns” that have brought forth, even more visceral interaction with our stellar family and my guides. Though these experiences are not the point. The point is that when we fully ALLOW our emotions to expend themselves. With no “judgements” and/or “criticisms”, we process what is ours and only ours. And this keeps us in the “flow” that keeps us in tune with our Divinity.

Whereas, when we “repress” or “deny” an emotional state. Or try to “negate” that such an emotional state should be expressed/experienced by us. We bring disease and disharmony to our very precious and Divine temple. Emotions are our “power”, never to be suppressed. Rather to be expressed. Through as much harmony and grace as is possible. And even, when this is not “possible”.

To “know” why we have an emotional state that moves us, is the goal. And suffice it to say, humanity has chosen to express movement in/through lower and higher frequencies of emotions. We can learn and experience much through having the most variety of ALL emotional expressions. And so, we do learn through both “positive” and/or “negative” emotional states. All serves.

While these “gifts” my Guides and Spirit have shown me, have nearly all occurred, while I was in a state of “letting go” of emotions that are no longer my “truth” and no longer serve. Through the action of ALLOWING these emotions to process, FULLY through expressing the in physicality. Even if this is expressed, “alone”. I’ve been “shown” rather viscerally, that we are NEVER alone.

Gabe and Orbs

Though at times my mental/emotional state of being felt very “alone” at these certain times of emotional/mental “release” or “expression”. Which is why they “showed” themselves, through various expressions. Primarily through “light”. Or by seeing what it is like to see through Golden Eyes. Even if for but a moment. I’ve been shown time and time again, that they are ever within my presence. And “they” respond to the “call” of my heart. And my heart, was/is in full support and allowance of ALL the emotions I have had to express. Never is there a “judgement” from our Sacred-Heart.

This is processing our emotions through “release”, that I speak of. The “release” is our own “unique” version of processing our emotions. Such that we feel a true release. And we know when we are “done” processing, as we go back to center, when this occurs. Allowing the emotional release, is key, folks.

If an emotional “pattern” has developed, we may be “processing” what seems to be the “same” emotional state, over and over. Yet know that this is necessary for the “complete” removal of the entire “pattern” to be accomplished. Every “accomplishment” stands a success, on itself. And they truly due produce an “accumulative” chipping away, until we have fully reconciled the “core” issue.

Whereas, the “repression” that occurs when we “suppress” our emotions, is entirely discordant. For we are then “storing” much that is not our “truth”. And the only “release” that can occur is to “let go” of all that is not our truth. And much that is not our truth, are emotions that we brought forth and chose not to express and/or release. Hence the “pressure cooker” syndrome. It either is “released” and “let go” of, or it “builds” and eventually blows.

The flow is the process to achieve. From an etheric/astral/emotional/mental and physical level, we must allow this flow. And emotions are truly humanities power. We are to master them, like we are to master thoughts and actions. Processing All emotions, even the discordant ones are the way we “know thyself”. And we must be truly honest with ourselves, in all regards. Mentally, emotionally and so forth.

The process of expressed emotions is our creations. Whether we are expressing lower frequency emotions or higher frequency emotions, we “manifest” our creations through these emotional states. In other words, we need them to create.

When we choose to align with our “truth”, we realize that ALL of our emotions are our creations. And when we choose to create a “change” in our reality. Since we are creators, inherently. It behooves us to bring about a given change of expression through KNOWING and EMOTING what we choose to express through “change”.

The reality contains “this and that”. The reality does not contain “this or that”. In other words, we are not to “negate” that which is not our chosen expression. Our objective is to create the reality we choose to express. And focus our energy on that reality. Without, trying to “negate” that which we choose not to experience. As the reality always expresses “this and that”. Hence, free will.

Focus on the chosen expression that truly moves us. And don’t attempt to “disprove” or “negate” other expressions of reality. For in truth, Creator wanted ALL possibilities to be expressed. And so, focus on our own very unique, chosen state of being, we desire. Knowing fully well, that ALL serves. Including the disharmonious expressions, we experience.

Ask anyone who has ascended, if they would change anything? The standard answer is that ALL that they have experienced has brought them to the “success” of ascending. So, they would never “trade” the “good” and/or “bad” experiences. For they all served to get them, to where they now are. Ascended!

Emotions are the “true” power, we own. Humanity has been established on the emotional “Capital” of creation; Gaia. If ever there is a place to attain mastery of ALL emotions, it is here and it is now. Emote, away! For ALL emotions are here to stay. For ALL serves. How else would “light” know “darkness” and visa-versa.

Emotions, as a power we truly own! Here and now!

 Thank you “Gaia Ascension Forerunner for the comments and inspiration for this post!

nature reflects

Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran

3 thoughts on “Emotions as Power We Own

  1. Bravo! … for the post and your own personal accomplishments.

    “The “reality” consists of “this and that”, not “this or that”. ”
    Exactly! I always point out that “either / or” is Duality, but “and / both” is Unity.

    And… you’re welcome.

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  2. Reblogged this on gail007 and commented:
    Gail Lyn
    Just now ·
    An interesting perspective that embraces all emotions for the purpose they serve. We are on the capital of emotions in this galaxy on planet earth. It is by design. Gaia teaches and the acceptance of what we feel helps us release and eventually know the source of those feelings..all part of the release and the core of the emotion..its root cause. So its not good or bad..its good and bad for the purpose of learning and evolving.

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