Pleiadean Insights


[ The entire way in which humanity has brought forth an awareness and consciousness that is a direct reflection of their own Divine expression, is something with which we from the Pleiades have been very impressed and we rejoice much, as we know that much that has been undergone has been very challenging and difficult.

pleiadian woman

To go into a newly created form. And to begin the process of “adapting” to this new expression. While learning/remembering to process through a “new” form of consciousness. While expressing an “awareness” that is truly a “free-will” experience, is a bold and courageous expression of growth.

Seeing humanity go through periods of “imbalance” so extreme, has been a marvel to witness. As we KNOW that we have given humanity the best of all that our quadrant of the galaxy has to offer. As much has been brought forth, on and for humanities behalf.

And now, as “graduation” ensues. We are ever desirous of being around more and more viscerally and physically. As we know that ours is an endless relationship. As we are so excited to have our family around us, in an ascended state of being. Achieving a level of unifying consciousness that will continue to expand and is befitting of a Divine people.

Know that turning within is the means of “reaching” us. As we have always been and will always be “within” your presence. As we reach out to those that are already consciously aware of us and are choosing to interact with us; we are truly enjoying these exchanges with more and more of our own stellar family.

When we began the process of “seeding” humanity, we brought forth the harmony and peace that is our highest expression of love. We instilled in our “offspring” the truth that joy and all that comes with seeking joy, will be the quickest way to “return” to the sate of being that is your birth rite. As this will bring you into an alignment with all that you are. As it has with us.

As the “illusion” of time has ensued, we have seen you “change” much. Through the more “challenging” aspects of polarity, we watched as our “seedlings” where changed, yet once more. Through the “alterations” of what we had brought forth, much that is inherently yours was “disabled”. And though we have been aware of this, throughout the entire “unfolding” of this aspect, we had to be “staved off” from “interfering” with your free-will.

Not that we are “rebellious”. However, we feel/felt very close to our “seedlings”. And to work in conjunction with the Divine plan, we acquiesced to the “direction” that was chosen by humanity. As there are always “choices” to be made. And humanity had taken a direction that was “borderline”, in its potential.

Through the meetings that took place, during that time. We were “assured” that humanity wouldn’t be allowed to approach the same level of “disharmony/destruction” that had occurred. Atlantis was “saved” from the machinations of utmost destruction. As the “veils” between dimensional realms and densities of consciousness had been torn open, by humanity.

Through the direction of those that were “less-than” concerned with humanity, those that were “leading” humanity, were compromised. The priest and priestess class had gone astray.

Nearing a point of culmination and achievement for humanity, those that are “playing” the role of darkness, had infiltrated those that would be known, later, as the Great White Brotherhood. The “elect” or “chosen” had been compromised. The “priesthood” and the “priestess” class had been “co-opted” by the darker influences. The purity of our teachings and even humanities progress in wisdom had been led astray.

This “fall of man” took humanity in “reverse” by millennia. The ability for humanity to proceed in their evolutionary course, in Divine timing, was greatly hindered. The Melchizedek had worked with our cosmic Elohim, to produce a solution. This solution removed us from “true” universal time. And through this “loop” of time, we would proceed.

The planetary Merkabah had been destroyed. An artificial Merkabah would have to be constructed and implemented. As much of a “clean-up” of the dimensional realms began. Many that didn’t “belong” to Earth’s 3-4D realms, were gathered and segregated.

Much that was to be “standard” in the plan for humanity, has been “changed”. Their course in evolution, has had various deviations. And though there are no “accidents” in the unfolding of the Divine plan, there are “revelations” that steer us away from our “perceived” plans.

Realize that all-manner of Divine Beings, have been and will always be involved with humanity. For humanities progress is one that will be influential throughout the whole of Creation. Thus, many “awareness’s” and “consciousness’s” are participating. And know that ALL are giving their “best”. All are bringing forth their own Divine aspect, in perfect Divine timing.

The “seeding” of humanity is like all “seedings”. A conglomeration of the “best” attributes from our stellar family, from this section of the galaxy. The attributes of “thinking” and “mind” coming from the Andromeda galaxy. The survival instincts\abilities of the “reptilian” brain, was brought forth from our Reptoid/Reptilian families. The spiritual aspects of our Sirian and Pleiadean families were integrated. The Orion family brought forth the role of the “male”, Divine Male. And the Sirian attributes made prominent for the “female”, Divine Female. The integration of the “newly” formed man was “taught” to humanity by the Anunnaki, after their own DNA “changes” brought forth a difference for humans. ]

pleiadian stars

Rest assured, in Creation, there are numerous “versions” of the story, as to the “construct” of man. And in a multiverse reality in which there are an infinite number of “parallel” realities; any of these “versions” may be expressed. Know that this is the case, always. As Source/God would never “limit” Creation. As ALL Creators must always express “allowance” for their Creations. Thus, all Creators are inherently allowing. Allowing their Creations to express, in all manner of ways.

Turning inward and expressing a “heart-felt” desire to KNOW truth, will bring about the “truth” that works for each of us. And turning inward and expressing a “heart-felt” loving call to KNOW our stellar family and our “true” origins, will always be honored and expressed. Turning inward and expressing a “heart-felt” desire to KNOW through the eyes of wisdom, will reveal that we are a focal point of a conglomeration of the whole.

As we expand in awareness and in consciousness, we “clear” the clutter. What clutter? The “warped” expressions that no longer serve, that are in our subconscious and unconscious minds. As this occurs, we “clear” access to the realm of our Akash.

This will assist us to consciously have our “memories” returned to us, once more. The memories that we acquiesced to, when we came into this incarnation, as we “dawned the band of forgetfulness”, will begin returning. And our own unique “past” will come forth, once more. Which will “enlightened” us, as to our own sojourns with our various stellar and cosmic families.

And as we expand into awareness and consciousness that is the state of being that is “omnipresent” we discover that we are All That Is. All of the multiverse, at once. Being anywhere and everywhere at once, always.

So, realize the expansion is “inclusive” not “exclusive”. The reality will always be changing. As this is a core law. All perceptions and observations are “valid” and are “integrative”. None are to be, “exclusive/excluded”. For ALL serves. Though we may prefer a “particular” version of a parallel reality, all are valid.

Thus, seek and gain greater and greater awareness and consciousness. And “learn/remember” that we are creators, inherently. And our objective is to align ourselves with the “reality” of our choosing. And to expand into that version of the reality that we prefer. All from our here and now!


Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran

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