Honor ALL Time as Now

As we come into our incarnational experience, we gain greater perspectives of living through this density of expression. And this density affords us a view that is very drawn-out, and “linear”. We perceive each day as passing in sequence. With our “cumulative” experience, culminating when we reach “maturity” and we gradually retire from our various pursuits. And because most “dawn the band of forgetfulness”, we tend to not question the reality, we perceive.

And yet, we now know that in truth, the reality is in fact all expressions of time, happening simultaneously, now. All takes place, at once, from here and now. The “you” that was born a child exists, even now. Much like the “you” that is advanced in years and is fully mature exists, even now. And taken even further, the “you” that is from a “previous” as well as “future” life; exists, even now.

Though, what I am about to express does not account for “every” situation, in which this could occur. Since each persons’ “situation” is unique, only they can tell, if this is a “valid” reflection; for them or not. In other words, this is just “food for thought”. However, I feel that it helps as we “begin” to perceive the world, as “non-linear”.

meditate 3

While in meditation, I was shown that when we put together our plans for our incarnational expression, ALL points of our lives are considered as valuable expressions that we plan to live on behalf of, in accord with. In other words, our “older” selves have as much input and are just as valid of an expression of our lives as our “youthful” selves. So, what? What does this mean?

Let us say that in “youth” you chose a certain “path” to express. And so, you go down this chosen path you have chosen and you put your all into making it happen. Then when you “matured” your views changed. And the “desires” of the mature you, would have preferred to have taken a “different” course of action.

These are considerations that are taken into account, as we “compose” our life plan, from the other side. And since we know that ALL time is now. When we “plan” these details out, on the other side, we give valid and equal consideration to ALL aspects of self. Both the younger and the older “versions” of self, if you will; receive valid input and are given equal priority to the incarnational expression.

Well let us say that in life, we “veered” so much off course in our life plan. And perhaps our “youthful” version has not “opened” to the Divine input, received from within. So, we have a very head strong youthful version of self, that is desirous of expressing only what it desirous, at that moment. And this version of self is not very focused on the “future” mature version of self, nor does it care.

This does not mean that the “future” version of self, has no input. Remember, all time is now. So, even if our “future” self’s view is so different from the “youthful” version of self, in its perceptions of what it intends to accomplish; it still remains valid. In other words, it has as much input and say in our lives, as does the “youthful” self. Well, what does this mean?

If we have gone so “off course” in our life plan, that the “future” mature self will not have a means to express what it came down to express; it will affect our “youthful” version of self. It has just as much input and certainly makes every “attempt” at keeping us, on course, if you will.

And this is where we get many that seem to have everything going well, and yet their lives “seem” to get cut short. For the “future” mature aspect of self’s “voice” is not being heard, nor regarded. And so “knowing” that they will not be able to express what they came down to experience through their expression, they choose to opt out.

Some of these situations are when a life is cut short by cancer or perhaps a heart attack, or even an “accidental” death, in youth or mid-life. The “future” mature aspect of self that would not be able to express what it came to experience, will end the life. As the plan was not being followed.

Though this is just a very cursory example and is not meant to account for all situations that match similar occurrences. The point I am trying to express, is that we must give into consideration and account as well as validate ALL expressions of self. All from our here and now. We must live in accord with our plans for our “future” mature aspect of self, just as we do so for our “youthful” expression of self. And both aspects must be honored or our life plan will “change” or even terminate.

And we ALL “check in” occasionally while we are sojourning in our beds at night. We verify and/or make adjustments in our life, according to our perception of how we are, with respect to keeping on track; with our life plan. As this is the way of it. It has always been this way.

In this regard, I speak of direct experience. As my “youthful” version of self, was very head strong. And I was “certain” that I knew what was to unfold, in my life. And none of what I perceived in my youth was valid. Nor did it “match” what my plan was for my more mature aspect of self. I was “leaving out” the plan I had made for the more mature version of self.

Though I have learned to listen more carefully, now. I chose to go through all manner of experience, in between. I even chose to “check-in” with the other side; i.e. NDE (near death experience). And I was shown and convinced, that it wasn’t too late to “change” course. Which I have done, rather “harshly”, but that is another story.

Our ability to “resolve” this, if we veer off course, is only limited by our imagination. It is NEVER too late, to change. Since ALL time is now, our “future” version of self, just needs a willing and listening aspect of ourselves, to convince. And it usually does find a way to get us to “listen”. We know these as the times in life when our ENTIRE world changes.


Perhaps we “lose” all of our past friends and acquaintances and/or we go through an NDE (near death experience). Many times, even our personal home life changes. Our partners and/or siblings and/or perhaps even our children chose to “depart” from our lives, for a period of time. Or else, our bodies will “manifest” various ailments in order to “get our attention”. As the “new” and more mature version of self, comes into being. Yet, “know/remember” these also were part of the plan.

Our closest family members and acquaintances have always honored us by fulfilling the “role” we needed from them. The role they play out for us that would give us the impetus to proceed down our chosen path. Even if having to express it through disharmony, on our behalf. Knowing at a higher level that we would reunite at a “future” time. To bless each other for the “roles” we played, for one another; in our awakening of our awareness and expansion of consciousness as we ascend.

Those that never truly “awaken” to their true purpose are the ones that shorten their lives. For their ability to position their lives to be at a given point, has fallen short. And so, they leave “early”. As their version of “youthful” self, left out the desires of the “mature” version of self. So, the older aspect of self would not be in a position to accomplish what it came to do. Thus, on to the life review and planning for a “future” life.

For those that are willing to listen to the “still small voice within”, our Sacred Heart; onward they will go to fulfilling their “true” life plan. Honoring their spiritual and/or sacred plan that unfolds throughout their “mature” years. Realizing that since ALL time is now, they must honor the aspect of self that they are “preparing” their life for. Making certain to live in accord with the plan outlined for the entire persona, youthful as well as mature.

Keep in mind more and more that ALL time is now. We need to honor the aspect of self that is coming “down the road” at a future date. And when we live harmoniously and seek to express our joy, we can not help but be in the right place at the right time. Fulfilling the entirety of our life plan. The physical and the spiritual goals that we set, will always be met. And our lives will naturally unfold and blossom in the most awe inspiring of ways.

Our Higher Selves our High Hearts our Innate and our Super Consciousness are bringing back much “knowing” that we must integrate. And this “knowing” has shown us that we must honor ALL aspects of self that we “prepare the reality” for. And “time” and “space” as we have perceived them, are changing. As we expand our awareness and consciousness, we realize that we have the ability to change anything and everything from our here and now. Both “past” and “future” change from here and now. Remember! Honor ALL time, as now!


Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran

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