Being More Wave Than Particle


Dr. Joe Dispenza speaks of being more of the form of a wave versus a particle, from the perspective of a physical being and consciousness. What does this mean?

When we look at scientists pondering photons  and sub-atomic particles (electrons, protons) they speak of these as acting in either a wave form or in the form of a particle. And it seems apparent that being a wave is less dense and more flexible versus a particle. And as such he brings this analogy forward, when referring to states of being and consciousness.

When we act, consciously speaking, as a “particle” we operate in 3D, time. We, in fact, limit ourselves to expressing through the 3rd dimensional realms. Where time and space, occur, in a linear format. And this “time lag” is somewhat complex to perceive from. As our desires come about through time and space.

Yet, when we act as a “wave” we operate outside of 3D linear time. We expand into expressing ourselves though the higher 4th density and dimensional realms and higher. When we operate form this higher level of awareness we are not confined by the limitations of time and space. We access the Field, Void, or whatever name we would like to use to bring about our chosen expressions from higher dimensional realms. As being brought forth from these levels of awareness, we bypass the realms of time and space, to bring these creations about in our now.

waves theta-healing

We have all heard of instances in which people were “miraculously” healed from some dis-ease. And though we have all heard of varying instances and circumstances in which these have occurred. The truth is that they actually do occur.

It seems that these are instances in which those that accomplished the “healing” did so through operating as a “wave”. Without the constraints of time and space, they peered into the realms beyond “cause and effect” and brought forth what was necessary for the healing.

In these instances, no matter what the “technique” or action used for the process; the “healer” is truly performing the healing by opening a conduit to the “pristine” energy that the patient is needing, i.e. the fully functioning state of being the patient needs. And the patient is the one that “matches” that energetic frequency for the healing to occur. Embodying the state of being that no longer has, nor had the ailment. All without the need of space and time. Being healed in the now!

Through Dr. Joe Dispenza’s research, time and again the key to achieving these states of being, seems to be turning within. When we go into a meditative state with the intent of aligning all of our various bodies and consciousness into the now. And we purposefully turn within to our Heart-Centeredness as we meditate. We then come into an alignment that is conducive to expanding our awareness and our consciousness. And as we “bless” and honor our Chakras we bring about a state of being that is more expressive to our truth.

As we embody more of our truth, we bring about more access and integration to what many refer to as our Higher Mind, our Christ Consciousness and our access to our I AM Presence. This I refer to as embodying the Divinity In Us. And this is what we are all doing, more and more. As we “clear” our mental strata of that which does not serve.

When I speak of that which does not serve, this turns out to be anything that hinders our access to these realms of consciousness and pure states of being. Anything that clouds or clutters our pristine connection to our own Higher Mind and Heart. Be it our ego or analytical consciousness, our unconscious bodily “cravings”, our “learned” habits that are a hindrance to our progress and so forth. Even up-to and including the “mass consciousness” that attempts to dictate what is “proper” behavior by societies standards. None of these are truly our truth. And they serve us merely in giving us the courage and zeal to leave these behind.

While we master replacing these “learned” ways of being, with our true passions and creations that are beyond the mundane. Going into what is commonly referred to the “unknown”. This appears more and more to be the starting point of operating from the 4th density. Going into the unknown with the unbridled passion of what we choose to create, in our here and now. This is living like a “wave”. Beyond the necessities of linear time and space.

And this flow that occurs as we transcend time and space allows us to navigate the parallel realities much more easily. So that our sojourns in the realms that are more indicative of our passions, comes about very fluidly. As we flow into fulfilling all of our various joys and passions, on our behalf as well as for the benefit of others.

Knowing we are functioning more and more beyond time is freeing. And our nature is to be free. Not relying on “perceived” limitations is our challenge. As we have been “taught” to perceive limitations at every turn. And the truth is there are none, aside from what we ourselves perceive there to be.

Knowing we can attain our goals through perceiving beyond time, we have an advantage. As we can “envision” these goals as an event that has already occurred. And as an event that is occurring. As well as a “future” event. And viewing all aspects of “time” as having these in our reality, brings them about quickly.

Even science now knows that our cellular structure (inner reality) knows NO difference between the “imagined” reality and the “real” reality. When we inundate our consciousness and awareness with the reality we prefer. Our bodies and the universe must respond in likeness. For they know no difference between the real and the imagined. This is what gives credence to the fact that the reality is Maya, or illusion. This also proves the axiom, as within so without. As all is fractal.

And if the reality is a “construct” or matrix of our creation. We would be wise to create harmonious and empowering creations that expand us all. That exhibit our passions and joys all for the benefit of All That Is. As we assist in expanding others, our expansion increases exponentially. And this brings about a permanent increase of frequency within the reality. What we call, ascending to the 4th density and beyond.

share gifts

As we are shown time and time, again and again. If one has the “desire” to sing, write, paint, act, grow, construct or create something; it is because someone else is already awaiting our chosen “gift” we are choosing to express. Synchronicity will bring all of this about. The gift and the gifted. The Oneness in sharing.

Love abounds within us all. We are much more than we ever thought we were. And it is an honor to be able to share these insights with all of the beauty that is around me. My fellow beings who are party to the expansion and inclusion of us all. Knowing fully that we are all increasing ever more into states of being in which we shed all of our limitations. As quickly or as patiently as is needed for each, individually. With absolutely no judgements as to ours or any others’ progress.

We are at a point of reflection, astrologically speaking. We may continue to foment what is in our past, or we may choose to release it all, now. The “future” is beckoning us all. That we instill all of our attention on the present, now moment, is the way of the future. For this causes our attention to be present with our current creations. As the former things have “passed away”.

And much like the Biblical character, Lot’s wife. If we are still desirous of “peering” into that which is from our past, as the primary focus of our attention. We too may be left still, as if encased in a pillar of salt/stone. Unable to move, due to our focus on our “past”. In effect focusing to such an extent on being a particle; we lose our mobility of functioning as a wave.

Being fluid with what needs to be released and “let go” of. And allowing the already inherent flow of Divine attributes that are already present within each of us, to come forth and expand in our lives, being freely expressed. Through our embodiment of all of these higher attributes, here and now. Being the wave of Divine Love and Light we all are.

healing images

Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran

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