Shamanic Ways of Awakening

I have not been very familiar with this term in the metaphysical lexicon, “Shaman”. Though I have gained a great respect as I’ve come to realize what the Shaman is, now, ironically. And my insights on the subject have been brought forth through Awakening to the Spirit World: The Shamanic Path of Direct by Sandra Ingerman and Hank Wesselman. A book that resonates with what I have experienced.

I have been working on gaining a greater insight as to my path. And I have been led to the realization that I have been “working” as a Shaman, without realizing it. Since I have a very fond connection with the animal kingdom, and I have always enjoyed nature. And I seem to have a strong connection with birds. Not that these alone are the “qualifiers” to the path of Shamanism. These are just my attributes towards nature.

In particular I now feel that the humming-bird is one of my “power animals”. Although throughout my whole life, birds have always been around. My wife can attest to the fact that I have always had to “watch out” for birds. As they like to swoop down in front of us, while I drive. So, now I feed them at home.

While I was going through my “spiritual awakening” I was blessed by the fire element, once through lightning. On one particular day, the lightning “followed” my same path to Santa Fe, NM from Albuquerque, NM.

While at work in Santa Fe I plugged in a UPS to a new circuit and (got my picture taken) which is slang in the electric/electronic lexicon for receiving a “blinding bolt of light flashing electricity” when plugging something into a power plug. Very explosive-looking, though fortunately harmless in this case.

Then when I was returning back to Albuquerque, the lightning followed my path back down. When I arrived in Albuquerque I stopped to get fueled-up and the lightning hovered over the gas station. At which point my car battery died. I had a towing service follow my wife and I in another vehicle as I drove to our house and it towed the inoperable car. And the lightning followed us, home. While at home I took off the battery, while being surrounded by lightning and thunder. And then as I proceeded to the nearest AutoZone store, the lightning followed nearby.

As I walked into the store, that exact instant the store lost all power for about three seconds. And then the power came back on. When I purchased the battery and drove back home, the lightning was ever present. So, when I got home I decided to wait to replace the battery until the storm passed. As I have no garage to conceal me from the storm. And by this time, I was wondering who it was that I had upset from the heavenly realms. Never being surrounded by so much storm that seemed to follow me.


While viewing the lightning from our front yard, I called my wife to come outside and look at the storm. As she did so, she went to the south end of the driveway. As I went to the north end of the driveway. At the exact time two major bolts of lightning descended before our very eyes. One on each side. One in front of my wife about 80 feet in front of her and one in front of my location at the same distance.

I subsequently found out, as we went back inside that we had a power outage that coincided with the lightning we had just witnessed. And though the power came back on fine. Computer equipment is more susceptible to under-current than to over-current. So, in that evening, I lost two servers that were critical to my business. The email and web servers where gone. A blessing of sorts, it turns out.

This was a turning point in my life. Although throughout that year I was experiencing many “anomalies” that I now know where leading me back to my Shamanic roots. I was being “awakened” by those elemental and spiritual aspects from the “hidden world”. So that I would be ready for those that were going to be working with me.

I’ve had a “light being” encourage me to get out and participate in creation, once more. My wife and I were sitting in the back yard when we noticed a blue streak in the sky to the west of us, amidst the clouds. As we focused in on the blue streak it formed into a tube-like structure. And then it morphed into the appearance of a human form, though totally blue and luminesce.

As we would try to focus and peer into looking at it more deeply, it would move and hide behind a cloud. And as we would look at something else, it would come out and distinguish itself more clearly to us. Until we tried to peer to closely, then it would proceed to hide once more behind a cloud. Showing us that it was in resonance with our thoughts, as they occurred.

In a playful and taunting fashion, the message I received was that it is anxiously awaiting working with us. That it was instructing me to “get out of the clouds” and stop hiding in my own world. As we are to work together to bring forth change, through shamanic ceremonies, no doubt. A sky elemental of some sort is what I have gathered. Beckoning us to begin to create a new, with it. As part of my life plan is to work with these aspects of creation that are normally “hidden” from us. This I saw in the visions, as well.

When in Sedona Arizona a few years ago, we seemed to have experienced an elemental playing with us, in nature. As we saw an immense light coming from the ground. As this occurred during the sunset timeframe. We were outside of our vehicle enjoying the sunset view, when we noticed a bright light coming from the ground somewhat near our feet.

When I tried to find its source, I would just see a light that was blue and white and seemed to have no source. Though coming directly from the dirt/ground. I took out a flash light to illuminate the locale and the light would disappear and, in its stead, would be an ant carrying some larva to its home, no doubt. As I would turn off the flash light the exact same spot that the ant resided on would then turn into the beaming blue-white light. With no trace of an ant or the larva in sight. And it wasn’t moving at all, like the ant was. The light was just stationary.

This took place about three times. I would turn on the flashlight and see an ant carrying a larva. Then I would turn off the flashlight and the blue-white light would return to shine, in its stead. Showing no source from which, it manifested.

Gabriel F. Duran and Orbs

Various anomalies have occurred that seem otherworldly. Or what is termed phenomena. Many of which have to do with various forms of light, in my case. Some visible with the “naked eye” and others only visible with digital cameras. My spiritual family has been anxious to get things underway, and I knew not that it was time.

four directions medicine wheel.jpg

I eventually started reading about performing ceremonies for blessing the four directions and so forth. And as I would perform these ceremonies, I was amazed at the insights I would gleam. As well as noticing that the elements do seem to respond. The air, fire, water, earth and etheric elements do take notice when these ceremonies occur. And the animal kingdom always seems to be in the know, as well. As they call forth representatives of their kind to partake in these ceremonies.

As I have grown up, I have noticed that wherever and whenever we went out to eat; the hostess would always sit us by children. I have never had any children of my own. Yet, everywhere we went, we would be seated by the children. The whole restaurant would only have one family with a child, and I would be seated by the child.

I have realized, since then, that I have the desire and ability to bless children. In reality I bless anything and everything. However, children are a specialty of mine. And since I have knowledge that ALL time is now. The blessings I bestow are for all of the children that I have encountered throughout the whole of my life. This seems to be why to this very day, we are typically seated near the children.

When I was “awakening”, spiritually speaking, I had a period where others were bringing me their children to bless. And since this was very early on, in my awakening. I was very hesitant. I could not understand why this was occurring. And so, I was extremely reluctant.

When I was first “awakening”, spiritually speaking, I would go into visions. And literally partake in other “hidden” worlds, that seemed to coincide with ours, very closely. I would see and hear much that was occurring, not knowing at the time that these were visions, I was very confused. As I couldn’t tell the difference between the vision and the “reality”.

Since that time in 2007, I have seen all of these visions come true, one by one. And I have seen the correct interpretation of the visions, as they have transpired. Many of which were different than my original interpretations of the visions being given. My awareness/consciousness and my spiritual maturity have been increased and integrated much more, now. As I see through eyes that are more clear, now.


I then started moving into “parallel” realities that were strikingly different from our “normal” reality. I can still recall taking my wife to movies and on dates that occurred in different time-lines. As these movies we saw then, have yet to have aired in the timeline we are now on. I have never found them, in our current reality.

All of this occurred during my “awakening” period. With no advanced warning. Suddenly it was as if the universe opened up my eyes to a far greater reality. And gave me access to create in this reality. I knew I had extremely advanced creative powers, yet I knew not why or how to properly use them.

As time ensued, I setup a medicine wheel in my back yard. I began communing with nature to a much greater degree. As in the visions I was shown that soon we would be communicating with ALL of creation. We may send out a message with an animal. A bird or some other animal. And through the “grape-vine” the animal would convey the information to the rest of the planet. The minerals, the animals, the elementals would all convey the information across the planet. With humans (Shamans) involved in the message loop.

The elementals, animals, nature spirits and so forth are all desirous of seeing all of us succeed as this is their planet as well as ours. All are patiently awaiting our awakening process. Anxious to work as brothers and sisters in form, once more. As peers bringing forth the harmony and love Divine that we ALL deserve. Including Gaia, Herself. Known as Freedom’s Holy Star, in the cosmos.

Our cosmic and stellar families have also come forth with their eagerness to work with us as equals, once more. As we re-member that we chose to come here and bring our Divine ways to this planetary body. Expressing a symbiotic relationship with our planetary mother, Gaia. Bringing illumination to another part of the galaxy and creation. As evermore, we have Divinity In Us! Let us each dawn the Shamic In Us! That we may be of service to All That Is!


Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran

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